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Motivate Yourself Not to Quit Learning on the Guitar

Motivate Yourself Not to Quit Learning on the Guitar | By Moran Yaar

If you’re a beginner and you really want to be master at this, if you really want to know and learn how to play the guitar, you must implement this thing as a habit.

At first you need to have some idea of the place you want to be at the end of the process. This means you need to have a specific goal.

You need to get an idea of what you are trying to accomplish and what will be involved. You need to get in to your head that you are maybe not the talented man in the world at playing the guitar. But that most other people aren’t that talented either.

It’s not that people aren’t that smart or talented, but just that most people walk through life in a lazy way. They are not willing to sacrifice their time to succeed that’s why I think you can get to the top of any field if you are willing to do that. Everyone thinks that there are all these conspiracies and super ways that people do things, but usually the top guys are just as disorganized as the average dudes on the street.

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There is pretty much no limit of what level you can reach assume that you can surpass it before you even start, imagine yourself you are the best guitar player ever because you can really be their!

Now- decide what you will have to do to get to that point. figure how long it will take, and the habit that you will have to integrate on a DAY TO DAY(maybe buy a great dvd tutorial).

I figure to myself, “Alright, I have to practice around 2-3 hours a day for around two years. Fine.”

At that point fully accept that this is what you will be doing and also don’t change your plans, as you tend to.

Get the practice on the guitar whether the conditions are ideal or not. You must implement this habit of playing the guitar regularly day after day and don’t think to much about these things. just accept them.

Now the big thing when you start something new is that progress is going to be non-existent at first and will go up in a good road if you can make it through the initial pain. Most people quit because starting something is really hard and usually feels painful for the long time. The guys who make it through that initial part will eventually get to a level where progress is really fast and noticeable, and for them it will become a hobby and fun. But at first it is purely banging your head against the wall to make the most minuscule advancements. Not fun.

So in an area like learn how to play the guitar, if you are starting off as a total newbie like I was then it is pretty much going to be zero progress for a few months. You will try to play some song in the guitar and nothing is going to work. It won’t change for a long time either, because the more you’re trying the more you’re feeling shitty.

When you start anything, whether sports or dance or music, it will probably be pretty embarrassing and painful. You’ll be around people who have it all figured out, and their neural connections will be fine tuned from what seems like infinite repetition. You’ll see this, and it will just give you a headache. Literally, for me, I see this kind of thing and I feel nauseous because it is so intimidating.

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The way I get through it is literally blind faith. I will figure out what the basic training is and do it OVER AN OVER, regardless of whether or not I get a result.

A big part of this is that I have no outcome for a very long time. My only outcome is to get my ass out and start playing . My criteria for success isn’t how well I did. It’s if I showed up and did what I was supposed to do. My expectations of myself are very low the beginning .

All you need Is inspiration and confirmation that it is possible. That was all you need to get good.

Guys say to me “Wow, you had such dedication” and I can’t relate to that. To me, that’s like telling a kid who goes to play basketball after school for a few years that he has dedication. It wasn’t dedication. It was a routine. A habit. A hobby. I made the time for it in my life, and I never worried about how well I was doing. I assumed with blind faith that everything would take care of itself if I just kept playing.

If you think back to the last six months or a year, it seems like nothing. That time passes so fast. You get older and decades start to fly by so. Do you want playing like a rock star and the guitar would be a part of it?!

The point is to just keep learn how to play the guitar and not try to get results. Just go out and do your exercises and it will come naturally. Don’t think of it as “Six more months.” Think “This is what I’m doing now. My day consists of this now. This is my lifestyle.”

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To me, it comes down to this:
1-Get an idea of what you want.
2-Formulate a plan of how often you need to show up to get there.
3-Accept that your new activity is a part of your life for the duration of the time you’ve decided, and never decide based on emotions if you’re going to show up or not. Just show up.
4-Don’t worry if you’re getting results, just stick to the plan with blind faith, and make your criteria for success just to show up.
5-Make it a hobby, look at the details critically without taking advice dogmatically, and take the initiative to shift the focus of your training when your intuition tells you that it might help.

Don’t focus on chasing outcome. Focus on sticking to habits. Make your criteria for success if you stuck to the habit.

