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Fast TV Downloads Review – Where Can I Download TV Shows?

Are you searching for a method to download every one of the Shows you need to look at? You might have been aware of the web page called Fast TV Downloads. Being associated with this download site, I will be talking about my knowledge of this site in the following paragraphs, and comparing it against the other best strategies to downloading Tv programs on the net.

What Are 3 Alternative Ideas for Downloading Tv Programs?

1. Signup for Amazon’s Unbox Service

You can signup just for this service and download episodes approximately $1.99 per download. It is definitely worth the fee should you be only looking to download a number of episodes which you have missed. Next to your skin a feature that you should rent movies for download. After you have downloaded your file, you will definately get a round-the-clock time window where you must finish watching the show, and then viewing will likely be disabled. You can also decide to download whole seasons of Television shows, but it’ll cost a great deal of money, so always make sure that you probably know how much the complete fee is.

2. Signup With iTunes

iTunes offers a pay-per-download service. It is possible to choose to get a subscription together, that can enable new Tv program episodes to get downloaded to your PC when you begin the iTunes program. Sometimes, I have already been able to get random free shows for download too.

3. Join the rapid TV Downloads Unlimited Download Site

This really is the process which i currently use as it is the most affordable and easy for me. Unlike these 2 sites that work with a pay-per-download charges, Fast TV Downloads allows unlimited download of Tv programs as well as other media files for the one-time membership fee. With this service, I will download numerous shows when i want without having to think about increasing fees. After download, the files can be moved to DVD and played on a DVD player easily.


The best option you ultimately choose should ultimately depend on your requirements. Should you are trying to find only some downloads, joining a pay-per-download site can be more affordable, whereas if you’re looking to download entire seasons of files, if not join Fast TV Downloads.

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iPad Magazines

iPad Magazines: Long-Term Player or White Elephant? |
By Sandra Cosser

Has the shine worn off iPad magazines so quickly that they could soon be lumped with other innovations that started off well only to become white elephants down the line?

After a banging start that saw sales for some iPad magazines top 100 000 per month, things have fizzled out so much that now the sales of some publications barely hit five figures.

There are a number of possible reasons for this, perhaps the most obvious one being that people really don’t want to pay for digital content. iPad magazines seemed like a much needed lifeline for print publications struggling to compete with online content providers.

Media houses would be able to reach the digital generation while still generating the finances needed to keep going. The problem is that people might be willing to pay a certain sum for something tangible but they certainly don’t want to pay the same for content that appears on a screen.


Up until recently, Apple refused to let publishers sell their digital magazines for less than the newsstand price. It was not a smart move. Especially considering Google is hot on its heels with plans for an Android-based digital newsstand that has several attractive features not provided by Apple, such as cheaper terms and access to client information.

Currently, details about the digital newsstand are vague and many people doubt that it will ever see the light of day, but given Google’s determination to beat Apple at everything, it seems reasonable to expect the IT giant to give it a proper try.

Meanwhile, Rupert Murdoch is pushing ahead with plans to release News Corp’s new digital magazine, The Daily, for the iPad on 19 January, 2011. Murdoch is not one to make silly investments and if he believes, as he does, that tablet devices will save publishing, then perhaps it’s too soon to write off iPad magazines.

Murdoch’s belief in paid-for digital magazines is supported by Conde Nast UK’s general manager, Albert Read, who had this to say about the apps: “It’s a punt. A long-term hope is that we create something exciting for readers and advertisers – and that brings its own returns over time. In five years we will have reaped those benefits.”

Futhermore, Richard Branson, who is no one’s fool, is still excited about his iPad magazine, Project. Can some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds of our time have got it horribly wrong? Is the iPad magazine doomed? Or are consumers simply slow to catch on?

As with so many things, only time will tell.

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T3 The World’s no.1 gadget magazine

T3 – Subscription

T3 is the world’s number one gadget magazine. Each issue is packed full of the latest tech news and analysis, gadget reviews, intelligent features and a buying guide. Focusing on premium consumer electronics and lifestyle technology, with more than 500 products featured in every issue, including tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, TVs, laptops, portable media players and game consoles. From the Apple iPad to the Samsung Galaxy s2, iPhone 5 to the HTC Sensation T3 has all the stuff you need to be wired into technology.

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Choosing Between HDTV Plasma TV and LCD Televisions

Choosing Between HDTV Plasma TV and LCD Televisions | By Fatima Edris

High definition television gets a lot of buzz today, everyone seems to be promoting a HDTV plasma TV. There are other technologies out there too, like LCD televisions, so which one should you buy when you are looking at a new television? Some of it might come down to personal preferences while technological factors will also play a part in deciding if a plasma HDTV is better than an LDC television.


