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Damage States: All You will need to understand

Personalized harm may be bodily, slip trip fall or economic. Particular injury implies injuries from any object, a different human being or corporation. To claim particular damage it needs to be demonstrated towards the insurance plan firm. Private injuries may be automobile accidents, slip and fall at property, harm from faulty items (electronics, cosmetics and so on), personal injury resulting from poisonous resources, medical carelessness, and damage from medication and so on.


personal injury claim is the quantity the victim in the injuries says to compensate the Injury Compensation Claims uk Says attorneys endured by him. It may be from the insurance policies firm or one more particular person, whose carelessness resulted from the injuries. It may be very challenging to discover the significance of harm because of one more person’s negligence. Health-related bills even so can give you the significance in terms of money. On the other hand the mental agony and anxiety the victim has undergone would be difficult to quantify and accessibility. Holding this element in view all instances of L. a. states or other spots involve support from Injuries lawyers.

Any individual Damage state has two issues:

• The particular person charged or the injury is certainly accountable for the personal injury.

• The lay claim submitted is accurate and displays the precise extent of injury occurred and decline sustained.

Insurance policy firms evaluates the lay claim and spend the total which from time to time could be very much less compared on the decline and harm suffered. This is the place the negotiation commences and calls in for a capable Injury Compensation Claims attorney.

The victim is advised to note all the details of your incident or event as soon as you possibly can. These points will permit the attorney to prepare his scenario and submit the state to your insurance corporation or even the solution business. The case is often based on carelessness, liability and intentionally caused damage. In any situation, if the private injuries cases demise, the members of the family can claim damages.

Los angeles Damage Attorneys gives all data on Injury promises of the state. Handful of says empowers its citizen to Injury Compensation Claims uk for his or her mental ache and agony, permanent Compensation Claims lawyers expected to the damage, loss of revenue, and some other decline consequently from the injuries. On the other hand, to claim all injuries have to be proved.

Damage promises are subjected to sure limits:

• All says should be built inside of a provided time frame with the damage or incident transpired.

• All states have their personal statues of limitations.

In order to possess a fair settlement, it is a good idea to consult a excellent lawyer who’s skilled in coping with Individual injuries claims.

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Women’s Rights in America – Timeline

Women’s Rights in America – Timeline | By John Halasz

This article will discuss the ways in which discrimination against women has changed over time and the way in which women’s rights have expanded in ways never conceivably possible in the past. What this article will evaluate is whether or not the rights granted to women are enforced or if women are still not treated completely equal. It is the purpose of this evaluation to present the way in which these laws against discrimination have been enforced and implemented.

There are two aspects in which one can evaluate this. One such way is through the popular wheel meaning the constitutional amendments that provided these rights, what circumstances lead to these rights and why they were implemented when they were, and the second is judicial power and how it played a major role in the future of women’s rights especially through privacy and abortion laws. This topic serves particular importance when looking at contemporary society and the function of women. Although it is true that women do have much more political power than ever before, and more positions in the job market, there are many hardships and struggles that women must overcome in reaching such positions, struggles that do not stand in the way of most men in America. Therefore, the main purpose of this evaluation is to deem women’s rights as it serves in American society today, efficient enough to realistically create a justifiably equal playing field for both men and women in terms of schooling, career, politics and so forth.

First, I will discuss the element of the popular wheel and its contribution to the existence of women’s rights. The concept of women’s suffrage was nothing out of the ordinary and in fact had been brewing in the minds and writings of women for decades particularly rooted in the 1700’s. One major issue was voting rights, which had begun being openly advocated by women beginning in the 1820’s. The first time a woman could vote freely was in 1756 when a colonial forerunner, Lydia Chapin Taft was granted the right by the town of Uxbridge, Massachusetts colony. After this voting rights were achieved in sparsely populated territories of Wyoming in 1869 and for a short period in Utah in 1870.


Although small progress was made, the timeline is slow. It was not until 1920, with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States of America Constitution, that women gained the right to vote. This victory only came after decades of demonstration and objection and was an extensive and complicated struggle. Between 1878 when the amendment was first presented to Congress and 1920 when it was first ratified, supporting groups of voting rights for women worked tirelessly in order to achieve their goal. One particularly influential group called the Silent Sentinels, protested in front of the White House for 18 months which in turn begun to raise vast awareness of the issue’s importance and a year later the President Woodrow Wilson announced his support for the amendment.

Of course, in order to strengthen the position and constitutionality of the Nineteenth Amendment the Supreme Court and its power must step in and reinforce it which it did by its decision in Leser v. Garnett in 1922. The Supreme Court granted certiorari to decide “Whether the Nineteenth Amendment has become part of the federal Constitution”. The Plaintiffs argued that it was unconstitutional based on three claims; first they stated that the power to amend the American Constitution did not cover this amendment due to its nature, second there were a number of states which ratified the amendment had Constitutions which restricted women from voting, declaring that therefore the Court was unable to ratify in a different way, and lastly they claimed that the ratifications of Tennessee and West Virginia were void since they were accepted without following the regulations of legislative procedure in place in those states.

In opposition to those claims, a unanimous decision addressed each argument. In response to the first position the court compared the Nineteenth Amendment to that of the Fifteenth, first demonstrating a distinction to discrimination rights of African-Americans to discrimination rights of women. In accordance to this they stated that since there was such similarity between the two and the Fifteenth had been accepted for more than fifty years, it would be unjust to declare the new amendment invalid.

