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Denver Keynote Speaker’s Will help Your Next Meeting Arrive Alive!

Inspirational speakers turn out to be indispensable when conferences grow to be events where by inspiration is in a nutshell supply; the underachievers are pulled up; and opponents are lauded grudgingly for his or her successes. Keynote laughter speakers lighten up the atmosphere and place items in perspective in enterprise conferences exactly where huge financial figures are place on the tables; falling graphs are dissected to tiny atoms to become analyzed; and achievements are celebrated briefly only to facilitate the announcement in the subsequent set of ambitious and from time to time over-ambitious enterprise aims.

Conferences are very seriously starved of humor. Insiders that are speaking in the meeting can under no circumstances hold the hold around the audience as properly trained company  keynote speakers can, because these are often perceived possibly as bosses or sub-ordinates.   Just in case the speakers from within the company are savoring their speeches, nicely in all probability, they on your own have the privilege of doing this although the remainder of the audience is struggling precariously to remain awake.

For meetings that do not have professional motivational humorous speakers, the standard scene is: the speakers and non-speakers in addition to the achievers as well as non- achievers all wait around to the crucial lunch break, coffee break as well as conclusion from the meeting. These breaks appear to be the highlight with the meetings with the intervening intervals filled with mounting emotions, boredom, drifting, and erotic ideas. Ironic! But it really is genuine. Not surprisingly you’ll find exceptions to his form of scenario. However the circumstance explained over is mostly the rule.

Also, when fervent efforts at stifling yawns, modifying sitting down shows many numbers of situations, regime talks that seem like drones, and unhappy employees; and each one of these laced that has a staple solemnity seems to be the traits of the normal meeting, humorous speakers become the desiderata inside the scheme of issues.

Business speakers  established the tone for the cheerful meeting by making use of laughter therapy. Expert motivational and keynote speakers begin functioning through the phrase go with out wasting only one minute. Laughter speakers infuse the very important lacking ingredient of conferences – humor.


5 Christmas Songs for Guitar

Top Five Christmas Songs for Guitar |
By Suzanne Z

This versatility of the acoustic guitar has endeared this instrument to musicians around the globe. Regardless of the reason, holiday gatherings often inspire guitarists to accompany both song and dance. What more musically charged time of the year than Christmas? Guitar Christmas songs can be a central, uniting part of any Christmas gathering. And so, to celebrate the time of the year and our instrument of choice, here is a list of our five favorite Christmas songs for guitar.

Top Five Christmas Songs for Guitar

#1 – Feliz Navidad The 1970 version of Feliz Navidad by Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Jose Feliciano became almost an overnight hit. Feliciano’s version of this classic is one of the most downloaded Christmas songs of all time. The song became so popular that it has been recorded by multiple artists, each adding their own special flare. But regardless of who plays it, the song’s simplicity and clear message make it a popular song that will fly straight to the heart.

#2 – Silent Night The original lyrics of Silent Night were written in German by an Austrian priest (Father Joseph Mohr) and the melody was composed by Franx Xaver Gruber. The popularity of this Christmas carol has not abated over the last 200 years. It conveys the spirit of the season without making an issue of theological beliefs, focusing on the love of a mother for her child. Almost a lullaby, it touches the heart, is simple to play, and the tune and words are recognized by many. Interestingly, the version of the melody that is sung today is rather slower than the original Gruber version which was a rather upbeat dance tune.

#3 – Winter Wonderland The song ‘Winter Wonderland’ was first published in 1934 and made popular by subsequent recordings by both the Andrews Sisters and Perry Como. But like so many of the Christmas favorites, Winter Wonderland has been remade by many artists over 50 years. Perhaps the best version – especially for acoustic guitar – is the 2004 version recorded by Jason Mraz, an American singer-songwriter born and raised in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Mraz achieved acclaim through his combination of styles; reggae, rock, pop, jazz, folk, hip hop, even bossa nova in order to make a truly unique sound.


#4 – Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer A novelty guitar Christmas song written by Randy Brooks and originally recorded by the Irish Rovers, this incredibly amusing, easy-to-play song is, thanks to its bone-tickling lyrics, sure to be a favorite wherever it is played.

