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Well Paid Jobs – How to Get One

Well Paid Jobs – How to Get One | By Catherine Shanahan

If you are aspiring to a higher paying career, then there are several important steps to take before you begin making adjustments in your job strategy. The key to finding a well paying job is to find a career path that allows you to work on projects you are passionate about and also leverage your individual skills and time, particularly your time.

I personally found the international bestselling book by Tim Ferriss The 4 Hour Work Week as a real eye opener to what is possible to achieve financially with limited time availability. It allowed me to consider options that I had never previously explored.

When you are able to perform at peak performance and also deliver top quality results on a regular basis, you will find yourself amply rewarded in your particular career path. Whether you are looking to enhance your status within your current job or want to shift paths to a new career, enthusiasm and attention to detail will help you improve your job prospects.

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Politics Magazine - Subscription

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Being Clear

When you begin your career evaluation always ensure alignment between your goals and those of your employer – by ensuring that your career path is in tune with your larger goals, you will be able to work toward a common goal. By extending your career search beyond instant gratification, your work will be driven by passion in addition to monetary rewards. Whether you work in sales, administration or research, your pay will be tied to results, and employees who are truly passionate about their work are motivated to deliver even greater results than ever before. By motivating yourself by issues of larger importance beyond just immediate gratification, you can deliver even more value to your employer, opening up further opportunities for advancement.

To advance on the career ladder you may have to seek out external employment. In many cases, you will only be able to advance to the next level in your career with an extensive career search. Often you may have to apply for jobs outside of your local area and travel for interviews. If you are truly set on a particular job, it can be beneficial to take extra time to ensure your resume is perfectly aligned with employer expectations. Careful attention paid to details can reap impressive rewards in the long run – always take time to polish your resume and practice in advance of important interview.

Invest In Your Self

In many cases, you may have to invest in additional education, training or other experiences to make yourself an ideal candidate for the position. Two of the richest men in the world – Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were recently asked “What would you invest in during these tough economic times”? Both independently responded “They would invest in themselves” Interesting don’t you agree?

Look At The Bigger Picture

Many aspiring professionals fail to pay enough attention to personnel issues which can hamper career advancement. A track record of successfully working with colleagues on a variety of issues can ensure that you have allies within your firm, including at the management level. Working toward a high paying job should also be about helping out your firm and co-workers to ensure that everyone comes away from the situation with a successful outcome. Take time to genuinely befriend those around you, and be willing to help out those in a bind – by dedicating yourself to the greater success of the firm, rewards will follow.


It is evident that gaining new and different skills will enable you to secure a well paid recession proof income. My experience is you must look outside the box; generating a well paid income does not necessarily have to come from a traditional job. Sometimes through education you need to look at alternative sources.

The fact is on a global scale more and more people are utilising the concepts discussed in the book The 4 Hours Work Week, are outsourcing large chunks of work and generating a substantial income through areas that were not initially obvious to them. - Centerfolds without the Staples  

Catherine Shanahan is a Business Entrepreneur and internet mentor who will show you how to create a well paid job of your own. She actively shares the tools and strategies that enable individuals to generate recession proof incomes through leveraging the power of the internet. See the most lucrative compensation plan on the internet and discover how with the right training, support and mentoring, anyone can generate a sustainable, residual income on line.
Find out more about Catherine at
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Can You Beat the Competition? Yes – Here’s Why and How

Can You Beat the Competition? Yes – Here’s Why and How | By Marcia Yudkin

Imagine that you were given the exact same product to market along with 100 other people, many of them highly experienced marketers. Most of you would assume you wouldn’t have a chance in hell of getting more attention than the others, and you might even give up before starting, for that reason.

Your assumption is wrong. Just by taking action you have a significant chance of getting a jump on the competition. And by taking creative action – by zigging where everyone else was zagging – you have an even better chance of grabbing the attention for yourself.

