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How to Write Good Quality Articles – Fast

There is more to writing an article than just putting pen to paper and recording your thoughts. When you write an article, you are positioning yourself as an expert,and people expect you to have a thorough understanding of your subject. It is your responsibility to provide your readers with what they are looking for. To write good quality articles, you should keep the following points in mind.

In this day and age, competition is fierce when it comes to article writing on the Net. One of the most important elements of successful article writing today is to be able to produce high quality articles fast. There is a method that you can use in order to write an article fast.

The ultimate key to writing an article fast is to understand your topic. There is an old mantra in writing that you should only write of those things of which you have actual knowledge. Start writing about something you are familiar with. After that before you begin writing any article, you need to make sure that you educate yourself on the subject.
As with most skills, the key to improving the speed at which you write is to practice. Writing regularly, just like exercising regularly, will make you ‘fitter’ and faster. Professional writers make sure that they write every day, even if it is only for practice rather than for an actual project. The more you practice, the faster you will become.

The basic of article writing is that the articles you write should be well organized. This means that the article should have an introduction to the topic, which introduces the readers to the topic followed by paragraphs that deal with the topic, and a conclusion to the topic. Using the above format gives the readers a chance to understand your article better and you will be able to convey your message properly to the readers.

The key to writing articles fast is to keep them simple. There is no need to use fancy words – it only makes your article difficult to read, and will take longer to write. Get your message across clearly, in simple language, and people will enjoy reading your articles.

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Christmas Party Games

If you are planning to have any type of a holiday gathering, then you may want to consider incorporating some fun Christmas games as well. Party games can even be the focal point of your party if you wish, as you could tie them into your party theme. There are many different types of games available, whether for children, adults or both, which will add that something extra to your festivities.

For an older group, some games that you may want to try include Christmas movie trivia. Depending upon the number of guests, divide them up into one, two or several teams. Give each group several index cards and have them write down several questions relating to a particular Christmas movie with the answer on the back. Once the teams all have several cards, everyone can take turns reading their cards and having the other teams try to guess the movie. You can hand out prizes to the team that answers the most correctly.


If you need another idea for adult party games, then consider one called “ice breakers.” You can write down a bunch of generic Christmas related questions or statements such as, (blank) has gone Christmas caroling, or (blank) has made Snow Angels, or something along those lines. The guests take the list around to other guests and try to get someone’s name next to each statement. This is a great game for a group of people who really do not know each other that well. Check the Internet for other adult related holiday party game ideas, as there are many sites that have this information.

For teenager’s, one Christmas party game idea that can be a lot of fun is “pass the bow.” This is done much like the Halloween game where an apple or orange is passed down the line of a team without using their hands. You can use a large Christmas bow, tucked under the chin of the first person and have them give it to the next person in line without using their hands. If the bow is dropped, then it goes back to the first person and the merriment starts all over again. You can hand out prizes for the winning team.

Another idea for a Christmas kid party is to have a jar filled with candy that you have already counted. Have each child write down their guess as to how many pieces are in the jar, and the child whose guess is closest to the correct amount gets the jar of candy. Other party games may include the “penguin race,” where the kids form two teams and the players put a ball between their knees and waddles to the finish line or to a team member standing across the room. They then have to place it between another player’s knees and the game continues until all the team members have had a turn. If the ball is dropped, then whoever dropped it must start over at the line. You can give presents to the winning team.

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Recession Proof Your Arts & Crafts Business

Recession Proof Your Arts & Crafts Business | By David G. Robertson

We all know that the Arts and Crafts Business is not the easiest business to be successful in, even in the best of economic times. This business is fraught with ups and downs that are beyond your control.

Trends that are hot for months or years suddenly die out, and new and unexpected hot niches develop overnight. There are some things that you can do to help you Arts & Crafts business be successful over the next few years.


The good news is that money is not going to disappear. There will still be people buying gifts and decorating homes and going on holidays. All of these people will be trying to get the best value for every dollar that they spend in any circumstance.