#5 – There is a Light The power pop band We the Kings from Bradenton, Florida recorded the song “There is a Light” on their 2007 Secret Valentine Album. At once simple and touching, There is a Light brings to mind the Christmases of childhood and the excitement and expectation associated with the holiday. The allure of this song is that it conveys the spirit of Christmas without being a redundant Christmas tune that everyone has heard a million times.

While these are the top five guitar Christmas songs that we recommend for acoustic guitar, this is hardly a comprehensive list. It has barely scratched the surface of the number of great guitar Christmas songs available, but it is a place to start. We can only hope that it helps to make your holidays a little happier.

Find the guitar tabs and videos of these Top Five Christmas Songs for Guitar on my website.

Suzanne Z is a guitar enthusiast who loves to write about acoustic guitar. Her website helps thousands of musicians each day find the best beginner acoustic guitars, free online lessons and 100+ free, printable chords.

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Better Digital Photography Issue 8

It’s packed with superb, expert advice – from taking gorgeous shots in low light to mastering metering modes. We’re here to help you take better pictures, and bring you tips and advice on everything from finding locations to editing your images – even advice on the right camera to buy in our Essential Christmas Buying Guide.

This is a fantastic free resource for anyone with an interest in photography at any level. Make sure you pass it to a photographic friend this Christmas – they’ll thank you for it!

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Fashion Industry Magazines

A Brief Overview Of Fashion Industry Magazines
| By Robart Alex

Here is the list of all familiar fashion industry magazines around the world. This list comprises several types of business journals, magazines and periodicals. The information below also comprises brief overview, name of magazine etc.

The apparel strategist

This is the leading Canadian monthly magazine related to textile and fashion business. For the last eighteen yrs this journal is serving up the requirements of investors and professionals engaged in textile and apparel industry. This publication gives news reports about the latest trends, predictions on the subsequent development of industry, important statistics and graphical representations of textile and apparel industry trade cycles.

Images business of fashion

This popular business publication has all over million subscribers in mid east and Indian subcontinent. This publication emphasizes on retailing, marketing, branding and trading in apparel industry. Other vital topics covered in this publication are lifestyle, apparel, garments and awards related to beauty and fashion industry. This publication is printed every month. The publication is making a rule in United States and European markets.



This publication is the web-based magazine issued thirteen times every yr. This publication is the most extraordinary source of info for technical and business information related to cosmetic business. This publication as well gives instructions about the package and some other things needed for operating the market digitally for adorned apparel such as screen-printing, embroidery, fancywork, digital adorning and heat-applied graphics.

Sportswear International

This magazine is the German publication, which is released six times a year, both in German and English language. This publication was launched in the yr 1975 and provides clear and effective info about sportswear, denims wear, outerwear, active wear, casual wear, latest menswear, modern dresses, footwear, young fashion designers, and fabric market. This publication reports on the latest brands, new trends and issues related to apparel industry. The extraordinary feature of their publication is their award-winning photography section and fashion shoot.

Fashion Market

This publication is the United States monthly magazine and one of the best-selling fashion industry magazines in US, which gives all the vital report about the fashion business. This publication generally provides the needs of corporate executives and women involved in fashion industry. It provides updated and latest news about fashion, style and businessmen.

Wearable business publication

This is the US based publication issued eleven times a year. This publication provides the needs of marketing agencies and promotional clothing products distributors. This publication caters the readers’ new trends, latest news, commercializing and sales basics and tips about latest growths in accessories and apparel industry.

Glamour Magazine

This is a UK based magazine and top selling women’s publication in Britain. It gives detailed info on beauty, style, and health. This publication as well features special section on horoscopes and contents on celebrities.


This is the most best-selling magazine in South Africa’s fashion industry network. This publication is released onetime in every 2 months and is dedicated to textiles, apparel and some other related industries. This publication provides their readers with marketing techniques, new trends, interviews with a famous persons and reports.

Visit fashion industry network to get the list of best-selling fashion industry magazines on the global level.

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Top Small Business

Top Small Business Opportunity Magazines |
By Francisco Alba

In this article I recommend 10 top small business opportunity magazines. These magazines are a source for entrepreneurs and small business owners. They provide step by step guide to starting and operating your own business. The magazines provide Inspiration, strategies and expert advice.

