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Top Small Business

Top Small Business Opportunity Magazines |
By Francisco Alba

In this article I recommend 10 top small business opportunity magazines. These magazines are a source for entrepreneurs and small business owners. They provide step by step guide to starting and operating your own business. The magazines provide Inspiration, strategies and expert advice.

1 – Small Business Opportunities magazine

The magazine is the money – making source for entrepreneurs and small business owners offering a step by step guide to starting and operating your own

2 – Entrepreneur Magazine

This is the authority for small business owners starting, managing and growing successful small businesses. Entrepreneur magazine offers inspiration, strategies and expert advice on a variety of small business topics.

3 – Opportunity World

This magazine caters to small business entrepreneurs looking for ways to earn an income by starting a business of their own.

4 – Home Business magazine

This magazine covers the dynamic home based business market. Find articles on sales and marketing, business start – ups and operators, raising money, management, marketing, mail order, and more in each issue.


5 – Family Business

The magazine is written for owners and managers of family Focuses on Unique issues faced by family business stakeholders. Subscription includes access to online archives. 100’s of articles on every topic in the field, like succession, conflict resolution, wealth preservation, estate and tax planning.

6 – Inc 500 Magazine

This magazine is for and about the men and women who run growing companies. Inc 500 gives practical management advice for starting and running your own small or growing business with articles by entrepreneurs who have faced and solved similar problems.

7 – $1,000,000 Aire Blueprints

This magazine is brand new and designed to answer the questions of today’s entrepreneur. The magazine is Packed full of inspiring stories about real life millionaires who have gone fro

8 – Fast Company

This is the how to magazine that keeps managers abreast of emerging business trends and ideas. Fast company set the idea agenda for the future.

9 – Network Marketing Journal

This is the oldest and largest publication for direct sales/multi level offering the best education and informational articles in the industry. Learn about timely legal issues and industry news. Receive valuable tips and insights from our educational columns and features.

10 – Shepreneur

This is one of a kind magazine. It is the ultimate business publication for women entrepreneurs. The magazine Concentrates on leadership, development and balance. Each quarterly issue of Shepreneur magazine is packed with solid, practical sales, business, marketing, and strategy solutions.

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Are Investing Magazines Really That Useful?

Investing Magazines – Are They Really That Useful? |
By James Woolley

You will often see investing magazines on the shelves in your local newsagent, and they do seem to be quite popular with stock market traders and investors. I used to buy them myself in the past, but nowadays I don’t bother with them at all. So are they really that useful?

Well let me discuss some of the positives first of all. One of the major selling points is that they will often have some really good informative and educational articles. Every month they will often choose a topic and write a feature article on this subject, which may be two to five pages long, for instance.

So they may write feature articles about options trading, or they may discuss the 10 most undervalued stocks in the FTSE 100, for example. One thing you can guarantee is that these feature articles will nearly always be a very good read.


Another thing I like about share trading magazines is that they will often discuss individual stocks that you may not otherwise have come across. They will often pick out a few small-cap stocks that are worth keeping an eye on, and these can turn out to be great investments. Of course you shouldn’t buy stocks on the back of a recommendation. You should always do your own research as well.

These magazines also tend to have good coverage of the latest company results. This can be useful because you can scan through them and find out which companies are performing very well, and are therefore worth adding to your shortlist of possible investments.

Those are the positives, but there are also several things I don’t like about investing magazines. Firstly you always have to bear in mind that the people writing the articles about various different stocks are journalists first and foremost, so you have to be very wary about listening to any recommendations. If they were highly skilled investors, then they would probably be working in the city for a major investment bank, or trading their own money.

Another thing to bear in mind is that they will often brag about the share predictions that they got right. This encourages inexperienced investors to start blindly following future tips, which will often lead to disappointment, because they will rarely mention the numerous recommendations that turned out badly.

So as you can see, investment magazines have their good points and their bad points. Ultimately it is up to you whether or not you buy them every month. They are very often quite a good read, but you should always be careful about following any of their recommendations.

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Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing – What Magazines Accept Freelance Submissions? |
By Gerard Mohamed

Nowadays, writing jobs are one of the most flexible and high earning jobs that freelancers could ever wish to undertake. If you already like to use pen and paper where you can express your thoughts, then why not derive revenue from it?

The value of freelance writing is elephantine, because there are so many avenues open for the contemporary freelance writer. You can work for newspapers, blogs, magazines, and even freelance websites. The major advantage of writing jobs is that you can work in your own time, and it becomes completely your choice to work hourly, monthly or weekly.