Sell The Service Aspect
If you are selling arts and crafts your market may change a bit. People will be looking for quality, and exact fit to their needs. So in these recession economic times service becomes extremely important. If you are a producer of arts or crafts can you do custom work. Can you make a painting of the same theme but scaled to fit the customers exact measurements? Can you install that custom piece of furniture that you built. Are there colors or finishes you can offer that your competitors can’t duplicate?

Service becomes very important and people will be willing to pay a little more for a product if there is tons of high quality service to back it up. To be successful in recessionary times you will have to work harder, but your business will benefit in the long run from this.

Have Multiple Price Points
Depending on your art or craft, price point may become an issue. Take painting as an example. You may have been selling large canvasses (4 feet by 6 feet as an example) and start to see a slow down in this niche part of this market. Try making a few canvasses in the 3 feet by 4 feet and 2 feet by 3 feet size. Keep some of the larger canvasses to attract your buyers. You will find many will opt for the smaller canvasses if they have financial considerations.

Try to develop several price points, so that you are broadening the appeal to your customers. There will occasionally be sales of the high ticket items. You will find most of your sales come from the mid price products so make sure you have lots of the mid range on hand.


An old tip but still works, is to take your top end and make that your mid-range price point. Suddenly you have up scaled your business and your customers will still tend to buy what you normally produce. This is a bit tricky as you don’t want to invest heavily in your new top end products. It can make you top heavy and set you up for a financial crash.

Give Classes
If you are skilled in your medium or if you are a store owner and have a good relationship with your artisans, set up classes in the process. Many people can justify the expense of a course in “Learn How To Make______” (fill in the blank with your idea) before they can justify the purchase. With courses there is opportunity to sell supplies, tools, books, and secondary level courses. Done well this can be very lucrative. People develop an interest in the arts and crafts, and in their minds they are getting good value for their money. They are having fun, socializing, making something that gives them pleasure, and being entertained all at the same time.

One fee and they receive so much benefit. It just happens that you receive some financial benefit as well.

Use The Internet
The most powerful marketing tool of the modern age is the Internet. If sales of your particular arts & crafts endeavor have slipped in your area, it doesn’t mean that they have dropped in another geographic region. You need a website and should promote your business to the whole world. This broadens your potential customer base to massive proportions. It is not as hard to build a website as you might think.

If you are a potter you can promote your pottery to galleries all over the world as well as have “walk in traffic” to your own website. Consider using video of the forming process to interest customers in the hands on aspect of your art or craft.


Recessionary times need not cripple your business. Always keep you customer in mind and go that extra step to make them feel valued. You may have to work a bit harder for the next little while but that doesn’t mean you can’t survive it.

David Robertson has been an artist blacksmith for over 20 years. He has seen many cycles in the arts & craft industry and has written an ebook How to Be Successful In The Arts and Craft Business where he tries to help people develop their craft or art business with tips and techniques that have worked for him in these 20 years.
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Learn – Make Your Own Modern Wedding Invites

It is already customary to organize for any wedding. Many people would resolve to spare finances for a long period of several months and years just to prepare for a relatively short ceremony that certainly will change their lives forever.From the pre-wedding preparations, going to the honeymoon, each wedding ceremony is supposed to be prepared for.

A wedding invitation should not be taken for granted. Thus, it should not be thought of as simply a card used to get guests for the wedding!
What makes modern wedding invitations different from the traditional ones depends on these three main components.What are these anyway?


Conventional wedding invitations do not usually yield a great deal of attention to the margins; these invitations make themselves divergent through embellishments and add-ons. Modern wedding invitations consider every point, which constructs it more casual rather than conventional, but to a greater extent remarkable!

On the other hand, technology is becoming to a greater extent advanced so we have a wide range of fonts available at our doorstep. It does not necessarily have to be perpetually about the scripts. You can look for these fonts on the internet or ask the supplier for examples.

While most conventional wedding invitations play pastels with white, modern wedding invitations are more attention-getting – they commonly come in bold colors. It is the risk that comes with applying sheer, stand-out colors.