Anyway, hopefully that was helpful to some people.

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How Do I Download Music to My Mp3 Player?

How Do I Download Music to My Mp3 Player? | By Gaetano Summaria

Well it all depends on what you want to do. Do you want to take the music from a cd and put it on your Mp3 player, or do want to directly download music tracks from the internet on to your Mp3 player. If you want to get music from a cd onto your Mp3 player, you will first need copy your cd with windows media player or another cd playing software. You will need to change the format into “Mp3” format by “ripping” it. “Ripping” a CD is basically copying music to your computer.

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IPC_UNCUT - Subscription

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After you have the files properly formatted on your hard drive, you can remove the drive from your mp3 player and plug it into a “usb” port on your computer. You then go to your hard drive, find the files you copied, making sure they are in the proper format,and then move them to the drive of your Mp3 player.

OK lets say you want to download music directly from the internet. You need to see if any special software is required to assist in the downloading process. Normally you wont need any. You just hook up your device to a “usb” port, go to your settings and look for “usb mode” or connect. With some devices you wont need to do anything, because they will automatically be detected as a removable hard drive. - Centerfolds without the Staples  

Next you will need to find out where the files will be stored. Depending on which music download vendor you choose, some will allow you to buy one track at a time, if this is the case you can download one track and see where on your device the file was stored, and then proceed to buy further tracks and choose the same location to store them. If not, the files can be stored in different locations and the device will find them once you disconnect from the port.

Downloading music to your Mp3 player is easy and fun. Depending upon the capacity of your Mp3 players hard drive or flash drive you can store hundreds of music tracks, giving you hours of listening pleasure. Once you download music for the first time you will find out how easy it is. You can visit my web site, and choose from a variety of the top music download vendors, many offering free music.

Gaetano H. Summaria, 49 years old, married with two children, a boy and a girl. Live in the Chicago area all my life. Enjoy music and movies, so I decided to build websites that offers entertainment media.
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Helpful Tips on How to Produce Music

Helpful Tips on How to Produce Music | By Steven Grout

I remember back when music production to me was a bit of a nightmare; I would have written some really nice songs that I was proud of, I would feel quite happy, but then I would feel a pang of frustration as I knew that when I started mixing them, they would start to sound bad and I could not get my songs to sound the way I wanted them to. I would then end up hating my much loved songs. This is why I have come up with some music production tips to consider before you start to mix a song of yours or someone else’s for the first time.

Make sure you listen to different types of music – Listening to a wide variety of genres can really improve your mixing/listening skills and also your writing and theory skills. If you listen to the same genre of music your ears can get used to certain things that are present within specific genres. That is what puts a certain type of music into a certain genre. If you hear opposed to listen to the music you will pick up many music mixing tips that you would not have if you listened to one form of music only. You do not need to like EVERY form of music but just try and listen to some that are distinctly different from each other to improve your music mixing techniques.

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Re-arrange your ‘space’ before you start to mix – Get everything that you know you are going to use in the right place; the right place being very close to you. There is nothing more time consuming and distracting than having to find, fix or fiddle with something that is unprepared. This tip will not answer the question: How do I produce music? It is an important piece of knowledge though and it won’t be taught in music production school or the University of Music; it is something you have to learn yourself. Plan and prepare everything involved and then you will find you have more time to do what you have to do. I am not just talking about furniture either I am also talking about audio files and folders on your hard drive being organised, having enough space on your hard drive and having all the software/hardware working perfectly before you start.

You must be a realist when it comes to mixing/writing – Base your goals upon your skills and equipment. Do not be expecting to have a studio quality track or album. Unless of course, you have been into a studio. Even then, you will not have a budget that certain bands have but this is a normal process normal. Do not make yourself homeless by buying a piece of equipment expecting it to transform your recordings. The word demo pretty much means ‘rough, the best I could do with the equipment I have at this time’ if the song is good it will show. - Centerfolds without the Staples  

You need to stick at it and pick up music production tips along the way; finding one source that you know is good and a style you like is the best place to start.