To commence with your writing career you can submit your stories in competitions, work as a scriptwriter, columnist or journalist. Freelance writing is all about blending grammar and imagination.


There are many magazines which can give you writing jobs and you can get credits for freelance writing. Some of them which can act as a launching pad for new writers are listed as follows:

  • Creative Nonfiction: This magazine is the first of many which can provide you with more than enough writing jobs. You can work for this magazine either on daily wages, or on exclusive terms. In addition, it has a very high rating as a literary magazine.
  • American Journalism review: This is an American magazine which can provide you writing jobs related to all niches. Since it publishes 10 times in a year, the scope of getting freelance writing jobs there is substantially maximized.
  • Event magazine: In Event you will see journals related to fiction, poetry, and critical reviews. It is the best place from where you can initiate your freelance career. You will get a minimum of $30 per publication.
  • Poetry magazine: Poetry foundation is a leading poetry organization in the world. They discover talent and publish it through their magazine and pay $ 10 per line which is a very good deal. Their vigorous and aggressive presence in the poetry world, has given them both huge fame and appeal.
  • Writer’s digest: It is a well-known magazine which is known to especially promote the freelance writing career of new entrants or unpublished writers. You have a choice of submitting either fiction or non- fiction work here.

There are many other magazines which can act as the starting point for all the writers who want to learn and develop their freelance writing career. Women can even try writing jobs for magazines like Bitch Magazine, Flare or Vogue. The important point is not to wait too long but to make a start.

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Financial Success with Money Magazines

Money Magazines – Your Gateway to Financial Success | By MJ Jose

Any business requires constant updating of information so that it keeps on generating money and does not get outdated. Ideas for beneficial modification(s) comes from media, like newspapers and TV, seminars related to your business, business magazines and money magazines, besides in-house research.

If you are always on look out for better avenues to make money, then you would attend special seminars or, perhaps, hire a specialist for advice. Often, you were inspired but somewhere down the road, this line of thinking slowly edged to the back of your mind. But if the same knowledge was in a written form, you could see it now and then as a source of inspiration, and, act on it sooner or later.

There are many types of money magazines, e.g. magazines for home based incomes (work from home magazines), business related magazines, magazines that write about success stories, franchise opportunities magazines, etc. You will find magazines related to any field where there are opportunities to earn, manage or make money.


Perhaps, money magazines will be most popular among all the types of magazines on book stands. Subscribing to such magazine will always be useful for no knowledge will ever be without a value. Attending seminars, conferences, taking special courses have a high cost, while money magazines are the cheapest source of acquiring latest information. Also, by subscribing to a magazine, you are getting each issue at a discount, sometimes as high as 40-50%, as compared to buying every time from a book stall.

These magazines are always researching the current trends to write on and increase their circulation, so you can be sure that you will get good useful information each time you receive an issue of the magazine you have subscribes for.

There are many sites online which offer magazine subscription, including Australian magazine subscriptions. Browse through them and you will find a magazine of your interest. Subscribing is easy. Become member of the website by filling in your name and email address, choose the magazine you want to subscribe to, pay using your credit card and the site will acknowledge your subscription. Issues of the magazine will be delivered to your door step on due dates. Most of the sites will give detailed description of what each magazine is about. This will help you decide the one to subscribe for.

Oh yes, subscriptions can be gifted too. So if you know a dear one who could do with such a subscription, do gift him one; he will remember you every time he receives an issue of the magazine or whenever he reads form the issues received. Of course, he will also remember you if he makes more money with the help of some useful information in one of the issues.

While browsing through sites online for subscribing to money magazine, look for incentives. To ensure bigger clientele, publisher often gives free gifts with new subscriptions. Then, there are sites that do a good deed by donating a part of your payment to charity; you may even be permitted to request which charity to donate to.

Choose from a variety of money magazines from the AusCause gift shop, your one stop shop to magazine subscriptions Australia.

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Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur

13 Signs You Need to Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur | By Harold Thompkins

I recently read that the quintessential “good job” left America for good around the year 2000. I am not sure if this is true but I feel they are quickly becoming extinct and jobs are changing at break neck speed. Statistics state that four out of every five employees desire to quit their current job or find a new job that pays more money.

