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Winning Fantasy Baseball Tips

Winning Fantasy Baseball Tips

Fantasy baseball is the king of all fantasy leagues, as Rotisserie baseball started out the entire industry that has become fantasy sports . Rotisserie baseball started in 1980, and, in the 30 years since then, fantasy baseball has morphed into fantasy football, fantasy basketball, and several other fantasy sports. It has become big business.

Fantasy baseball generally is available in two types, Rotisserie and head to head. In both games, fantasy owners accumulate points based on the statistics their players put together on the field. With Rotisserie, the points fantasy owners collect are determined by real players performance during the season, and the league winner is the owner who has the most points at the end of the year. With a head-to-head league, wins and losses are calculated  weekly  , and the team with the best fantasy record wins the league, although a playoff series can be held, too.

To accumulate players, fantasy owners will hold a draft to select their teams,  same as the drafts in professional sports . In most leagues fantasy baseball owners can pick up free agents from a pool of not drafted players or players on waivers during the season, or they can make player trades with other fantasy owners during the season.  All owners who are serious need  to be aware of the rules regarding roster changes, because such changes can make the difference between winning and losing in fantasy baseball.

If you’re new to fantasy baseball, here  are some tips and free baseball picks for helping you participate in a league.

Fantasy baseball Web sites are very popular, providing  a ton  of information for fantasy players.Free fantasy baseball tips appear in a variety of formats, including advice on finding top picks, setting a starting lineup, finding sleeper picks, creating a scoring system, and organizing a league. CBS Sports has a very strong fantasy Web site for fantasy baseball, supplying varying levels of information and services, both free and subscription-based news. is another good fantasy baseball site, with suggestions from news columnists on sleeper cheat sheets, lineup advice, draft information, and league operation. With some Web sites, fantasy baseball experts will give site visitors free fantasy answers through a Q&A section, a live chat, or by e-mail questions.

If you’re looking to join or manage a fantasy baseball league, a lot of Web sites offer the services you need. Again, CBS Sports and both are exceptional sites that offer the option of running a league or joining a league with other people.

Even though fantasy  baseball was the first type of fantasy sports league, but as time has gone on it no longer is the most popular type of fantasy sports to play. Fantasy football with NFL players is incredibly popular and has become the top pick of fantasy players. Even fantasy college football, fantasy golf, fantasy basketball, fantasy auto racing, and fantasy hockey are popular sports, although fantasy baseball remains a strong #2 in terms of players.

Crochet Magazines

The Best Crochet Magazines |
By Amy Maxwell

Crochet Magazines provide a fun way to discover new crochet patterns and designers. Whether in print or online, magazines offer a collection of patterns, tutorials and information that are helpful to any crocheter. Some magazines focus on traditional techniques and styles while others offer a contemporary angle on crochet and design. Crochet magazines range from those that contain housewares, toys, and children’s clothing to couture fashion, accessories and trendy garments. Certain crochet magazines lean one way or the other while some others try to incorporate a mixture of subjects. Either way, you can expect to find about 18 – 24 unique patterns per issue plus articles, interviews, tutorials and reviews.

Interweave Crochet is one of my favorites. It often features modern crochet sweaters, wire jewelry, and beautiful lacy shawls in addition to crochet hook and yarn reviews, interviews with designers, etc. Interweave Crochet is also accompanied by it’s e-zine counterpart, Crochet Me which features free patterns and tutorials online.


Crochet! Magazine is one of the more traditional magazines with patterns for sweaters, purses, pillows, afghans, children’s clothing and accessories. They are affiliated with Annie’s Attic and the Crochet Guild of America, members of which receive a free subscription to the magazine.

Crochet Today! magazine tends to fall somewhere in the middle of traditional and contemporary. The latest issue includes several home decor crochet patterns as well as toys, accessories and sweaters. Their online counterpart includes a blog that combines information from sister magazine Knitting Today!

There are several other crochet magazines available but these are perhaps the most popular. In addition to the regular print magazines there are also many noteworthy crochet e-zines. These online only magazines are a great alternative to print magazines because they are often free or offer the option to only purchase the patterns that you want to use. Also, with e-zines there is no such thing as “out of print” as patterns from back issues are available online any time. Some e-zines publish monthly or quarterly issues like a printed magazine would while others publish patterns one at a time throughout the year. E-zines also tend to be focused toward a smaller niche. Some are for more advanced crocheters while some focus on accessories or modern trends.