There are many other music mixing tips to consider if you are interested in helping yourself understand how to produce music. I believe that if anyone ever wants to improve their music mixing techniques they should take a look at THIS website. It could be the case that you are stuck and do not know what to do next or it could be you are wanting to learn more skills and ‘tricks of the trade’, either way you should take a look.
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Michael Jackson – The Prince of All Time

Michael Jackson – The Prince of All Time | By Robert D Hill

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He is an American recording artist, entertainer and businessman, belonging to a working class family, the son of a steel mill employee Joseph Jackson and Katherine Esther.He is the seventh of nine children who are all singers. Michael is referred to as the “King of Pop” and cited as one of the world’s most famous men.

Jackson’s childhood was full of bitter memories from his father’s abusive way of raising his children. Some specific events were told by Michael in interviews. He cannot forget the incessant rehearsals together with some of his siblings. His father would hold a belt in one hand, whipping anyone of them, especially him when he made a mistake.

There was one instance when he was held upside down by one leg and beaten on his back and buttocks, and these and even more mental and physical abuses have affected Michael’s formative years, probably explaining many of current problems. He is on record as saying that he would become physically sick and ‘regurgitate’ whenever he saw his father.

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IPC_UNCUT - Subscription

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At age five, Michael already showed musical talent in school. At age 6, he and brother Marlon joined the Jackson Brothers which was then composed of Jackie, Tito and Jermaine. Michael played the congas while Marlon the tambourine. From time to time the two would perform back-up vocals and dancing. The group’s name was then changed to The Jackson 5, and now at age 8, Michael with Jermaine assumed lead vocals.

The Jackson 5 signed with Motown Records in 1968, and his talent had already been recognized and he was described by Rolling Stone magazine as a ‘prodigy’. By that time Michael already danced and sang on their shows together with his brothers, and was especially noticed because of his extraordinary dancing and singing styles.

The first attempt of the group to hit the chart was a success. The singles “I Want You Back”, “ABC”, “The Love You Save” and “I’ll Be There” topped at no.1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Then Michael was given the break to release solo albums starting in 1972. The hits “Got To Be There” and “Ben” were contained in the two albums with the same titles. However, in 1975 the brothers decided to leave Motown because of the company’s refusal to allow them to have more creative control over their works.

From Motown the Jackson Five moved to CBS Records, Epic Records Division in 1975. The group’s name was changed to The Jacksons. Michael became the group’s lead songwriter who made hits such as “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)”,”This Place Hotel”, and “Can You Feel It” all the way from 1976 to 1984.

Michael’s talent as songwriter was made even more prominent in the album which he co-produced with Quincy Jones, titled “Off the Wall”. Other songwriters in this alum were Rod Temperton of Heatwave, Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney. After its release in 1979, the album was able to generate four US top 10 hits, the first-ever in history.

The singles “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” and “Rock With You” paved the way for “Off The Wall” to reach Number 3 on the Billboard 200. The album had 7 million sales in the US and sold over 20 million copies internationally.

For his solo efforts Michael received three awards at the American Music Records, including Favorite Soul/R&B album; Favorite Male Soul/R&B artist; and Favorite Soul/R&B Single for “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” in 1980. In that same year he also won Top Black Artist, Top Black Album and a Grammy Award.

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In 1982, Michael released his second album “Thriller” and that was even more successful. Seven of the songs were included in the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit singles and the album remained in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 for 80 consecutive weeks: specifically at No. 1 for 37 of those weeks. The singles “Billie Jean”, “Beat it”, and “Woman Be Startin’ Somethin'” were the best sellers, and the album was given a Double Diamond status in the US and cited as the best-selling album of all time.

While doing a commercial with Pepsi-Cola in 1984, Michael suffered second degree burns to his scalp when his hair accidentally caught fire. Pepsi Cola paid Michael 1.5 million dollars which he used to found the Michael Jackson Burn Center to help people with severe burns. He co-wrote the charity single “We Are The World” with Lionel Richie, and also recorded two hit singles with Paul McCartney, “The Girl Is Mine” and “Say, Say, Say”.

Starting in the early 80s, Michael’s medium-brown color gradually grew paler, and later he was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus, conditions that made him sensitive to sunlight. The conditions gave rise to speculation, particularly when observable changes in his physical appearance became apparent due to weight loss.