Today’s workers are overwhelmed and underpaid. It is common business practice to combine several jobs into one position in order to pay the employee less. This translates into lower salary, less time at home and minimal personal time. Many employees get trapped in a cycle of making it to pay day and they don’t have the time or resources to build a life. Many people are stuck in a job they see as a dead end and it is robbing them of their prosperity, creativity and their dreams. For ever one job available eight people are competing for it.


These factors are influencing employees every where to pursue their entrepreneurial dream. The following signs are indicators that it maybe time for you to transition from employee to entrepreneur.

  1. You struggle to get out of bed to get ready for work each morning.
  2. You arrive late to work for no reason.
  3. You feel fine all weekend but you start getting stressed about work on Sunday night.
  4. You find it easy to call in or lie in order to be off from work.
  5. You see your job as a burden instead of an opportunity.
  6. You pretend you are working when people come into your work area.
  7. You don’t see anything fulfilling in the work you do.
  8. You are demotivated and do just enough to get by.
  9. You waste several hours during the work day.
  10. You are not alert or innovative at work.
  11. The most exciting time of your day is lunch and when you getting off work.
  12. You constantly miss deadlines.
  13. You find no inspiration from managers or co-workers.

Harold is a passionate and skilled multipreneur. If you you have questions about building multiple streams of income through the combination of several interelated businesses find out how here:

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Public Relation Mistakes That You Must Prevent

Success of any business is chiefly dependent on how well it’s marketed. No wonder, this realization is dawning upon majority of entrepreneurs and hence they are adopting plethora of marketing tools to make their presence felt to the target audience. One marketing tool of utmost value in this context is public relations. While public relations help bolster your business, it could render the desired outcomes given that you steer clear of the following errors.

One of the most common public relation mistakes that many people make is misleading the target audience. Misleading your audience might help you at first but in the long run it will do more harm than good. If you are lying to your audience, then you are forcing them to never trust you again. And, once you lose the trust of people linked to you, then success seems a faraway goal.


Time is an important aspect when you are using public relations as a marketing tool. Deploying public relations is just the same as planning a wedding, everything needs to be done on time. Since media is always in a rush to meet deadlines, you must meet all your commitments on time. Keep up to all your deadlines and honor your appointments.

Inaccessibility is another mistake that you ought to steer clear of. Even if you’re based in a preferred locale such as the holy city of Wichitas, you should still make your contact information crystal clear. In case the media isn’t able to find your contact information, they won’t be able to contact you. This will sabotage the entire purpose of using public relations.

Following the stereotypical line is yet another mistake that many companies make while using PR. Old might not be good always. If your PR campaign runs along the clich├ęd lines and is boring, then it is bound to fail. So, try to keep your interviews, message and pitches as lively and interesting as possible. You could think about incorporating some fun activities in your PR campaign to make it more interactive.

Avoid unnecessary interactions and chit chatting with the journalists and the media. There is no point speaking to them about how appropriately Exposed Acne Treatment System worked for you in eliminating your ugly pimples and zits. A journalist has got nothing to do with your personal talks until and unless he suffers from the same trouble. Keep your conversations with media, professional and restricted to work only. This can in turn go at length in building a good reputation for your business.

So, the following time you set up a public relation campaign, ensure that it is free from all the mistakes as stated above.

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Handling Hazardous Chemical Spills

Handling Hazardous Chemical Spills

You probably know the risks of spills very well if you work in an area that deals with any kind of hazardous material. Most companies make spills a very large part of their safety training. Depending on the chemicals you work with, the possible damages and risks may be anything from corrosive acids to toxic oils. All liquids have their own unique properties, and so different chemicals may require totally different solutions to clean up the spills.

If you work with hazardous chemicals, such as acids, then you know that attempting to clean acid with a paper towel is quite useless, as is using a mop or other means which can do a good job of cleaning smaller spills. The chemicals that you work with would eat through a flimsy paper towel or a mop head’s cotton fibers in a matter of minutes, or even seconds if it’s a strong acid. Assuming you could make a mop work temporarily, you’d be buying new mop heads every time you had to clean up a spill. This is, obviously, very counterproductive.


Also, you’ll want to protect yourself, your surroundings and your colleagues and customers from the effects of the spilled chemical. How best do you accomplish this?