If you are wondering whether to subscribe to a crochet magazine and if so, which one, my advice is to check them out at a book store first or browse their website. Once you get a feel for each magazine and determine that you’re likely to use many of the patterns it is worth while to subscribe since you will save money versus buying each issue off the shelve. However, if you find that very few patterns appeal to you, you might be better off just purchasing individual magazines when they feature a pattern that you wish to use.

Amy Maxwell writes about crochet and knitting at her blog

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Christmas Party Games

If you are planning to have any type of a holiday gathering, then you may want to consider incorporating some fun Christmas games as well. Party games can even be the focal point of your party if you wish, as you could tie them into your party theme. There are many different types of games available, whether for children, adults or both, which will add that something extra to your festivities.

For an older group, some games that you may want to try include Christmas movie trivia. Depending upon the number of guests, divide them up into one, two or several teams. Give each group several index cards and have them write down several questions relating to a particular Christmas movie with the answer on the back. Once the teams all have several cards, everyone can take turns reading their cards and having the other teams try to guess the movie. You can hand out prizes to the team that answers the most correctly.


If you need another idea for adult party games, then consider one called “ice breakers.” You can write down a bunch of generic Christmas related questions or statements such as, (blank) has gone Christmas caroling, or (blank) has made Snow Angels, or something along those lines. The guests take the list around to other guests and try to get someone’s name next to each statement. This is a great game for a group of people who really do not know each other that well. Check the Internet for other adult related holiday party game ideas, as there are many sites that have this information.

For teenager’s, one Christmas party game idea that can be a lot of fun is “pass the bow.” This is done much like the Halloween game where an apple or orange is passed down the line of a team without using their hands. You can use a large Christmas bow, tucked under the chin of the first person and have them give it to the next person in line without using their hands. If the bow is dropped, then it goes back to the first person and the merriment starts all over again. You can hand out prizes for the winning team.

Another idea for a Christmas kid party is to have a jar filled with candy that you have already counted. Have each child write down their guess as to how many pieces are in the jar, and the child whose guess is closest to the correct amount gets the jar of candy. Other party games may include the “penguin race,” where the kids form two teams and the players put a ball between their knees and waddles to the finish line or to a team member standing across the room. They then have to place it between another player’s knees and the game continues until all the team members have had a turn. If the ball is dropped, then whoever dropped it must start over at the line. You can give presents to the winning team.

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Hobbies – Pastimes Or Addictions!

Hobbies – Pastimes Or Addictions! | By Tushar Mangl

Hobbies are considered to be the pastimes in which a person feels satisfaction and enjoyment. It can even turn into a habit if prolonged. Some hobbies are also transformed into business ventures and professions. Here we take a look at some of the most common hobbies:

Reading books

People with intellectual and educational mindset will always be found to answer this when asked about their hobby. They find pleasure in reading books and the books may vary from story to poetry, from novel to magazine and from Hindi to English. In fact, there are some bookworms who spend their complete pocket money in buying books.



Some people are music lovers and find solace in listening to music in their leisure time. Their music love can range from jazz to bass to rock to contemporary to classical and even to fusion. You should not be amazed if you find a room full of CDs and music DVDs in the houses of these music addicts.


Collection is a hobby which requires a lot of patience. Some people collect coins of different nations while some gather stamps. Some are interested in collecting specific items of their interest like kites, sports cars, bikes and even some weird articles also. This hobby generally results in an exhibition where the general public gets an opportunity to see the wonders at one place.


Games consist of a whole gamut of hobbies comprising of video games or indoor games or outdoor games. Some people are so addicted to games that they are in constant search of games that have recently entered the market. It may include video games, indoor games and even puzzle games.

Outdoor recreation

It may sound unusual but some people like kite watching and bird watching in their spare time. They observe each and every minute action carefully and are amazed by this.


Creative hobbies

Hobbies like craftwork, painting, gardening, photography and artistry come in the category of creative hobbies which require creativity and imagination and result in some finished product. They have the potential to be transformed into a small venture.


It is more of an addiction than a hobby. It contains nicotine which makes the person addicted to smoke and eventually it turns into a habit.

Whatever be the hobby, it should be a good and healthy one. Moreover, it would be better if it can be converted into profession or business.

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Collectable Gold Coins

Collectable Gold Coins | By Jack Wogan

Gold is a precious commodity much revered by males and females alike. Males prefer having gold coins as assets, and women of course enjoy gold jewellery. The best way to make a sound investment is to buy some gold; collectible gold coins are the way to go. This way whether you want to sell the coin for a much higher price at later stage, or melt it down for the precious metal to be reset in a jewellery article, you have made a solid investment.