The Differences

When you look at various plasma HDTVs such as Pioneer Plasma HDTV you will notice that it looks the same as an LCD television. Plasma and LCD TVs are both flat screen TVs and both types of televisions look similar but there are big differences in how the different technologies work.

It seems like a given that when you are talking about a plasma HDTV that you want to go big. Not everyone has the space for a really big television. Some people might not even want a huge flat screen television.

If you do want a big television then a plasma television is the way to go. They tend to be bigger, with the biggest models around 50 inches wide. Probably the best way to get the home theatre experience that you are after.

An important part of choosing between a HDTV plasma TV and a LCD TV would be the picture quality. After all it’s no good having a fancy TV if it won’t give you amazing picture quality. A TV HDTV plasma has a definite advantage over an LCD television in this respect. A plasma HDTV gives you better color contrast.

The difference in picture quality becomes apparent when you are watching anything with night settings. The technology of plasma TV’s allow for better color definition when it comes to dark colors such as black, dark blues, and shadows. LCD TV’s allow light to leak in so the darks in a movie are not truly dark.


Older LCD televisions really had a problem when it came to viewing angles. Meaning that someone who was sitting way to the side of the television would not get as much picture quality as someone sitting right in front of the screen. Improvements in newer models means that this is not so much a problem.

The great thing about HDTV plasma TV is that you don’t have this problem, or it is not noticeable. You can get good views and picture quality no matter the angle that you are sitting away from the TV.

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Things to Notice Before You Buy an LCD HDTV!

6 Things to Notice Before You Buy an LCD HDTV! | By Red Scarlet

If you have once experienced LCD HDTV viewing, then you will see the significant different between HDTV and regular TV. HDTV will give you ultimate visual experience than ever. For the very first time, this technology of HDTV is also supported by the Digital Conversion Law on 2009, that now lots of people start buying HDTV.


If you’d like to explore more about HDTV before purchasing any new TV, then below are a quick HDTV buying guide to avoid any selection mistake and as well to saving some money.

First, when you notice the remark of “Digital” TV at stores, then it does not always the same with HDTV. You need to carefully check the details and features before do any purchasing.

Second, If you are seeking for a bigger looking area than the regular TV, then LCD HDTV is the right choice!

Third, HDTV will accommodate all movies and shows in a wide screen format with the ratio 16 : 9. To support the best picture quality, then it is suggested that you choose LCD HDTV with 1080p resolution.

Fourth. You should choose the HD ready set, instead of a set of with an HD tuner. With an HD ready set, those who already have satellite or cable TV can get the advantages as the HD programming are directly transmitted from satellite or cable receiver to your TV. This will help you to save some money.

Fifth, When you want to watch LCD HDTV programs then you are required to sign up for HD service of the satellite or cable provider. It means that you must pay some amount of money to enjoy the service of HDTV. Besides that, The service of HDTV TIVO is also required when you want to use TIVO device.

Sixth, because HDTV is relatively expensive purchase, then it is better to have an extended warranty. The warranty offered by the manufacturers can be varies from a standard one year to several years. Therefore, you need to check how long the warranty period offered before deciding to buy the HDTV.

We hope these tips that can be your guidance to purchase LCD HDTV. Even tough, the decision will somehow in your hand, you need to make sure to get the best quality that can last as long as possible. In order to get the best benefit of HDTV, you have to remember that it doesn’t depend on the LCD HDTV only, but rather it includes the cables and other LCD HDTV accessories that you purchase.

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Tips On Purchasing DVD Players

Have you been a film powerful, a casual moviegoer, or have you been the type who favors cleaning soap operas and tv dramas?  However whether you like films or even tv dramas, chances are you have probably bought a Dvd player at some stage in your life.  Many people  buy DVD Player and Dvd Films of their preferred genres, some purchase this in the interests of patronizing the job of the favorite stars or filmmakers.

Dvd players
as well as Dvd and blu-ray simply for amusement reasons, and there’s anything unsatisfactory than expecting to visit a high quality film/show however end up with some thing it is not worth your dollar.  Dvd disks have become cheaper nowadays, most likely due to this little development these people call Blu-Ray, therefore it’s not uncommon with regard to daily buyers to pick upward a Dvd and blu-ray whilst doing their own groceries.  However this particular impulse purchasing associated with Dvd may prove to be more costly compared to you initially thought it might be.  With out done a sliver of research, you may wind up owning a Dvd you wish you can return to the store.