The solution to your problem is an easy one. A hazardous materials spill kit contains everything you need to handle the nastiest of hazardous chemicals. The kits that you’ll select for handling a hazmat spill should include quite a few different items. You’ll need an absorbent that will absorb and neutralize the chemical. In kits, these come in the form of loose materials, socks, mats, and pillows. Each can be used for a variety of things. Mats and pillows are great for helping to control leaks that can’t be avoided, or simply can’t be repaired right away. Loose absorbent could be used to contain and to clean a large spill. To do this you’d surround the spill with the absorbent, and then gently push the absorbent in to absorb the chemical. The socks could be used for either application.

Your kit should also contain safety equipment. At the very least, you’re going to need disposable gloves to protect hands, disposable shoe covers to protect shoes from effects of chemicals or causing slips from residue, goggles to protect your eyes, and containers for the safe and legal disposal of the chemicals. It would be a good idea to get a kit which also contains hazmat suits and respirators to protect the full body during spills of particularly aggressive fluids.

Your kit should also contain documentation detailing the use of the products included for anyone who may not know. Take time to familiarize both yourself and any colleagues who may be near the area during a spill with this documentation. Understanding how to effectively and efficiently use the items in the kit and handle a spill can help to control hazards associated with working with chemicals, and may even save a life. As with any hazardous materials, you’ll also find MSDS documentation for any hazardous materials in the are. This sheet will tell you what they are, what they can do, and how to treat if there is any contact with skin, eyes or if it’s inhaled.

Having these kits and knowing how to use them is very important, At the very least, it could save you money. At the very best, it may even save the life of yourself or someone you work with.

Disguised Perils

The chemicals in your facility pose many hidden risks. Many liquids look completely harmless, just like they might be water. For this reason it is important that all chemicals are clearly labeled and there is documentation available as to what they are capable of. It is also highly imporant that you can clean up spills and leaks of any hazardous chemicals in your facility quickly and efficiently.

Acids and bases are very corrosive chemicals which can cause a very serious burn if they come in contact with flesh. The burns can range from minor irritation (like a rash) to a very serious third degree burn, or worse. Some corrosives can eat through bone.

Many hazardous chemical spill kits are equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as goggles, clothing covers, respirators, goves, and shoe covers for this reason. These measures will help to shield the person working with chemicals from the corrosive properties of the chemicals.

There are many times when you may not realize exactly what liquid you’re working with. Many chemicals are colorless and odorless, and you won’t be able to tell the difference between them and water unless you can see a chemical reaction occurring, such as the bubbling of acid as it reacts with a solid. If you are unable to determine the source of the spilled liquid, for any reason, treat it as a chemical spill. Never assume that any liquid is simply water, especially in a facility that stores chemicals. Just because the liquid is colorless and odorless doesn’t mean that it’s not an acid or a base – or possibly worse – a highly flammable chemical.


Chemical Safety Training
If you own or operate a facility which deals in any type of hazardous chemicals, any training of new employees should include a rigorous chemical safety training segment.

Your employees need to know and understand the chemicals they’ll be working with. Are they using acids or bases? If so, what acids? How strong are they? What are the hazards and how serious can they harm someone? If it’s spilled, what are the proper precautions to take before cleaning it, and what are the procedures for cleaning it?

If they’ll be working in a specific department, make sure your safety training shows them exactly where any spill kits and safety materials will be. Chemical safety should include a kit capable of properly handling and neutralizing any chemicals in the area, proper Personal Protective Equipment, a hand washing sink, an eye wash station and possibly a disinfecting shower. First aid kits should always be available in the workplace.

Make sure your employees know where they can find PPE equipment and that you stock equipment that will fit them. People, unfortunately, are not “one size fits all”. You need to make sure that you have proper equipment available for everyone you employ. If you work in a specialized industry, you may be able to make it a condition of employment that they own their own, especially if it’s essentially a uniform item. It doesn’t matter how you ensure they have and know how to use it, simply that you do.

Your most valuable resource is not the chemicals, or the product, or the building you work in. Your most valuable resource will always be the people who make your product possible. Make sure you keep them safe, trained, and able to handle all of the possibilities their jobs may throw their way. You could employ a group of rocket scientists, but in the event of an accident they may still all be dead if they have no idea where safety equipment is or how it operates. carries a large selection of spill kits and industrial safety supplies.

We also carry a full supply of spill containment products.

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Water Conservation

Conserving water is very worthwhile, not only because it saves a natural resource, but will cut your water bill. Significant savings in your water bill will pay for any home improvement costs that you may incur. Here’s some suggestions on saving water.