For centuries, gold has held an intrinsic fascination for mankind. Its splendour, scarcity, and resilience attribute it a unique value both monetary, and aesthetic. Coin collectors appreciate these characteristics even more than other people, because they know the magnificent history of the coins,- which have survived the ravages of time, and weather, made out of this much sought after yellow metal.

These coins can act as a window to peep into the past. They are better than almost all other kinds of coins, silver, copper, etc. Owning a collectible gold coin is like holding a part of history in all its glory in your hands.

European collectable gold are in a variety like the British Gold Sovereign, French 20 Franc, and the Austrian Gold Ducat etc. All European gold coins offer a good value for investors wanting to build their solid asset portfolios at reasonable prices. Along with a better value for money, they have provided the following benefits to the owner of a collectable gold coin:

Due to the international recognition of these coins, they make a good easily tradable asset. Since these coins were once used as actual money, they were ¼ ounce or smaller. This is good news for our investors, because the small size means that it will be much easier to sell, or liquidate the coins.

In 1933, United States government last confiscated gold from its citizens through a presidential decree, however, this decree did not encompass European gold coins, as they were recognised as having rare collectable value. Therefore, all things withstanding these coins will be exempted again if such a situation arises.

Modern bullion coins can be supplied in large quantities unlike the European gold coins, as these are limited to what was made eons ago. In addition, since European gold coins were used as actual currency, very few survived to the present time. Their rarity makes them a much sought after item, increasing demand, and keeping supply short.

There is a large variety of gold bullion coins from Europe available. If you look, you will find coinage from Austria, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. Gold coin collection is not only a hobby, but it has become an obsession for some collectors, who travel everywhere to look for a chance to get their hands on a rare piece. These coins go for very large sums in auctions, and some are rare enough to grace the admirers only with a glimpse from behind a glass case in museums.

Jack Wagon is a gold investment expert. You can buy pure gold bars and get complete information about buying gold bars at his recommended site at

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Ten Pin Bowling Games – Candlepin Bowling

The common objective of all 10 pin bowling game titles would be to knock down as quite a few pins as feasible inside fewest quantity of shots. Whilst the objectives are the exact same, there are numerous variations towards the online game we know as “bowling” plus the game titles has transformed all through the many years.


Candlepin bowling is 1 of individuals variations. It all began in Worcester, Massachusetts far more than 100 many years ago. Somewhere in between 1885 and 1890, Justin P White, Jack Monsey, and Jack Sheafe made the activity know as Candlepin Bowling. Now there have been similarities and a lot of differences from your activity we know right now, but the objective was even now the exact same..<br>.knock down the pins.

Even so, the authentic pins have been 10″ large and 1″ in diameter and resembled candles, which can be why it had been named candlepin bowling. The authentic designers of this online game arranged the pins 11 inches apart inside a familiar triangular pattern as well as the bowling ball was thrown from a distance of 50 feet way.

The unique bowling ball weighed a couple of lbs and measured three inches in diameter, quite several from your balls we’re used to employing nowadays. As you may envision applying a bowling ball this little with bowling pins of these dimensions proved extremely, incredibly complicated. The mixture with the smaller ball plus the narrow pins location significantly apart developed frustration for anybody that tried the activity.

Element on the authentic style on the online game was to leave any pins that have been knocked more than exactly where the lie. There’s some debate as to regardless of whether this truly assists the player or not, but certainly it wouldn’t produce any consistency within the activity and would add a big element of random luck for the online game. This rule was certainly transformed and nowadays most lanes have automated pin setters and removers.

Seeing the issues the candlepins made, it absolutely was made the decision to alter the dimensions on the bowling pins. The new sizing with the pins have been 5 &frac34; inches in length, 1-&frac34; inches at each and every end and two 15/16 inches at the center. These pin dimensions are even now staying utilized nowadays because common for all 10 pin bowling video games.


We don’t perform with a couple of pound balls currently, so yes, the dimension with the ball was also adjusted. Even so, they have been not adjusted to what we’re used to nowadays, rather, they enhanced from three inches in diameter to some highest of 4 &frac12; inches, plus the weight was improved to some optimum of a couple of lbs 7 ounces.

The creators of candlepin bowling received hoped that the early troubles will be eliminated by these alterations and that much more individuals would perform the activity. They did actually possess a good effect, the adjustments saw an boost in scores and far more bowlers discovering enjoyable and enjoyment from the activity.