It is due to this that many buyers choose to check out  Dvd reviews very first to find out that titles are worth buying and which ones are best overlooked.  You are able to take your pick from the countless websites and publications that provide Dvd and blu-ray evaluations of the most recent movies and television exhibits.  But be careful because many of these sites as well as publications are sponsored through the production companies.  What you consider like a reasonable as well as impartial Dvd evaluate is actually a compensated evaluate that praises the actual film’s picture quality, sound, and the numerous special functions contained in the package deal, encouraging you to purchase Dvd players.

Movie distributors as well as production businesses pay for these good reviews, include photos and additional coverage included in their own marketing and promotion.  What you think of as an unbiased evaluate is actually just part of a few marketing strategy to make you want to buy Dvd and blu-ray gamers and some Movie Dvd and blu-ray.

But if you think you’re safer looking at Dvd evaluations websites compared to reading film magazines, reconsider!  This impartiality thrives in the online world too, nowhere fast is actually safe.  Some film as well as Dvd and blu-ray web sites also feature backed evaluations, providing more services such as extra protection, editorials as well as showcasing marketing trailers which entertainment companies purchase.

Obviously we’d also provide to consider these magazine publications and film and Dvd and blu-ray web sites have to earn a living and paid reviews offer ample compensation.  These types of manufacturing businesses as well as marketers really maintain these web sites as well as magazines afloat, which is technically great for the actual entertainment industry.


But then again there is a major drawback to this.  If you study an evaluation that has been paid for, you could end up finding yourself fooled through the 5-star overview of a film or even Dvd and blu-ray which in truth doesn’t actually should have a star, impacting on you to buy a item that could only disappoint you.  That can’t do well, might this?  Praising something that’s not worth the praise in the interests of cash and marketing is actually deceitful and also the victims are always the consumers.  Movie businesses, distributors and those Dvd and blu-ray evaluations websites and publications just about all benefit from this particular exercise, while those who buy these Dvds end up as the largest nonwinners.

So you need to make sure how the web site or magazine you are reading through functions real evaluations written by actual film or even television enthusiasts with just one goal, to provide their genuine views regarding certain movies as well as exhibits, no concealed agendas, no money included, no chicanery, no motives associated with advertising Dvd disks.  If you can’t pick one up, then i believe use having faith in these websites as well as publications simply because you cant ever make sure when the review you’re reading is genuine as well as precise or just some calculated, marketing product sales piece deceiving as a strong Dvd review compiled by an expert.

Therefore have you ever skilled buying a Dvd that you believed would be a high quality item due to the excellent reviews, after that i believe doubt that what you read was a compensated evaluate. Find out more about this at

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Garmin GPS Watch for runners

Garmin GPS Watch | By Andrew Frain

Garmin has produced a new GPS unit that is a must-have for runners. The Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS is the best Garmin has to offer for runners. This product has many features that make it easy to use and the programs are not complicated at all. This unit works perfectly for both experienced and non-experienced runners because the unit adapts to your specific needs and type of workouts. This device is also useful for people who are training for high school sports tryouts.

The sleek design of the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS makes it feel as if your not even wearing it. I found it amazing that something so small and comfortable could hold an unbelievable amount of data. The unit is waterproof so you can run anytime during the day, rain or shine. The widescreen is easy to view while you are running due to its high resolution which eliminates the glare of the sun.


The antenna is positioned on the device so that while the screen is facing you, the antenna itself is pointing straight to the sky which provides incredible receiver strength. You can run through thick forests and still get great reception. This unit always knows where you are at all times because it can quickly calculate your position due to the reception it receives from satellites. The Garmin Forerunner 305 has easy to use buttons that allow you to access all sorts of data and information while you are in the middle of a workout.

The Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS includes a wide range of data that can easily be viewed on the screen of the unit. The data screens display information about your workout including, distance, calories burned, and even heart rate. The heart rate strap attaches to your chest and allows the system to display the heart rate information on the screen for you to view. This device also lets you choose your own desired data screens so that you can look at the data that is most important to you and get rid of the ones you don’t care about or dont understand. This is how the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS is great for non-experienced and experienced runners. Some people just like to see how many calories they burned while others like to see their heart rate and other data counts. This unit also can give you alerts during your workout such as when to go faster or slow down.


Another great feature of the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS is the ability to download information from a computer. The unit comes with a USB jack and therefore can be connected to a computer. This allows you to download specific workout routines from a computer and then transfer them to the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS. This unit can also store previous workout data in its system so you can view your progress if you do the same workout multiple times.

The Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS is a great little device for any runner. The unit is very easy to use and it provides a variety of workout information that is very valuable. You can read reviews on the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS and buy the unit on

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Samsung LCD TV Reviews

Samsung LCD TV Reviews | By Andrew Frain

Samsung has various high definition televisions that have outstanding picture quality and speakers that give the illusion of surround sound. Some of the best televisions Samsung has to offer include the Samsung 26 inch LCD TV, the Samsung 32 inch LCD TV, and the Samsung 40 inch LCD TV. All three of these televisions contain great features and one of these televisions will definitely be a great fit in your home. Continue reading Samsung LCD TV Reviews

And the Winner Is? Kindle 2 vs Nook

The Nook Vs Kindle 2 – And the Winner Is? | By Kathy Erickson

Barnes and Noble will now sell the “Nook”, their addition to the eBook Reader market, dominated largely by the Kindle and the Sony Reader. What’s so special about the Nook according to Barnes and Noble?

The Nook Unique Feature #1- The Nook eBook Reader boasts a lively color navigation screen. This means full color when you are scrolling through your ebook title covers, newspapers, magazines, etc. The Kindle 2 is still a gray-scale screen. Is this a positive for the Nook?

The Nook Unique Feature #2- The Nook is boasting the ability to lend books to other people who have the “app” on their smart device. So the lendee doesn’t necessarily have to have the Nook, but only the app. This app works on iPhone, Blackberry Touch, etc… The person who lends the book can do so for up to 2 weeks, and will not have access to the book while they lend it. Advantage?


The Nook Unique Feature #3- The “E Ink” screen is a key technology on this new device. This screen display technology is “clearer than actual book text” according to the folks at Barnes and Noble. You can make the font as large and small as you want as well.

The Nook Unique Feature #4- The Nook has the ability to sync with almost any smart-device on the market today. The Nook is powered by the Google software, “Android”, and is compatible with over 100 other electronic devices on the market. So there are four ways the Nook is a unique addition to the eBook Reader market.

All these features are unique to the Amazon Kindle 2.

The Kindle 2 doesn’t have a color navigation screen, only one screen that is a “gray-tone” technology.

The Kindle doesn’t yet give you the ability to lend books like the Nook does. We will see if this feature is something the consumer embraces.

The Kindle does however have a “text to speech” feature so you can switch to speech while driving in the car. The Kindle has the ability to sync with a few devices, but will not compete with the fact that Nook will sync with 100’s of devices. Android software is not a proven system however, and we will have to see how the developers embrace Google’s new platform.

So Who’s the WINNER? It’s a close race with pricing, 3G and Wireless capabilities being basically identical. A huge difference that I feel will make the Nook a better choice is the color navigation screen. It’s a superficial difference, yet a large one at that.


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How Long Does an iPod Touch Battery Last?

How Long Does an iPod Touch Battery Last? | By Joe Sikes

The wonders of the future never cease to amaze us as time goes on. Now a common household product name, Apple has a revolutionary new product in the iPod Touch with the ability to play TV and video, support thousands of games and almost every audio format out there – but how long will the fun last before the battery is depleted?

The Apple website has the iTouch’s battery life rated at 36 hours, which means that if the iPod is on shuffle and the screen is dark, music will play until then. They also have the video playback time listed at 6 hours, which is when the iTouch is nonstop playing movies or video. However, there is a darker side to this story.


Many users report the iTouch out of the case having a consistent battery expectency of 16-22 hours for music, and 3-4 hours of video and game usage, which are the most extreme users of battery life games being even moreso due to the fact that games are highly interactive, colorful, and some can even use the WiFi connection in addition to draining the battery as extensively as a movie. The reasons for the spectrum being so broad can be for any number of reasons, though. There are many background processes that all use up a portion of the total battery life for the iTouch. If one were to turn off the WiFi, battery life can be improved. Screen brightness is also a huge portion of determining how much battery life can be drained. If operating the iTouch in a dark room or during the evening, the brightness can be turned down anywhere from 10-25% and still be easily viewable for the average user. It has also been reported that the Auto Brightness feature, though designed to be a courtesy option, can also drain the battery life rather than preserve it.

All sorts of things can determine what exactly will alter the life of the iTouch battery. There are even applications available on the Apple Application Store that can show exactly how much battery life remains for specific actions, easily searchable and free to download that work for both the iTouch and the iPhone. Regardless of all the specific details, there are numerous ways to change and preserve the battery life of an iTouch. Be it 4 hours of video or 22 hours of music, a conscientious consumer can get the most out of their iPod’s with ease.