1 – Small Business Opportunities magazine

The magazine is the money – making source for entrepreneurs and small business owners offering a step by step guide to starting and operating your own

2 – Entrepreneur Magazine

This is the authority for small business owners starting, managing and growing successful small businesses. Entrepreneur magazine offers inspiration, strategies and expert advice on a variety of small business topics.

3 – Opportunity World

This magazine caters to small business entrepreneurs looking for ways to earn an income by starting a business of their own.

4 – Home Business magazine

This magazine covers the dynamic home based business market. Find articles on sales and marketing, business start – ups and operators, raising money, management, marketing, mail order, and more in each issue.


5 – Family Business

The magazine is written for owners and managers of family Focuses on Unique issues faced by family business stakeholders. Subscription includes access to online archives. 100’s of articles on every topic in the field, like succession, conflict resolution, wealth preservation, estate and tax planning.

6 – Inc 500 Magazine

This magazine is for and about the men and women who run growing companies. Inc 500 gives practical management advice for starting and running your own small or growing business with articles by entrepreneurs who have faced and solved similar problems.

7 – $1,000,000 Aire Blueprints

This magazine is brand new and designed to answer the questions of today’s entrepreneur. The magazine is Packed full of inspiring stories about real life millionaires who have gone fro

8 – Fast Company

This is the how to magazine that keeps managers abreast of emerging business trends and ideas. Fast company set the idea agenda for the future.

9 – Network Marketing Journal

This is the oldest and largest publication for direct sales/multi level offering the best education and informational articles in the industry. Learn about timely legal issues and industry news. Receive valuable tips and insights from our educational columns and features.

10 – Shepreneur

This is one of a kind magazine. It is the ultimate business publication for women entrepreneurs. The magazine Concentrates on leadership, development and balance. Each quarterly issue of Shepreneur magazine is packed with solid, practical sales, business, marketing, and strategy solutions.

Great business opportunities articles for business owners and entrepreneurs!
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Teach Yourself Guitar Magazines

Top 3 Guitar Magazines To Help You Teach Yourself Guitar
| By Johnny Stall

There are many different ways that you can get lessons that will help you teach yourself guitar. There are guitar magazines, dvd’s, cd’s, books, tablature, online membership sites, teachers and probably a dozen other methods that I haven’t even thought of. One of the oldest and most popular ways is the use of guitar magazines. You can find many of these magazines at your local bookstore, grocery store or corner/convenience store. Most of them will contain lessons, gear reviews, album reviews, interviews with guitar players and some even throw in a cd or dvd that have video lessons and gear demonstrations. If you really like a particular guitar magazine, subscriptions are available at discounted yearly or more rates.

So which one is the best? Well that depends on a few things:

1. Where you are in your guitar playing? Beginner, intermediate or advanced?

2. What style of music are you into? Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Country etc.?

3. What do you want more of in your guitar magazine? Tabs, lessons, gear reviews?

Before you go running off to your local magazine stand to look for a magazine that’s right for you, check out the following list that I have put together for you of 3 of the best guitar magazines that are available today. Please keep in mind that these are my choices of the top 3 and depending on your taste, you may think another publication is better. But at least this list will give you a head start and you don’t have to thumb through every magazine on the rack.


Guitar World:

Guitar World is one of the most popular monthly magazines on the market and contains guitar and bass tablature of around five songs per issue. The lessons are directed at beginner and intermediate players and most of the lessons, tabs and interviews are in the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genres. The subscriptions are available at a pretty hefty discount and you can also upgrade your subscription and get a bonus cd-rom with each magazine. These cd-roms will play video lessons, gear demonstrations and music from some amazing guitarists. For more information check out

Total Guitar:

Total guitar is a monthly magazine from the U.K. and is the most popular guitar magazine in Europe. This is in my opinion the best magazine for beginner guitarists. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of lessons for guitar players of all abilities but Total Guitar focuses mostly on the novice. The mag has a nice variety of tab for Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Punk, Country and Folk, so there is something for everyone. Another great thing about Total Guitar is that unlike most guitar magazines, they don’t focus on articles and expensive gear but focus on teaching beginner guitar players how to play properly.