The activity has undergone numerous far more alterations and variations more than the many years, and continues to evolve. Candlepin bowling is 1 of various 10 pin bowling game titles that helped shape and transform the online game all through the many years into the online game we know and adore nowadays.


Learning to Fly – Introduction to Radio Controlled Aeroplanes

Learning to Fly – Introduction to Radio Controlled Aeroplanes | By Antti M. Kokkonen

Radio controlled aeroplanes are model aeroplanes that are controlled remotely, usually with a hand-held radio transmitter and a receiver within the radio controlled aeroplane. Unlike RC cars, boats and such, radio controlled aeroplanes bring the third dimension to the controls, making the radio controls and flying the plane more challenging, but much more fulfilling and entertaining at the same time.

Many begin their RC hobby with land-based vehicles, but there is no reason why one couldn’t “jump” straight into the aeroplanes. Yes, flying is more complicated than controlling a RC car for example, but it’s not too complicated when you get the hang of it. However, because flying radio controlled aeroplanes takes a bit of coordination and patience, it is not suitable for everyone.


The most important thing is to get the correct RC plane for your skills, if you’re complete beginner, you should look for the beginner models and build up your skills before moving on to the more advanced, more complex models.

With more beginner-friendly models being available, flying radio controlled aeroplanes is a popular hobby that has been growing rapidly worldwide. During the last couple of years RC technology has improved rabidly, bringing more efficient motors, lighter batteries and improved radio control systems to the market. At the same time, new features and models have been created especially for beginners, anti-crash systems have made flying easier, safer and more fun, while the ready-to-fly RC aeroplanes have brought those the hobby that are not so much into model building.

This evolution in the RC gear has made the starting a radio controlled aeroplanes hobby less expensive than it was, say three-four years ago. Today, you can start a new hobby with RC aeroplanes with a fraction of the cost, get a lot more value for your money and get started a lot faster and easier.

There are great sources of information about radio controlled aeroplanes on the Internet and many RC clubs, shops and manufacturers are sharing their knowledge for free, making all the information available new and more advanced RC hobbyists alike. With all the information online, loads of articles, guides and videos about RC planes being available, learning to fly RC planes is also a lot simpler than it was before.

This doesn’t mean one shouldn’t look for help and friends from local RC clubs or hobby shops. However, the possibilities to self-study all the needed information about radio controlled aeroplanes online has removed all the barriers, giving thousands of new RC enthusiasts a great chance to start a new entertaining and fun hobby.


Antti M. Kokkonen is an IT Specialist and a technology enthusiast who balances his life around computers with entertaining hobbies that take him outside. Antti welcomes you to the wonderful world of RC aviation and invites you to find all the best RC model planes, RC aeroplanes, RC airplane kits and more from his Radio Controlled Aeroplanes Blog. Visit The Radio Controlled Aeroplanes Blog now and discover all the information you need to get started with radio controlled aeroplanes.

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Model Trains – A Guide For Beginners

Model Trains – A Guide For Beginners | By Clint Spille

If you’ve ever been curious about the hobby of model trains, read on through this informative beginner’s guide. We want to get you interested in model trains, so this article won’t get too deeply into the technical details and hopefully not be intimidating! Some of the most important things to know about model trains are scale and gauge. Continue reading Model Trains – A Guide For Beginners

The Joy of Hobbies

The Joy of Hobbies | By Veronica Scott

There is nothing like a hobby to fill up that spare time and take away the stress and strain from the working hours. Whether collecting, playing games, outdoor recreation, or creative hobbies, there is nothing like unplugging from it all for a few hours to have some good old-fashioned fun with family and friends. People of all ages find joy in different hobbies, as schoolchildren play with toys and dollhouses and adults collect stamps or try a little creative cooking.



One popular form of hobby is collecting. This takes the form of stamp collecting, coin collecting, car collecting, or any other form of collectible. Most people that are into collecting get as much joy out of organizing and cataloguing their collection as they do from the actual objects they collect. People that collect typically like to display their collections, too, and may dedicate an entire room or area of their home to displaying their prized possessions.

Some people have a hobby of collecting experiences, often through photographs or videos. This type of collecting is done by taking pictures of places the collector has been or of animals, such as birds, that the collector enjoys. Having pictures or video recordings of a collectible is quickly catching on and is becoming a popular and advanced way to collect. Examples of this type of collecting include train spotting, aircraft spotting, and those who observe and study underground railroads (metrophiles).