Traditional wedding invitations are usually embellished with laces – and they are not unfavorable either.Almost all modern wedding invitations otherwise try to shuffle and fit precisely almost anything, such as preserved petals, beadworks, and the like.

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Creative Arts and Crafts to Do at Home

Printable Crafts – Creative Arts and Crafts to Do at Home | By Wendy Pan

Printable crafts are a great idea for a rainy day at home with the kids. Let’s face it though, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy doing crafts. The list of possible crafts is endless. Below there are a few favorites that you might be interested in.

Origami is a traditional Japanese form of art, a technique of folding paper into different shapes or ornaments representing forms such as those of flowers or animals. The online printable will have an image with lines of where the item should be folded. There are printables available online for all different skill levels. Most offer simple directions.

A mobile is a hanging sculpture created from ornaments, string and sticks. Mobiles can be made of many things. Printables will often be ornamental shapes or pictures. The printable crafts available online will sometimes require you to add your own string or sticks.


Paper Dolls are paper representations of characters or humans. These dolls are usually cut out and put in a stand. The printables for paper dolls work better if printed on a heavy paper or card stock. The paper dolls usually will include changes of clothes or accessories to make play time more imaginative and exciting

Coloring Pages are available in abundance. These pages can be fun but can also be educational. There are many pages that are “workbook” pages that will require a child to complete a lesson or skill. Some coloring pages are offered as complete coloring books. This option is great for keeping children busy during long car trips. Themed and level appropriate activity books are also available. These usually include coloring, reading, math, science and some kind of social studies skills.

All crafts come in a variety of seasonal choices like pumpkins, christmas ornaments and turkeys. Some crafts are colored some require coloring. Other crafts may require additional supplies such as glue, string and scissors. If your child is in love with a particular character that they have seen on television or in books. These character sites often offer crafts specifically themed to that television show or character. This offers an additional bonus of saving money by not having to purchase the “specialty” craft and coloring books from the store.

When searching the internet for printable crafts, be sure to use only reputable sites. You should not allow your children to search for the crafts by themselves because there are many sites that offer adult themed crafts that are not for children’s eyes. There are sites that are specifically geared toward printables for teachers. These sites offer a great selection and can usually be trusted.

There are many other printable crafts available on the internet. When searching the internet, phrase your search query to include specific theme key words. There are many that will suit your particular situation.


Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

To learn more about printable crafts [], please visit Fun Arts and Crafts Ideas [] for current articles and discussions.
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How to Find Your Coffee Tables

A coffee table may not be the most expensive furniture in your home or office, but they unquestionably can make an impression in your living room or anteroom. The room can gain from a coffee table because it could heighten a room’s theme and save space with its “extendable” spaces or double storage with invisible drawers.

A coffee table to set your Senseo single serve coffee maker speculates the owner’s choice in decor. The most common tables are square-shaped with four legs, sitting about two feet from the land. Some traditional tables are also available in square or rounds with several sizes. Most coffee tables are made of glass, wood and metal. Some are designed with drawers for storage, while others save space by applying hidden storage. Other models have shelves underneath, which are used to keep books and magazines.


Selecting a coffee table will count on a room’s theme, budget, size, shape and materials. While several people can produce their individual tables to match their demands and tastes, other people don’t time or skills to produce their own article of furniture.

For this understanding, you have to discover the characters of coffee tables accessible in the market. The first matter you have to study is materials as tables are created in wood, metal, plastic, glass, aluminum and other stuffs as well. Look into your sitting room or workplace anteroom and see what forms of materials will be perfect for your room theme.

For conventional settings, tables of wood and glass can add elegance to the living room, while modern themes can bring style from coffee tables produced of metal, aluminum, glass, plastic or a combination of these materials. If you have only a single room or a small apartment you should definitely choose a coffee table to place a Krups grinder and a single cup coffee maker on it.