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IPhone Life - Subscription

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Case #1. A few years back, a friend invited me to team up on an audio project in which she was going to interview five marketers (and be interviewed herself) about implications of the law of attraction for marketing one’s business. All six marketers in the project had the right to sell the 5-CD audio set. I added a related recording of my own, making it a 6-CD audio set.

Of the six collaborators, I was the first to get the product up for sale.

Six months later, only two of us had put the product up for sale. One of the other four is a best-selling author, so maybe he was just too busy with other projects to promote this one. But the other three are active marketers, each with a following, and when I just went to the web site of one of them, his site doesn’t have a link for products. And the other collaborator besides me who did sell the product – her site doesn’t have a link for products, either.

Lesson: Most people simply drop the ball. They do not follow through on opportunities.

Case #2. I was one of 73 marketers interviewed for Rob Toth’s Future of Information Marketing audio series. Each of the marketers interviewed has rights to sell the product. As is usual for such projects, Rob provided all the participants with sales copy and other tools for selling the product.

I am not sure how many of the participants in this project have gotten their act together so far to sell the product.

However, I can tell you that I’m the only one who issued a press release for the product. When I look up “Future of Information Marketing” in Google News today, my release is the only one for the product.

Even more surprising, when I look up simply “information marketing” in Google News today, there is hardly any other publicity on the topic of information marketing showing up.

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The News section of Google is where many reporters go to find recent material on various topics. Showing up there puts one in the running for media coverage as well as direct traffic from potential customers.

Google News tends to keep entries alive for about a month. Now imagine how many marketers are selling material about information marketing. This search result shows that the overwhelming majority of them are not using publicity as a marketing tool. Amazing!

Lesson: Given tools to sell something, most people won’t go beyond those. You can still get international attention and visibility to the market over and above the competition.

Publicity expert and information marketer Marcia Yudkin is the author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity and 10 other books. She has engineered coverage for herself or her company in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Success, Women in Business and dozens of newspapers around the world. Get free access to a one-hour audio recording in which she answers the most common questions about getting media coverage at
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Be First, Best Or Different

Be First, Best Or Different | By Leah Grant

“You either have to be first, best, or different.”

I found this quote on a quote board so I don’t know what country music singer Loretta Lynn was referring to when she said it, but it seemed a perfect summation of what your business must be when you’re starting out.

Being first is optimal

If you’ve planned carefully you can flood the market with your product or service immediately after opening and your business has a low barrier to entry. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with most companies.

There can only be one first in any category or industry. You were either first or you weren’t.
Being first won’t ensure your success if better and different comes along before you’ve established yourself.

There’s only one best

Of course, best can fluctuate from year to year given any number of factors. We see this in the car industry: “Won best in it’s class in consumer tests.” We see it in TV show ratings. One year everyone’s watching Big Brother the next year they’re hooked on Survivor.

So to stay the best, you have to anticipate what the market needs and wants and keep your current customers happy or they’ll go looking for the companies offering something different.

I’m reading Martha Stewart’s book, The Martha Rules in which she outlines ten business principles for entrepreneurs. Aside from her too recent mentions of her stay in the big house, the book contains solid basic business advice.

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Home Theater - Subscription

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In the book, she says the way to be successful is to take something that people already do and figure out a way to make it better. It’s obvious, she has built her whole empire on that premise.

Think about it…everyone entertains. Martha wrote a book about how to entertain better. Martha’s program regularly shows people how to be better and different doing ordinary things.

She’s bringing in millions of dollars per year selling people tips on things they already do-clean house, cook, garden and entertain. It’s brilliant.

In her book, Martha claims she was the first person to write a book on entertaining. If that’s true, then she covets the “first” category for her industry.

She is also seen as the best in many of the categories she represents. I think Julia Child is still considered the best for the cooking category.

Something that often happens, is that the first also grabs the best category because they’re the ones who set the standard for everyone else who followed.