Necessary items for these simple projects:

You will need one or two gallon jugs, depending on how many bathrooms you have. Also, for the shower there is now new energy saving shower heads so you will need one for each shower in your home. You might need a wrench or pliers to change these.


Conserving toilet water

When you flush a toilet, you use 3-5 gallons of water. In order to lower the water it takes, the gallon jugs will displace the water in the tank reservoir. Fill your plastic jugs with water and put as many as will fit into the tank of your toilet. It’s that easy. It will prevent the tank from filling completely and saves water.

Be sure not to interfere with the flushing mechanism. If you prefer, you can use bricks instead of jugs to displace the tank water. The plastic has to be thick. Thin plastic will dissolve.


You can buy a shower head that conserves water. This shower head will save the water you use when you shower and this will in turn save on your water bill. You will have options on which would be best for your home.

You can remove the old shower head with pliers, usually like a screw. You should turn the new fixture to the right. Be sure that the new fixture’s seal is in place. Leaks will use up water.

Speaking of water leaks:

You would be amazed at the amount of water that is wasted with just a tiny leak in any of your fixtures. If you find a leak, even a slight one, it is imperative that you repair or replace the fixture. It’s often just an old gasket. Leaving leaks unattended will not only be annoying but will use up needless amounts of water and cause havoc with your water bill.

Author bio: Barbara Jackson is a prolific writer and currently explores the truth about acai berry and herbal weight loss patches in her blog.

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Passion is Not Enough

Passion is Not Enough | By John Tree

Passion is a wonderful human emotion. Passion has been the driving force behind much of world’s progress throughout history, dating all the way back to the beginning of recorded history. Passion has been the cause of wars, and triumph, and victory. It’s also caused havoc, suffering, and death. Innumerable people have been killed in the name of one passion or another, whether it be religious, political, racial, etc. You get the idea here: passion is a tool, as sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel, that can be used for both good and bad, depending on who is wielding the blade.

In business, and in particular, amongst Entrepreneurs, there’s a general sense that in order to succeed, you just need to be passionate about what you choose to do. I’ve talked about this with a lot of business people, from very senior corporate executives, to small business owners, to those who have failed in business and are now not working. And the general consensus is that people need passion. A common belief is that passion is the key ingredient in the “recipe” of business success.


I’ve met so many Entrepreneurs who believe that because they are so passionate about what they want to do, they simply cannot fail. Many of them have a framed print on their wall that usually depicts some inspiring image like a bald eagle, or a ship at sea, and the caption: “Belief fuels passion, and passion rarely fails.” These Entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that if they just bring more of their incredible energy, passion, and enthusiasm to their business, they’ll be able to overcome any obstacle through the shear strength of their willpower.

And then there are those timid souls who sit on the sidelines, and observe the train wreck and carnage that was somebody’s business that just failed, and casually comment that the owner just didn’t have enough passion. Are you kidding me? That owner probably worked himself/herself into the ground, gasping for air up until the very last moment. They probably have bloody knuckles from the fight, combined with intense sleep deprivation, stress, and ulcers, not to mention a depleted bank account, broken dreams, and despair. And I doubt that failed Entrepreneur is sitting around saying “Gee, if only I’d had just a little more passion…”

So to all the people who think that passion cannot fail, I would advise you to look around at the littered landscape of failed businesses and ask yourself why did those businesses fail? Ask yourself if you believe these failures wouldn’t have happened if only those failed Entrepreneurs had more passion. If only they would have tried harder… Do you really believe that? Of course not.

So there must be something more to business success that just finding something you’re passionate about and jumping in with both feet and running really fast! Certainly, as said in the very first paragraph, passion is a wonderful emotion and can contribute greatly to success in any endeavor. But passion alone is not enough, and if that’s your only tool in the business toolbox, you are most likely on your way to joining the many other passionate Entrepreneurs who lost big as they pursued their dreams. Because unfortunately, the fact is that most new businesses are going to fail in the first 12 months. That’s not meant to discourage you, it just is what it is. But you can do something about it? You need to get the skills and training you need to beat the odds.