The size of the table will count on the place visible in your sitting room. For an workplace anteroom, a square-shaped table will give visitants a place to place down their things, while a round table can hold books and magazines. The shape of your coffee table bets on your personal taste. However, be careful that some shapes could add depth to the room, while others can make the room a more spacious look.

The most remarkable element in picking out the table for a sitting room is functionality and flexibility. A few tables are designed to save space by supplying extra storages or giving you the pick of moving the tables with a set of casters or wheels. Others nest in to one another to preserve space when not in use.

Now time has coming to pull out your mastercard credit card to select the right type of coffee table. The idea of a coffee table is to prepare your sitting room in style and function – so choose the right way.

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Select The Right Builder For Your House

If you want to live in the house of your dreams, you can’t do without a good builder. Right? Well if you want each nook and corner of your house to be customized in accordance to your decision,the need for a good builder becomes all the more vital. Building a home is no cakewalk. A variety of factors must be considered before you start on your endeavor. Things like construction material, work issues, and talks with local authorities are some of the few things that can give you jitters. you want not deal with any of those, if you’ve got the right builder by your side.


A right builder will help you unscramble all your place building issues and look after all of all the requirements for the wrong builder however can seriously jeopardize your plans. Thus, it’s very important for you to find one with the right mix of expertise and talent to see the project thru. Here are 1 or 2 tips that will help you select thoroughly.

The first and the foremost thing that you need to know about your builder is whether he / she’s registered or not. This will sound very obvious but most people do not feel the need to test for registration when zeroing in on a particular builder. Opting for an unregistered builder could land you into legal difficulty.

The next essential factor that you must a keep a watch on is the work of the builder. You are zeroing on a particular builder;always ensure that the builder has already built a place,building or an office before too. Make enquiries about what all he/she has build before. Then you need to personally see the buildings that he/she has made. See to it the style befits your liking or not. Now you have an ample idea about the work, you are in a better position to choose as to hire the builder for building your dream home or not.


Yet another factor that you can not afford to neglect is your pocket. Here’s a high possibility the builder that you are considering quotes quite a price.In such a situation it is always better to go ahead only after explaining your directions to the builder in concern. Do not miss out on even the littlest of details applying to your dream home. Be clear of the monetary aspect concerned in the same formerly.It is suggested to be in talks with many builders and only then settle in for the one that’s appropriate fully.

However, even with these cares, there is no conclusive guarantee that you will like the completed profuct delivered by the builder and frequently the most experienced of builders can fall short of perfection. be certain about what it I you plan to do if you didn’t like the end product and clear things out before issues crop up.

By adhering to these convenient tips you should be capable of finding a good builder in no time.

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Arts and Crafts For the Elderly

Arts and Crafts For the Elderly | By Dominic Ferrara

The picture used to be locked in to an antiquated version of crafts for the elderly: they were relegated to cutting out construction paper Christmas tree chains and Valentines, making doilies, and fussing with clay or paints. Maybe crafts for the elderly were thought of as siblings to crafts for the mentally challenged, or maybe crafts for the elderly meant—since the elderly were completing the circle of life and returning to regressed stages—that only that which children were allowed to handle was acceptable for the patients in an elder care facility.


Guess what? Times have changed along with people, and crafts for the elderly are much more “advanced”…they are, too, as varied in medium and message and skill level as the individuals are. Yes, our elders are still offered the options of pipe cleaners and papier-mâché, but they are also invited to continue what they did when they were younger. Some elders still work as jewelers, making jewelry, for instance, while others still quilt, knit, and crochet. Many enjoy finely detailed needlepoint. Others sew. Elders make clocks, build birdhouses, craft workshop items such as dolls and toys.

And why can’t crafts for the elderly also include arts for the elderly? My mother paints in oils and watercolors; my friend who is retired restores antiques. Other elders I have worked with in memoir-writing workshops have continued to write and make their own books (the hand sewn kind) but have also published their own memoirs with small presses. In addition, some have made planters and plant terrariums, while others have done decoupage and wood-burning projects that have yielded family trees, poems, and images as gifts and honors for their loved ones.

