A simple guide to raising chickens

An Straightforward Guide to Raising Chickens

Raising chickens is not easy. There are numerous elements to be looked into before one can venture into this field. However, what is most essential is the truth that raising chickens calls for a excellent quantity of patience and a frequent supervision throughout. For those who are severe about raising chickens, this article would be a lot more than handy.

Firstly, make certain that you have the cash to raise chickens. How considerably you would need to have to invest would depend upon the quantity of chickens you intend to raise. You will also need to have ample space. Don’t forget, chickens want space to move about.

When starting off, you will initial need to discover a appropriate spot or a coop. Next create the place with a wire mesh on all sides. This will avert rodents and other animals from getting into the coop. Spot the mesh at least 6 inches underground to stop predators digging below the fencing.

Secondly, acquire chicks that are about a week old. These are shipped in nicely-ventilated cardboard boxes by the hatcheries. Be cautious to note if the bottoms of the chicks are pasted with their droppings. You will have to wash these droppings off with a wet cloth. Just gently wipe the place clean, and your chicks will be all clean.

Thirdly, spot the chicks in the coop, but only if the weather is hot. If it is not they will need to have to be started off in a warm box or brooder. Generally, you must buy chicks based on the size of your coop. Ideally you can start with about five to seven chicks. Guarantee that the chicks are provided with enough quantity of heat. You would require potent 100 watts incandescent lamps for this along with metal shades to let the heat reach the chicks appropriately. Heat is required for the chicks to grow and feather properly.

Finally, you should have the starter feed prepared. Any great hatchery will supply the starter feed which will have a mix of growth proteins and vitamins in it. Go for the pellet variety of feed as chicks really like to choose on their feed. Have lots of fresh water accessible for the chicks. If you discover them dozing off to sleep for most of the time, then don’t panic as this is natural for them at this age.


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