Be different to thrive

Given first and best are going to account for only one or two companies at the most that means everyone else had better be different if they plan to survive.

An example of this principle is the mp3 player. I received one of the nifty, big iPods that holds a gazillion songs and plays video for Christmas. It was a requested gift. I didn’t want just any mp3 player, I wanted that particular one. Why? Because it’s the best.

A word about “the best”. The best doesn’t mean that the product is actually better than the other products available, it’s that the consumer believes it’s better.

A great example of this is Apple and Microsoft’s early operating systems. Apple’s technology was better-ask just about any technology guru, but the public believed Windows was better, so Windows outsold Apple. It’s all about perception.

With Apple’s mp3 products being perceived as the best and the first mp3 player introduced, Eiger Labs MPMan, no longer being available then other mp3 developers have had to go the different route, but none have been able to steal much business from Apple.

Being different keeps companies in the game and receiving market share even if they weren’t the first and aren’t the best.

Think about Howard Stern-he’s not the best radio talk show host, but he’s definitely different.

Or what about Trader Joe’s? They aren’t the best grocery store, but they carry different products from other grocery store chains.

Another great example is Victoria’s Secret. While department stores hide the “unmentionables” in the corner of their top floor, Victoria’s Secret decided to be different and hang them in the window right in the middle of the mall and even paraded them around on National TV.

So what are you?

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Were you the first? Was your product the first of its kind?
Are you the best? Or does the market perceive you as the best?
If you answered no to the first two sets of questions then you better have an answer to the third option:

How are you different from who’s first, who’s the best and everyone else in your industry?

(c) 2009 Leah Grant Enterprises LLC

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR EZINE OR ON YOUR WEB SITE? You may, as long as you include this entire blurb with it: New Business Mentor Leah Grant publishes Startup Success, a weekly ezine. If you’re thinking about starting a new business or are in the early phases of entrepreneurship, subscribe now for tips, articles and resources at
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You Just Can’t Win! Why Most People Fail at Business

You Just Can’t Win! Why Most People Fail at Business | By Karin Hiebert

Game Plan:

In order to play the game, or be in the game, you need to know what the game is. Who are the players? Who is on your team? {this is a team game} always is, was and will be… its called a business. Never is a successful business a one man {or woman} show.

In all of history it is, and will be an “us” vs. “them.” Simple. Not easy, but simple. My philosophy is; there are no losers. “if” THE GAME IS PLAYED WELL, and fair. both teams win, everyone wins- “when you can shake each others hand and say “good game” and mean it, genuinely and sincerely.” Play by the rules and play fair. No cheating. No switching dices, or moving your man up the ladder when no one is looking. No challenging the creators of the game and the rule makers.

Rules are there for a reason, as is law, and divine nature/ order of things. Google or any top search engine from here on in, are the game creators and rule makers. (when in question refer to the rule book) Here is the break down of the game, its rules and how you win the game, and what you win! 1. You will win abundant Freedom, Respect, and Recognition for PLAYING. You and your teammates will win the prize. {whatever you set out to BE the prize…} this is by “your” definition of success or accomplishment of goals.

PC Magazine - Subscription

PC Magazine - Subscription

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Think Monopoly. Park Place. [what is it that you want or what is important to you? to your business? to your team?] Knowing what your team wants, or what your team will do, or not do is a must! [avoiding jail] missing a turn, or getting to roll twice, seeing other “opportunities” when they run into them for both you and them. this is the type of team and game you want to play…

{this is the first question; you need to examine-where do you want your business to go? or grow? will you want to sell it down the line or “will it” down the line?} Team Captains, Managers and coaches are all good to have. As well as “Spares”

2. You win this game by working with your team players and by playing fair. Now think Hockey, Who plays what? Will they pass the puck? {or pass the buck?} Where, who or what are the players strong points, who gets paid what? what are assets, weakness? who makes up for what, and where? Think game. Think games. How are they played? How are they best played? This is your second question!