Playing Games

Lots of people love playing games for recreation, but there are some that make the playing of certain games into full-fledged hobbies. Some of the more popular games that people play for hobby purposes include chess, checkers, poker, and other variations of card games. Board games are also popular. Many people enjoy playing board games in recreational situations with family and friends, as “games nights” are becoming more and more popular among young families.

Outdoor Games and Hobbies

A lot of hobbies take place in the great outdoors, of course. Hiking, walking, canoeing, camping, and climbing are examples of some of the hobbies people enjoy outside. Often, people will group themselves and join “walking clubs” or other organizations to be around other people that share their love of the hobby. It is not uncommon to see large groups of people hiking or walking in national parks or walking trails, as these hobbies are quickly becoming more popular among young adults and older people.


Creative Hobbies

People also like to be creative when it comes to their hobbies and activities. Many people like to build things, such as cars or model vehicles, and enjoy the challenge and eventual satisfaction that putting something together from scratch can bring. Others enjoy cooking or painting to show off their artistic side. Building or painting dollhouses, model cars, or toy railroads is also popular among kids and adults alike. There are a number of hobby stores available that can provide products and advice in terms of building toys or other hobby projects, too, making starting a new hobby easy and fun.

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Creating Your Own Aromatic Bath Salts

Creating Your Own Aromatic Bath Salts | By Christopher W Smith

Aromatic bath salts are very popular these days, because they can be used to alleviate stress, raise the spirits, and increase energy levels. You can buy them in numerous different scents, each of which is designed to calm and soothe. You can purchase lots of these salts which have been commercially-produced, but that can run into a lot of money. If you just don’t have the extra cash to spend for gifts or for pampering yourself with the economy the way it is right now, you can create your own aromatic bath salts for a fraction of the cost, even if you aren’t very craft-oriented.

It only takes a few simple ingredients to create your own aromatic bath salts: baking soda, salt, and a fragrance. By salt it doesn’t mean table salt, however, because that is full of so many additives. You can use non-iodized table salt if you like as well as Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, or Rock Salt. The coarser salts that have larger grains are preferable to fine salt.


When it comes to fragrance, you have the options of using scented oils or herbs. Be sure and choose fragranced oils that are intended for use in bath products. Some of the oils you’ll find are designed to be used in other types of crafts and are unsafe to put into a bath. Be sure to choose a fragrance that you’re still going to enjoy after repeated uses.

For herbal bath salts, you’ll want to start by placing a layer of fresh herbs in a glass jar and then covering them with salt. Put plastic wrap over the top of the jar and screw the lid on tightly. Put the mixture somewhere where it can rest for a couple of weeks which will allow the salt to assimilate the scent of the herbs. Once you remove the herbs, you’ll have aromatic bath salts that will give you a soothing herbal bath.

The majority of easy aromatic bath salt recipes you’ll find will have you add some baking soda to the salts you make. By doing so you’ll have nice soft water to bathe in. When you use scented oils in this type of recipe, you don’t mix the salts ahead of time. Instead, you’ll put salt, baking soda, and fragrance into the water separately. Although this works well for your own personal use, it doesn’t allow you to either display your bath salts or give them as gifts. Be very careful to follow instructions when formulating your bath salts, too. Mixing baking soda with certain ingredients can cause a chemical reaction, and you don’t want to be responsible for giving explosive bath salts to your friends and relatives.


As you can see, it isn’t difficult to make aromatic bath salts, but you do need to exercise a bit of caution. Always be careful when mixing ingredients, because some combinations can cause safety issues. When you look for a recipe, use a source that you trust, or ask someone you know what worked for them. Always test any recipe you concoct at home before giving any of it away, too.

When you need to relax, aromatic bath salts added to a tub of hot water can provide you with a great way to do so. Even if you don’t use them, they look lovely when displayed in your bathroom. When you use essential oils, use them sparingly. Only a drop or two will be more than enough for an entire tub of water. If you use too much, it could cause skin irritation. Any essential oils that you purchase will need to be used within 2 years, because their aroma will only last that long, so don’t buy too many at once.

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Why All the Rage With Model Train Layouts?

Why All the Rage With Model Train Layouts? | By Stuart Benjamin

Model train layouts are very important to many people. Most grew up in a home that had a layout and they created fun and a great hobby. Parents want their children to enjoy the trains as they did and grandparents want the same for their grandchildren. This is a safe and educational hobby for all.

