A few weight loss stories

This post will probably be all about the few people and their fat loss success stories.

It is extremely easy to gain wait rather than to lose it. If you have become a victim of massive weight gain in the recent past and you need to lose it all, you happen to be at the right spot. These weight-loss success stories from individuals who have managed to lose weight naturally don’t only inspire you but probably will educate you on the best ways to lose weight.

A few weight loss success stories

Rishi was overweight up to age 25. In the early twenties he used to see his father looking for surgeries to scale back weight but Richi wasn’t bothered.

He continued eating junk food and never exercise. He was later identified as having hypertension as well as cholesterol and was given medicine – drugs to take daily. It was his turning point. He gave up sugar, started walking every single day, and ate more fruit and veggies. In the 1st year he lost 110 pounds and he now lives a normal life.

Tracie Creasy lost 125 pounds when she was thirty years old. She achieved this through work outs. Her turning point was the moment she learned she was one size from the largest size at Lane Byrant. She let go of soda and fast foods, and went along to aerobics classes. Then started walking, weight lifting and cycling and in less than a couple of years she’d cut her weight down from 293 to 168 pounds. Tracie is a workout instructor.

After getting her second child, Sarah Johnson realized that she was 200 pounds. In order to comfortably take care of her children she decided to go back into shape. She was able to lose 62 pounds when walking everyday an hour, at least four days every week. She also started eating healthy foods and cut the body weight in 9 months.

Deborah Taylor intentionally added weight to be able to scare men away. This was after she was sexually assaulted. She however realized she was a victim when she hit 320 pounds. She started dieting and eating 1,500 calories each day enabled her to lose 15 pounds. A personal trainer further advised her to EAT 1,200 calories daily, walk and in addition cycle. In a year Deborah had lost 150 pounds and currently she’s a size six.

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