3. We enter into playing a game for several reasons; its FUN! it’s challenging! it makes you “think” and often in games, you need to think a few plays or steps ahead…it is creative, and a lot of games can go on forever, or for a very looooong time, chess, monopoly, whatever. 3rd Question= “WHY ARE YOU in the game?” “why play in the first place, and what kind of player ARE YOU?” - Centerfolds without the Staples  

4. How long do you want to play for? [stamina, endurance, consistency, all matter] who will sit in for you when you leave the table, or game…? May all sound like a strange analogy to some business questions…It helps to figure out, or try to figure out, what it is that we want, and how we will get it. It eliminates the “what’s in it for me”question you have, or anyone has who is on your team…of course we all pretty much want the same things…there is no question there…the only question remaining is “will you play, read the rules, and kind of learn as you go along?”

This is to stimulate thought, and your mind. Rather than the typical “what are your goals” these questions come before the “what are your goals” for your business… take time to think on this, until I get back in touch with you later today! ~Karin Hiebert

Karin Hiebert

~Karin is a social media marketing player. Karin also is a High Profile Hair stylist, Coach and trainer in advanced hair cutting, styling, and competition training for hairstylists around the globe. A Dale Carnegie G.A. {graduate} skilled in teaching social media marketing, communication skills and Human Relations. Currently Karin is Co-Authoring a book with Best Seller Timothy Kendrick on P.T.S.D. and trauma coping.

“Live your life, not the one others want you to live!”

Article Source:!-Why-Most-People-Fail-at-Business&id=2459609

How to Benefit From LinkedIn

How to Benefit From LinkedIn As a Self-Employed Person Or Small Business Owner | By Ana Villaronga

Things You’ll Need:

Step 1 Open a LinkedIn account and add a photo to your profile. It is important to show people who you are, especially if you are trying to grow your network. Your profile should summarize what you do and include at least a small portion of your past, including your education. Also, include any professional organizations that you hold a membership for.

Step 2 LinkedInLink your website to your LinkedIn profile. If you do not have a website, link to your Twitter page (if it’s business oriented) or to your Google profile. Consider getting a website of your own and update your profile with it, when you do. In today’s world everyone needs their own site. It has become much simpler and much cheaper to do, and will benefit you in the end. Do not add your FaceBook or MySpace profile here. LinkedIn is strictly business related.

Macworld - Subscription

Macworld - Subscription

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Step 3 LinkedInFind others you already know that are already using LinkedIn, by uploading your email address book. Invite them to connect with you. Those who are not yet using LinkedIn, but who you think would benefit by being part of your network, invite to join.

Step 4 Try to get at least one connection to write a recommendation for you. You may also write a recommendation for any connection you think merits one.

Step 5 Browse through the LinkedIn groups and see which ones are of interest to you and/or your business. Join those groups. Once your group memberships are approved, begin joining their discussions by commenting and starting new discussions. Post articles that are pertinent to the group. If you would like to start your own group, do so! It is simple to do and a great way to grow your network. You might even decide to start several groups.

Step 6 People that are interested in your comments, groups and discussions will most likely look at your profile and invite you to connect. You will find yourself doing the same.

Step 7 LinkedIn can help you with credibility, re-connecting with lost or far away connections. It increases your Google space and helps you develop your personal brand.

Step 8 Get involved! As a self-employed person or small business owner, you need to get out and search people out. Filling out your profile and waiting is not the way. Join, contribute, discuss, comment, make new friends and contacts. It is surprising how nice and helpful people can be!

The corporate world does not need to dedicate much time to their LinkedIn account and profile. They can sit back and wait to receive a few connections, recommendations, etc.

Small business people, on the other hand, cannot sit back. LinkedIn is extremely useful, but only for those who choose to dedicate it some time and effort.