About the Author
John Tree, Master Entrepreneur and Owner of Why Go West, The Entrepreneur Training Company, invites you to download their free eBook on The Top 5 Ways to Fail-Proof Your Business, available at says: “You need to create and execute winning strategies for your business, no matter what business you’re in, online or offline. Download our free eBook today and begin to Change Your Thinking, and Beat the Odds!“. Regards, John Tree
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3 Critical Keys to Thriving in Turbulent Times

3 Critical Keys to Thriving in Turbulent Times | By Jon L Iveson

The awareness and understanding of these three keys will allow you to thrive in any way you desire. You certainly can thrive in anything, no matter the circumstance, situation, or economy. However, you can not thrive in everything at once. You must be focused on selective greatness. Be great with these keys and you will thrive in turbulent times!

Priorities – Are you a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None? Only the masters will thrive. No matter where you are in life, you must make strategic decisions to master a few key areas, if you want to thrive. It can be challenging to make these choices and commitments (especially when you are young) because you might not be certain of your long-term aspirations or goals. However, when you realize that mastery of chosen priorities will almost always serve you better on any path you choose, you can confidently and peacefully choose priorities at any stage in your life. Mastery in a few priority areas, in any given year, will open up new and better opportunities in your future years!


Margin – You must manage your time, energy, and money. This will allow you to achieve mastery in a few priority areas while also expanding your margin so that you can overcome the inevitable challenges and obstacles along the way. Spend time planning because it allows you to better understand the path ahead and gives you an opportunity to apply the critical and strategic thinking necessary for success. However, don’t rely on perfect plans with every detail accounted for. The turbulent times will require that you adjust and adapt along the way. Be willing and able to STICK to your priorities and RESPOND to the turbulent times!

Willpower – Wiktionary defines willpower as the unwavering strength of will to carry out one’s wishes. We must learn to feed our willpower, use it with our priorities, and manage our energy so that we can consistently apply it. Recent research on the willpower and exercise shows that willpower is a finite resource that must proactively directed, managed and replenished on a regular basis. Kathleen Martin Ginis, PhD, and Steven R. Bray, PhD, studied how exposing students to tests of willpower affected their willpower to exercise. They found that students subjected to the willpower test exercised less frequently and with less intensity than those students not subjected to the willpower tests. These finding likely apply in the other areas in your life that require willpower to succeed. Thus, you should make sure you do the following to optimize your willpower:

  • Make sure your priorities are built into on your calendar
  • Recruit accountability partners to help you with your priorities
  • Focus on your priorities earlier rather than later in the day
  • Feed your attitude and mood to increase the likelihood of demonstrating willpower

Turbulent times will challenge you in many ways. But, you can create your own internal stability and calmness in the midst of turbulence with the right approach. Establishing and committing to priorities, building margin, and applying and enhancing your willpower will go a long way in helping you succeed in turbulent times!


About the Author:
Jon L. Iveson, Ph.D., The Champion’s Coach, is a Gazelles Certified Coach who helps individuals and companies survive and thrive in tough times. Access Jon’s FREE 21-page e-Book on “The 8 Steps to Thriving during Tough Times” and other valuable resources at Stay informed on new resources and information by JOINING the “Surviving and Thriving in Tough Times” Group on LinkedIn.
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How Can You Stay Passionate in Business?

How Can You Stay Passionate in Business? | By Simon Johnnson

When it comes to building yourself a new business empire, one of the key things that must walk hand in hand with you is passion. Passion is an intense desire, a conviction that sets in your heart as a rock to overpower all challenges, and to never sway from the path to the goal. In the beginning, when your eyes are still glazed from the big dreams, you start off with a fresh burst of energy that takes you ahead in leaps and bounds. But eventually, when hard work starts to rub off on you, the passion in your eyes seems to dim a little, and you soon begin to lose your touch. This is a de-motivating phase, and to get over it, you must take positive steps:

– Always surround yourself with people who say “can do” instead of people who always suspect the good outcome of anything. Your friends and family must support you through thick and thin; your business partners, employees and customers must interact with you closely to remind you why you are in this business, and what your capabilities are. Learn about the market from them, and try to identify the different industrial trends that can lead to a profitable result.


– As you start off with your new business, there will be many doors opened to different worlds of new opportunities. Some of them will excitingly be perfect, bringing more advanced solutions and synergies, while some of them will be nothing more than distractions. They will set you farther away from your goal, and at these times you have to be careful to see that you always stay firmly in the path, and do not get sidetracked.

– You should be working on your business with a strategic formula that is bound to be a success, instead of simply working in your business with a monotonous plan that never changes every day. Working through day to day activities can be such a hard work that you may lose your passion very soon. You must learn how to automate all your resources and outsource certain jobs so that you can spend your time with projects that catch your interest. This will keep the passion going.