Another album was released in 1987 titled “Bad” with substantial commercial success, but it did not achieve the success of “Thriller” – that was a very hard act to follow. ‘Bad’ contained the hit singles “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, “Bad”, “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “Man In The Mirror”, and “Dirty Diana”. There was also a “Bad Tour” from September 1987 to January 1989 that broke a Guinness World Record when 504,000 people attended the show, and another Guinness Record for $125 million gross sales.

He was able to dish out several other albums including “Dangerous” in 1991, with the hit single “Black Or White” being the biggest hit, and then followed the Dangerous World Tour in June 1992 and the HIStory World Tour in 1996. In between these big events were controversies and accusations about sexual abuse, his addiction to drugs, his marriage and fatherhood.

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All stuff that a successful artist of his appearance and with his childhood problems would be expected to be accused of, but for which there was very little evidence.

He married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, who gave him much needed emotional support, but they divorced less than two years later. In the HIStory tour, Michael married dermatologist nurse Deborah Jeanne Rowe who gave him two children, Michael, Jr. and Paris Michael Katherine. They divorced in 1999 with Michael taking full custody of the children, and he fathered a third child, Prince Michael, who was born in 2002.

Michael’s involvement in charitable institutions and events is widespread. Aside from those previously mentioned, he supports Warchild for refugees of Kosovo, The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the Red Cross and UNESCO, and others.

Latest news is that Michael is scheduled to perform 50 sell out concerts from July 13, 2009 to March 6, 2010 at London’s O2 Arena. After this big event, the “Prince of Pop” plans for a possible retirement.

For the opportunity to learn more about Michael Jackson, shop for books, music, videos, and or apparel, check out You can also watch YouTube videos, view the latest Motown news and comment on our blog.
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The History of the Guitar – An Overview

The History of the Guitar – An Overview | By Amy Nutt

The guitar is perhaps one of the most recognized musical instrument apart from the piano. What many people don’t realize is that this symbol of rock and roll has been around for over 4,000 years, in some form or another.

Origins The first real guitar-like item to be discovered was the tanbur. One of these was actually found in Egypt, near Queen Hatshepsut’s tomb. The tanbur was built of polished cedar and had a soundboard made of leather. Though featuring just three strings, it resembles a crude guitar. The tanbur can be seen in the Archeological Museum in Cairo and is about 3,500 years old.

Shortly after the tanbur was popular in Egypt, the lute was developed in Europe. This instrument was made up of a rounded body with a very short neck. Many historians say that this developed into a completely different line of musical instruments and has nothing to do with the guitar, while others claim it does.

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What we do know is that there are a number of inventions throughout history around the world that utilized the basic idea of a soundbox body, long fretted neck and varying numbers of strings, including the sitar, setar, and the chitar, a four stringed musical device that was renamed ‘chitarra’ or ‘guitarra’ when it reached Spain.

Early Guitars The original versions were rather stumpy in appearance, with just 8 frets above the soundbox and most had only four strings. These were popular during the 16th century, but by the following century, the instruments had evolved to have six strings and 12 frets along the neck.

During the 1800’s, the guitar was in essentially the same form we see it today, only smaller in size. The form of the body was fairly curved. In the 1850’s, a Spanish instrument builder named Antonio Torres took the initiative to create a larger body, changed the proportions, and invented the top bracing pattern that gives today’s guitars more volume, in a fan shape. However, just a few years later, a German by the name of Christian Frederich Martin designed a version with an X brace. When steel strings began to appear in 1900, the older, fan shaped brace was unable to stand up to the tension provided by the steel strings. Martin’s design took hold, as it was far stronger and held the guitar together very well, withstanding the far louder steel strings. This version has changed very little in the intervening decades, the design was finally settled.

Altering a Classic Once the basic form was established, people began to come up with their own versions. Orville Gibson developed an arched top guitar with sound holes, Lloyd Loar altered that design further to create the jazz guitar with f-holes, cello tail and a floating bridge.

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Then, in the 1920’s, the electric guitar was built, without the need for a soundbox since it had electrical pickups. This form didn’t become popular for another couple of decades, but then a number of variations were made on this, as well.

The guitar has a long and varied history. Still, it has fascinated people for centuries and we probably haven’t seen the end of the variations on the basic form.

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