The layouts from years ago that are still set up generally have the original trains. They are uniquely valuable and if lubricated perhaps can still run as they did years ago. The hobby today is as big as it was years ago and is as much fun. Trains are treasures to have, to touch, to dream and to enjoy.

Mortons_Heritage Railway - Subscription Mortons_Heritage Railway – Subscription

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Many of the strong and most creative manufacturers from years ago are still around. Lionel is the most famous. They were the biggest and the best. You can mention Lionel and they know the name. Others are Atlas, MTH, Bachmann, Plasticville, Model Power, Athearn, Woodland Scenics, LifeLike and Rivarossi. These companies all made a real FUN hobby.

Digital controls are the modern way to go with trains. The controllers can control speed, switches and accessories of all kinds. You can control these and many other operations with a simple wireless handheld devise. The train engines from years ago can possibly be converted to digital controls also. There are hobbyists who can place a circuit board inside the engines for you and it is a procedure that you can learn and do in the future for yourself. The benefits from learning this technique will be worth the expense.

All you need is a simple oval loop with a train, a transformer and electricity. Over the years The simple oval grew into a much larger and more complicated, yet more realistic layout. You could and still can add model trees, grass, homes, businesses, lights, cars, trucks, parks, backdrops and people. Most anything you might want can be bought or even made. The creative opportunity is enormous for all. The trains of today are very easy to operate and yet are much more sophisticated than they were years ago…..We are in the computer and computer chip age….


Model train magazines are in all the hobby stores and most book and magazine stores. They show and can teach everyone how to build the layout, the mountains, the buildings, roadways, waterways etc. They teach and show “HOW TO” for everything involved in Model Train Layout Building. The hobby is stimulating, creative, imaginative and once again, good Fun for all.

This is a hobby is a creative opportunity to do your “own thing”. You need to find the books, magazines and catalogues so you can learn and find how operate all functions of a custom model train layout, for you and your children and grandchildren… You can start dreaming and creating the layout you want, plan it and enjoy it, all the dreams and searching are The FUN.

Founded in 2002, Custom Train Layouts offers designs for those looking for a little extra. From Model Train Layouts with any scene you can imagine to designer landscapes like Disney Land Train Layouts you will love the finished product.
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Need an Interest? Try Collecting!

Need an Interest? Try Collecting! | By Vickie Merriott

I began collecting perfume bottles about ten years ago after stumbling upon a cute perfume bottle at a yard sale that brought me nearly $800! Yes, it’s true! I was yard saling at a house about 3 blocks away. There was this little crystal bottle on a table. It had a label that looked old and interesting. I bought it for $1.00…seriously! Only $1.00!! I took the bottle home and noticed all the interesting marks and the nice crystal stopper. Then i turned my attention to the label.

COINage - Subscription COINage – Subscription

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I knew nothing about perfumes so went to Google and started searching “Guerlain”…(which I had no clue how to pronounce!). Turns out this was a mint condition Guerlain Jicky crystal perfume bottle. I did more research and found that it was valuable and I later sold it on eBay for over $700.00!! My interests peaked so much after that that I spent hours going to sales, researching, networking with other perfume collectors and looking, looking, looking. Over the years I have gained more knowledge of the perfume bottle collecting world, thanks to many kind experts, and now have my own web business…which does pretty well I might add.

I learned there are different areas of perfume bottle collecting; commercials, atomizers, mini’s and others. At first I got really interested in commercial perfumes…these are perfume bottles designed and sold under known commercial names such as Coty, Matchibelli, Guerlain, Nina Ricci, and of course anything by Lalique! Later I became more interested in the lovely, tall, art deco style of DeVilbiss and Pryamid. I then discovered a wonderful woman named Christy Meyer Lefkowith who hosts some of the most exclusive perfume bottle auctions in the world and also publishes fantastic books on perfume bottles. She has help me greatly over the years with research and information.


I recently joined the International Perfume Bottle Association and continue exploring yard and estate sales as well as antique stores in my search for perfume bottles. It is a hobby that has brought me pleasure, knowledge and the occasional dollar. Remember, you’re never too old to learn something new! So the next time your out enjoying a summer sale and see an interesting vase, jar, or bottle, go ahead and buy it! Take it home. Study it; research it. You may find that you’ve stumbled upon a real treasure!

I encourage you to stop by my website, take my survey and let me know what you think. Be sure you visit my “about me” page. Happy Hunting!!
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