Tips & Warnings

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Thank everyone who recommends you.Write well written recommendations.Offer help to those in your network.Invite those who comment on your discussions to connect with you.Thank everyone who comments in your managed groups.Thank everyone who comments directly to your comment.Introductions are allowed and can be requested, if within your extended network.Do not ask people to connect with you randomly.Do not add a discussion to a group asking people to connect or network with you.Ask for introductions, only if you really need it.Do not invite people you don’t know at all.

Resources: | | My eco greeting card company.
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5 Most Profitable Small Businesses

5 Most Profitable Small Businesses | By Sam Simon Jones

Business ownership has been established as the only realistic route to financial independence available to most people. It is also a route fraught with many pitfalls. What, with the many stories we hear of businesses that turn against their owners, plunging them into pits of debt and even bankruptcy. Indeed, corroborated statistics show that out of every 100 business started, more than 90% of them fail within five years of their inception. And even for the businesses that do pick up, there is always the big question of profitability to look into. For the ultimate objective of starting any business is always to earn a profit, and a reasonable one at that, if one is to justify the hard work that is starting and running a business. Yet with the current hard economic times being faced globally, it has become hard to identify a business with a promise of reasonable profit that is also easy and within your reach to start. Thankfully, here are 5 businesses that are potentially highly profitable, and which are also easy to set-up and run.

IPhone Life - Subscription

IPhone Life - Subscription

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Forex Trading

We are no longer living in the age where forex trading was the preserve of a certain elite class of people. With the advent of online forex trading programs, all you need is good Internet access, and the initial forex to start trading. This need not to be a big amount, for you can always start small and grow with time. And with the current upheavals in the financial markets (which translate into huge fluctuations in currencies) you stand to make a big killing. Moreover with aid of the modern forex trading software (which comes cheap or even free in some cases), you can arrange your forex trading in such a way that the program automatically sells the forex you are holding once it slides bellow a certain floor, thus eliminating the risk of your losing your capital.

Forex Trading Links – Forextrading will help you set up and full understand trading.

Online Affiliate marketing

Total spending on online advertising runs into billions of dollars, and you can have your piece of this cake through online affiliate programs. These are programs in which you let sellers advertise their products on your websites for a commission. It is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, it could be one of the easiest profitable business ideas out there. All you need to set up an Affiliate marketing account and get a website have some basic know-how in sales and marketing. There are plenty of website creation aids available (some for free) on the web. Website hosting also costs a pittance, and in fact there are even some free web-hosting services you can give a try.

Affiliate Marketing Links – Commission Junction is one of the largest Affiliate Marketing businesses around.

Custom Website Design

Sydney Website Design – Sab Solutions can set up a website for you from design to a complete package.

eBay Shop

eBay is essentially an online market where you can sell anything, from household goods to apparel, books and even patents. The key to making a good profit on eBay is by exploiting the economies of scale, that is, having many items on sale at the same time. All you need to set up an e-bay shop is a good internet connection and the initial stock to get you going. And the only overhead in this type of business will be your Internet costs only. You can have buyers pay for their own shipping, and in fact that is the standard practice on most eBay shops.

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Maxim - Subscription

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Set Up an eBay Store

Professional Consultancy

This is the greatest business idea for you if you have some marketable professional skill. This need not be anything fancy. You can set up a professional consultancy around your web design, book-keeping or any other skill you have. You may never know the potential value of the skill you are sitting on until you offer it for sale. In professional consultancy, you are mostly paid for what you know, rather than what you do, and the rates that professionals get paid for their advice can be simply astounding. Yet armed with a marketable skill, you don’t need a lot of finance to set up a consultancy. In most cases, all you need to set up a professional consultancy is a basically equipped office and you are good to go. The key to succeeding in this type of business is simply keeping abreast of developments in your professional field so that you can offer your clients timely and valuable advice.