– There are many people who are not good in running their own business even though they have brilliant technical skills. If you are one of them, you can work under a good business coach who can give you the sight for long term business goals and strategies so that it is possible to develop an independent objective for your success.

– You have to realize that there are many dimensions to your business that you should not forget to consider. Try to place yourself in the shoes of your customers to see what problems they could face: perhaps they have to wait a long time in order to speak to a service person, or they are treated rudely during transactions. Maybe they were sent faulty products. To gain and keep faithful customers, you need to personally attend to their needs at times.

– In these cases, you need to see whether you need additional help or you can do with a consultant who will notice how effectively the business is progressing. You can even conduct customer surveys.


But remember, none of these would work until and unless you decide to act on the results that you obtain. You must listen to the feedbacks, and see how you can improve. This is the only way how your business can survive.

Simon Johnnson is the director of content for Executive Gift Shoppe. They specialize in business card holders and mens wallets.

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Small Business Ideas For 2010

This Just In! The 10 Small Business Ideas For 2010 | By Susan S. Judd

Small businesses are everywhere, but only a few actually have made it to the top. Obviously, if you are like me, you look at a small business as a sizable investment because no matter how small it is, there is still a start-up cost to pay. In this day and age, people are looking to save as much money as they can. Unfortunately, the economy isn’t what it used to be and people have had to adjust. But yet, even in these hectic times, time is till moving forward, and everyone is looking to become an entrepreneur.

Given below are the top 10 small business ideas for 2010 that are likely to grow and become very popular over the coming years:

1. Organic Cloth Diapers – The neat thing about this is that it is very simple. You can find organic cloth almost anywhere, and if you own a sewing machine and know how to sew a diaper, you are all set. Right now, people are struggling just to pay the electric bill, let alone pay for diapers. Another great thing is that people will never stop having kids, and they will also never want to stop saving money! To boot, they are contributing to a healthier environment – which is something that has become very crucial…and even trendy!

2. Working From Home Online – A business that lets you promote products, such as affiliate marketing is expected to grow enormously over the next few years. The great thing about it is that the start up cost is small, and all you need is your computer to work!

3. Offer Services From Your Own Home – If you have a designated space in your home that you could call your office, then this would be the perfect idea. Since you are into saving money, a home office is just the thing to have. Most entrepreneurs spend money on office space, which can really cut into their expenses.

4. Organic Produce – As I’m sure you have noticed, everyone is talking about the whole concept of “going green”. There have been more discoveries made about health and the benefits of living a healthy, “green” lifestyle in the past five years more than ever before. People are always looking for a way to save, and be safe also. Organic produce isn’t grown using harsh chemicals, and that is what separates it from the rest.

5. Trash Treasures – Do you have an accumulation of cans, cardboard, old clothing, etc? Instead of throwing it out, find something to make with it. There are a bunch of websites that freely give out ideas on easy arts and crafts. You could start by creating a few things, get your own website, and operate your business right from the comfort of your own home.

6. Outsourcing – This is something else that is becoming more popular as time passes by. The pay is good, and it also gives you a chance to become highly recognized without having to do a lot of advertising.

7. Online Home Business – There are seriously thousands of small business ideas you could choose. You could choose to make or sell soy candles, makeup, household cleaner, t-shirts, office equipment, greeting cards, etc. Either way, it’s something you need to think about that could possibly create a very lucrative profit.

8. Seasonal Businesses – And I’m not talking about just for one season. Something that you could do (and I am sure it would be profitable) would be to buy and sell products from distributors that are put out just for the season. Be sure that other stores such as Wal-Mart and Target do not carry the same products. Make your products 100% unique. For example, in spring, sell “spring-cleaning” products. In February, sell chocolates, and other Valentine’s Day gifts. In summer, sell school supplies, etc. People will want to buy your products because they are unique and the ideas keep changing, so it’s also very interesting!

9. Traveling Businesses – This idea is a lot like a lemonade stand. You transport your products with you and advertise your business by selling at different locations. This will help tremendously with bringing the customers to you.

10. Freelancing Business Ideas – This involves staying at home and providing your professional writing and blogging services to various clients. A great way to advertise is to create a website as well as write for other websites at discount prices to attract more clientele.


Susan Judd is an expert in the field of business. She is an excellent resource when it comes to successful small business ideas. She owns and operates several of her own small businesses and knows first hand all the details about what goes into formulating good small business ideas.

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