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Canon EOS 7D Review

Canon EOS 7D Review | By Phil Craig

With the recent introduction of the Canon EOS 7D, the popular camera company is set to regain it’s number one place in this highly competitive market. Instead of replacing the EOS 50D, the new model will effectively become a step up from previous offerings. In this Canon EOS 7D review, you will see just some of the features that make this an exciting edition for the advanced photographer’s needs.


As anyone who upgrades from a point and shoot to a digital SLR knows, it can be very challenging to learn about f-stops and exposure. However, you can often get better shots than with automatic settings. While most SLRs feature automatic shooting, the SLR really shines with manual controls and the Canon EOS 7D is no exception. It does, however, have really great automatic programs. The company actually designed the camera around the specific needs of professional photographers, so there are some very exciting features.

One of the things that really stand out in any Canon EOS 7D review is the ability that the machine has to focus so accurately. The photographer is able to take advantage of the 19 point cross type AF system, making for extremely precise shooting options. The extensive sensor system also allows the camera to automatically select subjects, making each shoot more foolproof than ever. It is simple to select the presets that come on the camera, or you can create up to three custom settings of your own.

Of course, no Canon EOS 7D review is complete without discussing screen size and image resolution. This camera has a 3″ LCD monitor. Compared to older models, it appears to be a bit smaller. However, it is actually the same size. The older models have a frame around the screen that gives them the illusion of being bigger. The screen is also more accurate. Finally, what you see is what you get! The camera has an image resolution of 18MP. This model is even self cleaning. Every time you turn it on or off, it will vibrate quickly to remove dust from the high quality lens. You can disable this feature if you prefer. The Canon EOS 7D takes a CF or Compact Flash card and also supports microdrive cards, leaving you with plenty of options.


As you can see, this camera is a professionals dream! It is made to compete directly with the popular Sony and Nokia digital SLR cameras. As such, this camera is not on the lower end of the digital SLR price range. It is made to be the top performer in the professional market and is priced accordingly. However, if you have the need for truly professional results, this may be just the ticket.

Phil has been writing online for years. Not only does this author specialize in diet, fitness and weight loss, you can check out his latest website on Canon 7D Reviews which provides reviews and information on the new Canon EOS 7D camera for your photographic enjoyment.

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The History of the BlackBerry

The History of the BlackBerry | By Neo Nashville

Although the market is now awash with smartphones that combine advanced computing facilities with telephone functionality, the unit that really kicked off the craze was developed in the early 2000s by a Canadian firm called Research In Motion and called the BlackBerry.

The very first Blackberry, introduced in 1999, was not a phone at all, but a hand held wireless two way pager with PDA functionality.

In 2002, Research In Motion(RIM) introduced a smartphone to their BlackBerry range, which was to go on to be the product that would establish them as the biggest name in the PDA business.


With a BlackBerry smartphone, you could send and receive phone calls, text messages, faxes, and emails, and browse the internet wherever you were.

When RIM brought out their first smartphone in 2002, there were already several such devices on the market, including the market leading Nokia 9000, which was essentially a mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard, organiser software, and a larger than usual screen. However the BlackBerry managed to steal a march on these rival products by including a number of unique new features.

Perhaps the most revolutionary feature of the BlackBerry was its unique ability to send and receive emails, using a technology known as push emailing that automatically forwarded new emails, contacts, and calendar entries from the company server to the unit without the need for manual synchronisation or regular polling.

The control surface of the BlackBerry also caused quite a stir, featuring as it did a small thumb keyboard, laid out in the same fashion as a traditional computer or typewriter, but optimised for use with just the thumbs. Navigation through menus was originally accomplished via a side-mounted wheel, although later models used a tracker ball, which facilitated mouse-style interaction with the user interface.

Some models also include a Push-to-Talk feature, which is similar in operation to a two-way radio, and is useful for carrying on intermittent conversations of the type that often occur within offices over longer distances.

Blackberries are very popular with businesses who have a lot of roaming employees, as it offers office-style integration on the move.

The BlackBerry email system enables messages to be written and replied to in circumstances where reception is poor or intermittent, as all the information is stored inside the unit, meaning that packets of data could be sent and received as and when reception was available, with little or no adverse affect on productivity.


A handy feature of the BlackBerry is its trilateration function, which works a little like a GPS device, but without the need for connection to a satellite. It is particularly handy for bosses who need to know the whereabouts of their employees, or for finding people in busy thoroughfares that you have never met face to face before.

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