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The current financial crisis is really hurting the big-time retailers and you can cut into their markets, potentially making princely profits. As a small time retailer, you have the advantage of lower overheads compared to the big retailers. Moreover, as a small-timer, you have the opportunity to offer your customers personal contact, an element of shopping that many shoppers are yearning for, and which the big retailers are finding themselves unable to offer faced as they are with forced staff-cuts. The key to success in retail will be to offer your customers a good variety to choose from, and great service. And while starting out in retail might be a bit costly, the concept of retail is easily and universally understandable and therefore easy to sell to financiers for start-up capital.
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How to Find Your Niche When You Don’t Know What it Is

How to Find Your Niche When You Don’t Know What it Is | By Linda Blaksley

When I first got interested in a home based business I really didn’t have a clue how to go about it. I tried several home based businesses and lost quite a bit of money over the years, always trying to sell an idea or self improvement course. Some of the businesses were selling products, but the big money was in getting a “down line” as they called it. No matter how hard I tried I just could not make any money.

I found that I could not do cold calling or even call hot leads. I could not invite my friends, family and co-workers to a gathering at my house. I could not strike up a conversation with strangers about my new found, live saving, business venture. I could easily talk with the persons on the phone trying to sell me on their businesses though.

One day I started talking with a friend who was selling stuff online. He was getting his products from some company and selling them on e-bay and on his web site. I became interested and started asking him a lot of questions. He mentioned “drop shipping” a word that I had never heard of before.

I started to do some research and found that drop shipping was where a customer buys something from you and then you buy it from the manufacturer. Then the manufacturer ships it directly to your customer! You make a profit by being the go between. You are the one who brings it to your customers attention. I could do this.

PC WORLD - Subscription

PC WORLD - Subscription

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I found a company that teaches you how to build a website and teaches you all about selling and marketing and such. I signed up with them determined to succeed. All pumped up I jumped in head first. After a little bit of information about the who, what, when, where, and how, I was given my first assignment. Find my niche.

Okay, so I knew what a niche was sort of. Wikipedia’s defination is: ” A niche market is a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector.” After many weeks of trying to find my elusive niche I finally succeded. I want to help others get through the search a little easier than I did by telling you how I found my niche.

First I made a list of all the things that I have an interest in: gardening, horses, dogs (border collies), croche, family, camping, etc… Then I narrowed it down to sellable items like gardening items, horse supplies, camping equipment, etc… Next I went to Google Adwords – Keyword Tool, a free keyword search tool by Google.

I typed in the word or phase and the page would come up. The first thing I looked at was the green bar which tells how much competition there was for that key word or phase. I checked out the second colium and it lists how many locally seached for this keyword and the third collium was how many globally searched. I wanted at least 1000 in the second and third colliums. The green bar I did not want full. I would write these down on a pad of paper.

Next I went to another page and typed the keyword or phase into the search bar. The first line under the search engine you use is the results of the keywords. I would only keep those that were under 5,000,000. and cross off the higher ones. I continued to do this until I had a list of about ten or less ideas that I could work with.

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I now had the results of my searches. The next step is to find a drop shipper that I could work with. Back to the search bar I would type in the keyword(s) and drop shipper. This usually would bring up a list of drop shippers that sell the items I was interested in. I would visit each drop shippers site and find out the conditions of their drop ship programs. If they wanted money up front to join I dismissed them. If they wanted a minimum order I would dismiss them also. I would read all their conditions and if I agreed then I would write them down on my note pad. I did this with every drop shipper for every item I was interested in selling.

I found that going to the drop shippers web sites and seeing the products helped me to decide what my niche was going to be. If I fell in love with a product then that is what I wanted to sell. I found several drop shippers that sold items I wanted to put on my web site. I went with garden decor and outdoor furniture. That was my niche. What will yours be?

Linda Blaksley of Blaksley Enterprises LLC, sells garden decor, outdoor furniture and other gardening items at your online garden decor store. To find just the right garden decor and outdoor furniture for your garden or back yard check out our website at
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