Other possibilities as crafts for the elderly include (but are not limited to) hand-made greeting cards, pictures, and posters; arts and crafts kits; ceramics; weaving; cooking and non-cooking activities; gardening; gift ideas and baskets (from dream catchers to edible bouquets); miniature models and kits (airplanes, cars, trucks); etchings (in brass or on tiles); scrapbooking; science crafts; sand painting; paper dolls; botanical and other 3-d sculpting.


Granted, those with debilitating conditions or mental deterioration will not be able to nor have interest in gold-flaking the ceiling. But many of our so-called elders are still as active and engaged as they ever were, so they need not be limited to our idea of crafts hour in the rec room. The idea is that the elderly should continue to do what they did, what they love to do, and whatever they can do to keep their minds and souls healthy and happy. If that means rejecting a popsicle stick for a paintbrush, all the better!

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Valentine Arts and Crafts For Kids

Valentine Arts and Crafts For Kids | By Dee Power

Valentine Day is for kids as well as adults. It’s the first major fun holiday since Christmas. Below are several ideas for Valentine arts and crafts that children can make, give and receive. Adult supervision is required when using scissors, hot glue gun or the oven, such as the crayon hearts.


Crayon hearts

These are fun to make and only require an adult to place the muffin tins in the oven and remove them when melted.

You will need: Crayon pieces
Heart shaped metal muffin tin
Cellophane bags
Colored Card Stock
If you don’t have cellophane bags you can use squares of cellophane. You can also use a zip lock bag.

Heat oven to 245 degrees Fill each heart mold muffin tin with chunks of crayon. Bigger chunks are better than smaller chunks. Keep colors complimentary such as white, pinks, reds or opposites like blues and yellows. Bake until melted 10-15 min. Catch any overflow by using a flat cookie sheet underneath the muffin tin. Be careful not to move muffin tin around too much after the crayons have melted. You want nice bright color chunks not mixed together brown.

While crayons are melting, and it doesn’t take very long, let the children color on heart shaped paper.

Let cool, they’ll cool faster in the fridge but remember the more you move the muffin tins the more the colors will mix. Remove hearts from mold.

Cut heart out of card stock write message on back, write “to” and “from.” Place crayon in cellophane bag and tie bag with ribbon hole punch paper heart. Slip onto ribbon and tie a knot.

Suggested messages:
You make my hear melt
You color my world
Color me happy

These make great Valentine gifts for children because they can actually color using the hearts.

Monkey Around
Children love monkeys.

You will need: plastic monkeys. Try the dollar store or online party stores. If you can’t find monkeys you can always buy the game monkeys in a barrel.

Hole Punch
Cellophane or clear gift bag
Card stock

Put one or more monkeys in cellophane bag, tie with ribbon.

Cut a heart out of card stock. (Write message. On back write “to:” and “from:”

Hole punch heart, slip onto ribbon and tie a knot to keep it on.

Suggested Message:
Lets Monkey Around
I’m going Ape over you
Come hang around with me.

Plant One On Me

Children are fascinated by seeds and plants. If possible see if your plant nursery or florist, has a few of the kinds of flowers the children will be planting so they can see what they look like.

You will need: packet of seeds any kind. Big seeds like nasturtiums, sunflowers, or zinnias are easy for children to handle and plant. They also sprout rather easily and quickly.

Colored markers
Terracotta pots, size depends on you
Potting soil enough to fill pots
Card stock
Hole punch
Cellophane bags

Have child paint, or marker terracotta pot. Let dry. Put potting soil in pot. Plant seeds. Water. Let drain for 15 minutes or so. Serve refreshments or play a game while the pots are draining.


Place pot in cellophane bag and tie tightly right above the pot so the soil can’t come out. Cut out heart from card stock. Write message “to:” and “from:” on back.

Hole punch heart run through hole and tie tightly around the bag.