Each magazine also comes with a free cd that contains audio examples of the lessons and best of all, backing tracks for all the tabs. These backing tracks are great because they have the guitar parts missing so you can jam along with the song just like you were playing with the band.

The only downfall with this publication is that if you live outside of the U.K., expect to pay a lot for a subscription. Check out for more information.

Guitar Techniques:

Made by the same company that makes Total Guitar, Guitar Techniques is also a top-notch magazine. Guitar Techniques also has a massive amount of lessons that are spread out along many genres including Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Jazz and County. This magazine specializes in guitar instruction and it shows. You also get a cd with the backing tracks for the tabs and lesson examples.

You’ll get everything from beginner tips to some more advanced soloing lessons. They also get right into the different styles or techniques of your favorite guitarists. They explain exactly what scales and techniques they use and how the artist gets their sound. They then give you examples tabbed out so you can learn exactly how to play it. For more information go to

So there you have my list of the Top 3 Guitar Magazines that will help you teach yourself guitar. Hopefully it has made your choice a little easier. Now go get it and start shredding!

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Are Investing Magazines Really That Useful?

Investing Magazines – Are They Really That Useful? |
By James Woolley

You will often see investing magazines on the shelves in your local newsagent, and they do seem to be quite popular with stock market traders and investors. I used to buy them myself in the past, but nowadays I don’t bother with them at all. So are they really that useful?

Well let me discuss some of the positives first of all. One of the major selling points is that they will often have some really good informative and educational articles. Every month they will often choose a topic and write a feature article on this subject, which may be two to five pages long, for instance.

So they may write feature articles about options trading, or they may discuss the 10 most undervalued stocks in the FTSE 100, for example. One thing you can guarantee is that these feature articles will nearly always be a very good read.


Another thing I like about share trading magazines is that they will often discuss individual stocks that you may not otherwise have come across. They will often pick out a few small-cap stocks that are worth keeping an eye on, and these can turn out to be great investments. Of course you shouldn’t buy stocks on the back of a recommendation. You should always do your own research as well.

These magazines also tend to have good coverage of the latest company results. This can be useful because you can scan through them and find out which companies are performing very well, and are therefore worth adding to your shortlist of possible investments.

Those are the positives, but there are also several things I don’t like about investing magazines. Firstly you always have to bear in mind that the people writing the articles about various different stocks are journalists first and foremost, so you have to be very wary about listening to any recommendations. If they were highly skilled investors, then they would probably be working in the city for a major investment bank, or trading their own money.

Another thing to bear in mind is that they will often brag about the share predictions that they got right. This encourages inexperienced investors to start blindly following future tips, which will often lead to disappointment, because they will rarely mention the numerous recommendations that turned out badly.

So as you can see, investment magazines have their good points and their bad points. Ultimately it is up to you whether or not you buy them every month. They are very often quite a good read, but you should always be careful about following any of their recommendations.

Click here to read a review of Zecco, the online stock broker that offers free trades, and to read a full TradeKing review.

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Womens Magazines – Interesting and Inexpensive

Womens Magazines – Interesting and Inexpensive
| By Nathan Oram

One of the best ways to spend lone time is to read. When you read, you are actually spending a lot of time looking deep into yourself. Because we may not realise, but most of us have the habit of automatically identify ourselves with what we are reading. This kind of retrospection is very good, as it helps us to calm down our frayed nerves, get our equations right, and figure out stuff. If you are a very busy woman, it would be understandable that you rarely have the time to spend with yourself.


Advantages of Magazines

You may be having several doubts about your health, or would like to keep in touch with the latest fashion news, but you just can’t get enough time for it. Thus, you must purchase womens magazines. These magazines cover a range of stuff which is meant especially for women. You can find all of your interests here – be it in fashion, dating, health, and so on. You don’t have to waste time on the internet where you can get information only on specific issues.

The advantage of reading a woman’s magazines is that you don’t have to search all over the place to get wholesome information. This is the biggest problem with the internet – you should know exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes, it may so happen that you want to know stuff, but you cannot find the right words for them. Women’s magazines are much better in this regard – they have everything covered, and it’s all available in a single copy. You could go for monthly or weekly to keep yourself updated on the latest news.