Suggested messages:
Plant one on me
Watch our friendship grow
Watch our love grow
Our friendship will flower
Love will blossom

Hope you and your child enjoyed these Valentine day arts and crafts for kids.

Free report 12 months of Party Ideas Kids Find lots of party ideas for birthdays, Valentines, and other special occasions. Dee Power is the co-author of several nonfiction books including “The Publishing Primer: A Blueprint for an Author’s Success,” “58 Ways to Find Money for Your Business, “Inside Secrets to Venture Capital” and “Attracting Capital From Angels” She and her adult daughter CeCe Jensen enjoy coming up with new party ideas for kids
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Valentine’s Day Arts And Crafts Projects

Valentine’s Day Arts And Crafts Projects – “Heart-y Animals,” “Mouse Kiss,” and more! | By Anne Clarke

For this fun and easy Valentine’s Day art project, all that you need is some different colors of construction paper, safety-scissors, glue, and maybe some googly eyes.

First of all, teach your students how to cut out a heart. The best method is to fold a piece of paper in half, and then cut out a slanted “J” shape on the fold. Unfold the paper, and you have a heart! Of course, this is only the beginning of the craft. Have your students cut out as many hearts, of different sizes and colors as they can (to their heart’s desire, so to speak).


Now, have your students take those hearts and see what sorts of animals they can make out of them. For instance, students can take lots of small hearts and glue them all together, one on top of the other, in a line (wiggly or straight), and they have a worm. Take two giant hearts (with smaller hearts glued to them for added decoration) and glue the points of the hearts to either side of the “worm,” add some antennae, and they have a caterpillar who has just turned into beautiful butterfly.

A heart folded in half makes a great body for a mouse. Two sideways hearts of different sizes, points together make a great body and tail of a fish. Two upside down hearts, one stacked over the point of the other, make a great head and body of a cat, dog, or another animal. Spice up your Valentine’s Day crafts with a pair of googly eyes. See what your students can come up with. It is amazing how creative they can be!

Valentine’s Day art projects and crafts – VALENTINE’S DAY CARD BOXES

· Friendly box Valentine card holder

o To make this Valentine’s Day art project, you need a box (preferably a shoe box or a box of that size), some colored construction paper, cardboard, scissors, and some glue.

o Have an adult cut a clot in the box lid for the Valentine’s Day cards to be inserted through, and then wrap up the box in colored paper.

o Cut out an animal’s head and shoulders from the construction paper and glue it to the piece of cardboard. Add a fun face to the animal. Now glue the animal to the back of the box, with the face facing towards the front.

o Gut out some arms for your animal and have them wrap around the box, so it looks like your animal is holding or hugging the box.

· Paper plate Valentine card holder

o You need: two paper plates, a hole punch, yarn, and markers.

o To make this Valentine’s Day craft, first decorate the bottoms of your paper plates how ever you want.

o Next, put your two paper plates together (tops facing in).

o Take your hole punch and punch holes every inch or so along the edges of the paper plates for ¾ the circumference of the paper plates.

o Take the yarn and weave it in and out of the holes, “sewing” the two plates together.

o The slot left at the top is where the Valentines can be inserted.

Valentine’s Day art projects and crafts – POEM PUZZLE

Have your students cut out a large heart from a piece of heavy paper. Next, have them write a fun Valentine’s Day poem on the heart for one of their classmates. Have them decorate the heart however they want. Then, have them cut up their hearts into 10 or so puzzle pieces and give the heart to a classmate and have them put it together. This is a fun idea for a Valentine’s Day card, as well.

Valentine’s Day art projects and crafts – MOUSE KISS


This is a fun, cute, and sweet Valentine’s Day craft. Have your students cut out a small pink heart, then glue 2 Hershey kisses to the heart, one on each side. The top of the heart makes the mouse’s hears. Leave in the Hershey kiss paper in the back heart to act as the tail. Take it out of the front Hershey kiss. Use a very small pom pom to glue on as the nose, with thread whiskers beneath it. Glue googly eyes on either side of the nose. Voila! You have a mouse kiss. Just be careful with the glue – do not use much and make sure that glue touches only the tin foil and not the chocolate. Messy mice should only be looked at and not eaten.

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on holiday arts and crafts, please visit Homeroom Teacher.
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Arts & Crafts to Improve Your Child’s Learning

Arts & Crafts to Improve Your Child’s Learning | By Michiel Van Kets

Making a craft of any particular form is the way an individual can show creativity in what they are doing. Often you will find that when crafts are made there is a specific purpose in mind, perhaps Christmas or Birthday presents, or just a simple thank you to a friend or relative. Many arts can be inexpensive and the real purpose behind the craft regardless of whether it is practical or for display is to offer something you have created by hand to a person who you think will appreciate the receiving of said craft.


A simple definition of crafts is a project that requires a step by step process to reach the required result. There are a multitude of forms of arts and crafts from paper folding, knitting, sewing, crocheting, beading or painting, the end result is the vision the creator had from the outset. There are many more different forms than these but this gives you an idea on what a craft can be considered. Crafts can give to children great assistance with creative skills allowing the children to learn from something they do and use their own creativity in producing a desired result.

Many crafts of course will require the initial purpose of the items involved, whether you are knitting and require knitting needles, wool and a pattern, or whether you are creating a collage requiring a base board, glue and materials for the collage. Some types of crafts of course will be more expensive to create than others but again this all depends on the purpose of creating the item and the intended recipient for which the craft is made.

You will find that there are many places you can purchase items for craft making, almost all malls or shopping centers will have a craft store of some sort where you can purchase most of the required items you will need. This does of course depending on the project you have in mind. The best way to start out is to use as much of your home materials as you can perhaps starting with a collage or similar and then lead on to further more creative and complex crafts as you see your children becoming more competent. There are many inexpensive options such as cutting up old magazines and perhaps the purchase of glue, beads and glitter etc that you can use for your initial projects and then your child will probably give you ideas on what form of craft they might want to proceed to next.


When you have the opportunity perhaps to work on crafts with your children you will find that while the event itself is fulfilling your children also improve their interaction skills and their creativity can begin to flourish. You may even discover your child is very artistic in one field or another. Add to that the sense of accomplishment your child will feel at completion of a task and you are on to a win-win situation.

Not only do you get to spend more time with your child but you find you will open avenues for discussion of every day events and you may find that you yourself enjoy the process just as much as it is benefiting your child. Not to mention the desired craft at the end of your endeavors.

When creating craft items this will improve the thinking and problem solving skills of your children as they themselves think of perhaps alternative crafts for your next project as well as ways to make your current project more eye catching or even more useful to your intended recipient. Making items also allows them to make small decisions of their own in the artistic content of whatever it may be you are creating which in turn gives them confidence and the ability to feel they have the ability to perhaps master larger tasks.

Building the self esteem and confidence in a child is a process learned over time and using crafts as a tool for your child to take part in the entire process and see the results is a great step in assisting in this area of your child’s growth. Make sure that your child is involved in the entire process from what the craft will be or how it will eventually look and give them the freedom to express their creativity. You will only reap benefits in time spent with your children and their opportunities to learn.


Michiel Van Kets writes for abso-bloody-lutely, an Arts & Crafts web directory. He runs a SEO company which is specialized in link building, among them a directory submission service, which is obviously why he started a directory himself; to learn the other side of the concept. The directory is carefully maintained at a high level of quality.
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What is Castle?

Castlemagazine is a pdf online mag with regularly issues.It consists of the work of free Illustrators, Artists or other creative nerds.
Every issue comes for free and is full of weird and high quality arty stuff.

The last issue for this year comes to you with almost 100 pages full of creative stuff, fresh artists and the latest events and trends

Just lean back and enjoy!


Stephane Halleux / Belgium
Felix Gephart / Germany
Andreas Pistner / Germany
Valentina Brostean /Serbia
Roberta Zeta / Italy
Erla Maria Arnadottir / Iceland