Interesting Tips and Articles

These magazines also have some excellent tips for you. There are articles on how to cook quickly when you are not having the energy or the patience, tips for applying makeup and doing your hair fast when you have less than 10 minutes to get ready, some very interesting pieces on how to keep your love life smoking hot, and so on. You would find these pieces very interesting to read, and a fun way of passing time. They can be read when you are travelling, or when you would just like to spend a long lazy afternoon alone. In fact, with these magazines, you will find that the most boring hours of the day start becoming much more fun and interesting.


Discounts and Offers

These days, these magazines are available at very low rates. The publishers are facing heavy competition from the internet, and so to woo back their readers, are now putting together some amazing packages. They are not only more interesting, colourful and attractive, but are also cheaper. When you take a subscription to, you will find that you are actually able to save a lot of money. The discounts offered on the subscriptions are really good, and on certain rare occasions where there are limited offers, you can save up to 50%. You also get these them delivered at your door step free of cost, and on the right time. In this way, you will never miss an issue, and you can always keep yourself updated.

For more information on womens magazines, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the woman’s magazines!

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iPad Magazines

iPad Magazines: Long-Term Player or White Elephant? |
By Sandra Cosser

Has the shine worn off iPad magazines so quickly that they could soon be lumped with other innovations that started off well only to become white elephants down the line?

After a banging start that saw sales for some iPad magazines top 100 000 per month, things have fizzled out so much that now the sales of some publications barely hit five figures.

There are a number of possible reasons for this, perhaps the most obvious one being that people really don’t want to pay for digital content. iPad magazines seemed like a much needed lifeline for print publications struggling to compete with online content providers.

Media houses would be able to reach the digital generation while still generating the finances needed to keep going. The problem is that people might be willing to pay a certain sum for something tangible but they certainly don’t want to pay the same for content that appears on a screen.


Up until recently, Apple refused to let publishers sell their digital magazines for less than the newsstand price. It was not a smart move. Especially considering Google is hot on its heels with plans for an Android-based digital newsstand that has several attractive features not provided by Apple, such as cheaper terms and access to client information.

Currently, details about the digital newsstand are vague and many people doubt that it will ever see the light of day, but given Google’s determination to beat Apple at everything, it seems reasonable to expect the IT giant to give it a proper try.

Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch is pushing ahead with plans to release News Corp’s new digital magazine, The Daily, for the iPad on 19 January, 2011. Murdoch is not one to make silly investments and if he believes, as he does, that tablet devices will save publishing, then perhaps it’s too soon to write off iPad magazines.

Murdoch’s belief in paid-for digital magazines is supported by Conde Nast UK’s general manager, Albert Read, who had this to say about the apps: “It’s a punt. A long-term hope is that we create something exciting for readers and advertisers – and that brings its own returns over time. In five years we will have reaped those benefits.”

Futhermore, Richard Branson, who is no one’s fool, is still excited about his iPad magazine, Project. Can some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds of our time have got it horribly wrong? Is the iPad magazine doomed? Or are consumers simply slow to catch on?

As with so many things, only time will tell.

We write about magazine advertising costs for the leading resource for media, marketing and advertising professionals in South Africa, SARAD.

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Most Popular Magazines

Top 10 Most Popular Magazines |
By Lydia Quinn

We all see those magazines at the checkout counter, from entertainment to news to food and celebrity gossip. Have you ever wondered which magazines are the most popular? Well, here are the top 10 from bottom to top:

10. TV Guide – The first TV Guide was published in 1953 and featured Desi Arnaz from I Love Lucy, the most popular current show of that time. Though many newspapers publish their own TV listings, TV Guide is still going strong.

9. Sports Illustrated – The most popular sports magazine, Sports Illustrated enjoys a big boost in readership every year for their annual swimsuit issue. The current incarnation of Sports Illustrated published its first issue in 1954 and covers all the major sports. The #1 cover athlete is Michael Jordan with an astonishing 49 covers. The magazine has a weekly circulation of over 3 million.

8. Time – Time is one of the oldest entries on this list, with the first issue being published in 1923. Time is known for picking a “Person of the Year” each year. Time covers a variety of topics but is mainly a news magazine.

7. Woman’s Day – As the title states, Woman’s Day covers topics of interest to women including food, recipes, beauty, fashion and fitness. The first issue was published in 1928.

6. Game Informer – Game Informer is a monthly magazine dedicated to video games and consoles. The magazine features reviews and articles on PC games, as well as Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation and PSP games. Game Informer started publishing in the summer of 1991.


5. Ladies Home Journal – This magazine is the oldest on the list, with its first issue being published in 1883. Ladies Home Journal was one of the most popular magazines of the 20th century and it is still being published today. The magazine showcases content aimed at women and housewives.

4. Good Housekeeping – This magazine was started in 1885. Another magazine aimed at women and housewives, Good Housekeeping is famous for its “Seal of Approval” that it gives to different products that have passed their testing. Many famous female writers have contributed articles to the magazine, including Virginia Woolf and Somerset Maugham.

3. National Geographic – The magazine of the National Geographic Society, this magazine helps to broaden knowledge of world history, science, culture, nature and geography in order to document and conserve them. The monthly magazine was first published in 1888. The magazine is published in many different languages.

2. Better Homes and Gardens – This is a monthly magazine that showcases homes, gardens, cooking, gardening and decorating related content. Founded in 1922, it has a readership of nearly 8 million.

1. Reader’s Digest – With over 8 million subscribers, this is the #1 magazine in the United States. Founded in 1922, Reader’s Digest offers content of interest to families. Many international editions are published and worldwide readership of Reader’s Digest magazines is estimated to be over 100 million people.

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Women’s Interests Magazines

Top 8 Women’s Interests Magazines
| By Tanya Michalski

With so many magazines out there, which ones have the best stories? Here are the top eight reader-to-reader story magazines that look into the hearts and homes of women. Some of the stories are romantic, some are inspiring, some are emotionally charged, some are sexy, some are sensual, some are sweet, some are passionate, some are funny and some are erotic. Many of the stories have happy endings and many have sad endings. Every story, however, is a good story.


True Story

True Story magazine is a romance magazine written for women. True Story magazine features romantic and inspiring stories from readers. You can get twelve issues and save 50% off the news stand price.

True Confessions

True Confessions magazine is focused less on romance and more on relationships. True Confessions magazine features the trials and tribulations of people in love through emotionally charged stories of marital problems, tragedy and peril and how couples overcome these obstacles. You can get twelve issues and save 50% off the news stand price.

True Romance

True Romance magazine is focused on contemporary, modern romance with an inspirational tone and a hint of erotica. True Romance magazine features stories that are sexy, sensual and sweet with a little suspense and include both happy and sad endings; real life tear jerkers targeting all ages. You can get twelve issues and save 50% off the news stand price.

Best of Secrets

Best of Secrets magazine is your glimpse into the forbidden, revealing the hidden lives of your friends, neighbors, co-workers and maybe even your family. Best of Secrets magazine is about love, romance, passion, home, danger and inspiration. You can get four issues and save 30% off the news stand price.

True Love

True Love magazine features heroines generally in their 20s and 30s and features stories that range from light romance to more passionate, erotic romances. True Love magazine also ties in current social concerns and stories with a twist. You can get 10 issues and save 50% off the news stand price.

True Experience

True Experience magazine features an honest look at experiences that define modern day life. True Experience magazine writes evocatively on topics that matter most, like romance, career, marriage, family and spirituality. You can get four issues and save 30% off the news stand price.

Best of True Confessions

Best of True Confessions magazines brings readers a selection of emotionally charged, compelling stories from True Confessions magazine. Each issue of Best of True Confessions magazine offers heartbreaking, hilarious and inspiring reader-to-reader stories that look into the hearts and homes of women. You can get four issues and save 30% off the news stand price.

True Story Romance Special

True Story Romance Special magazine provides a doorway for readers to escape from their daily routine and to peek inside the lives of others, sharing their romantic life experience. True Story Romance Special magazine features the best in romantic reading. You can get 4 issues and save 30% off the news stand price.

Tanya Michalski is the owner of Story Lady Publications and a publisher for Magazines and other Publications. Please feel free to use this article in your newsletters, ezines and in print. Just be sure to include the resource box.

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