Second, the court responded by stating that when state legislatures ratified the amendment they exercised power that was only within a federal capacity which the Constitution recognizes and deems a power which “transcends any limitations sought to be imposed by the people of a state.” In terms and Tennessee and West Virginia, the court stated that the additional ratifications were unsound because they had already been turned down in other states who attempted similar alterations. This decision, along with its extensive justifications behind its verdict, confirmed the constitutionality of the Nineteenth Amendment and it was then clear that it would be enforced. The Nineteenth Amendment became the basis of many disputes among those who held on to beliefs against women’s rights and those who sought out to confirm more rights. This ongoing struggle closely resembled that of the African-American group and their battle with discrimination in the United States of America.

The judicial power and its ability to set new precedents and influence many laws had much impact on the issue of women’s rights and suffrage. Two very central topics are of focus for this particular essay; the constitutional right to privacy, and abortion rights. Griswold v, Connecticut (1965) was the landmark case which protected a right to privacy. This was the first time such a right was protected in such a way and it made the right Constitutional, changing the very meaning of privacy to many people. In this particular case privacy was in regard to a woman’s right to use contraceptives.

In Connecticut there was a law that prohibited this which by a vote of 7-2 the Supreme Court invalidated the law on the basis that it infringed upon “the right to marital privacy.” Griswold was the Executive Director of the Planned Parenthood League of Connecticut. She, as well as the Medical Director for the League, C. Lee Buxton, would give married couples any information they requested considering birth control and the way it was used and obtained. A law which prohibited the use of any drug for use for the purpose of preventing conception was passed in 1879, however almost never enforced. Buxton and Griswold were arrested, tried in court, found guilty, and fined. Griswold appealed to the United States Supreme Court on the grounds that it violated the Fourteenth Amendment.

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was actually started in 1923 but it came to light in 1971 because of the feminist era. Although many women were pro women’s rights, many were not supporting the ERA. Those women who opposed it did so because it didn’t seem to give women anything. In fact, many thought it would make some situations more uncomfortable.

The major opposition came from Phyllis Schlafly and components of her conservative, “Eagle’s Forum.” There were a variety of issues that were stated by these women. Generally, they believed that The ERA would take away women’s rights rather than giving them. Schlafly said this amendment would take away a woman’s right to be supported by her husband, it would make women have to go to war, and it would insure the right to abortion and for homosexuals to marry (Francis, n.d., par. 28). Although the ERA had all of these components in the document, they were not necessarily in the way that Schlafly indicated. Some of the opposition also came because some legislative constituents felt that laws already existed to support women so there was no need for something new. As Senator Orrin Hatch stated:

“It is inadequate for ERA proponents to argue that all sorts of ‘common sense’ exceptions will be made to the ERA when this is already the law today. The courts will rightly assume that the intent of a new constitutional Amendment is to change the law. If the ERA would maintain in force the ‘common sense’ exceptions of present law, it would not be needed.” (as quoted in Rode, 2007, par. 11). Other women felt that the ERA would make abortion a legal right and put this into the Constitution. The reason this was part of the controversy was because of the issue around “Roe vs. Wade” in 1973. This had legalized abortion, then Harris v. McRae in 1980 took this right away. It was hoped that the ERA would look at this through taxpayer funding. The opponents of this bill said that this needed to be amended because they didn’t want legalized abortion paid for by tax payers (Schlafly, 1986, par.12).

Education would be affected, many said because it would force schools and colleges to make sure that the sports teams were integrated with both males and females. In their voice this would mean that long standing traditions like single-sex schools and colleges or separate fraternities would have to change in order to give women rights to these programs. This meant that the government would have a say in private education (Schlafly, par. 9). As to the idea of women and the draft, Jimmy Carter in 1980 proposed that women would be required to register for the draft like men (Berry, 1988, p. 74). This caused uproar because both women who supported the ERA and women who opposed it felt this was making them have to do involuntary military service in the name of equal rights. They were not happy with this decision.


Because the ERA couldn’t be ratified by all the states needed, it died. However, in the final years of the battle, there were more arguments that came to the forefront. There was the question of “unisex” insurance that said that insurance companies would have to charge the same amount of money for premiums to women as they did to men though the data showed that women drivers had fewer accidents. The second issue was that men would be denied veteran’s benefits because since most veterans were men, it would be discriminatory to give this money to them (Schlafly, par. 15). The ERA was a powerful piece of legislation but it seemed that it had too many loopholes that the opponents could find and use against the entire document. This was a difficult situation for women to deal with because the proponents felt this was necessary in order to give women all the rights they were entitled to under the law.

The conservative end with Schlafly and others was very determined to keep life for women as it always was; Schlafly went around the country to speak out against these different aspects. If it were not for Rosenberg who generally spoke about the history of women, this issue may have died in historical records. Ware has also chronicled information about this important legislation. Rode makes the point that opponents said that the opponents of the ERA were using scare tactics to stop the passage of this amendment but actually they were quoting historical facts (Rode, par. 21). Although this was true, we can see throughout history how people have chosen certain aspects of historical facts to make a point about any issue.

There is no doubt that the ERA is an important issue for many women and there is information on the Internet to say that it is still being talked about at length. Schlafly (2007) seems to still speak out against this Amendment and there doesn’t seem to be a reason for her thoughts at this time since the amendment died. In America, discrimination against women has dramatically improved throughout history. In the past, women were not even allowed to vote. Today, women have legal protection to enforce their rights as equal to men. Today’s workforce has become increasingly more diverse, and women are represented in many high-power political and business fields.

John Halasz is a former writing teacher and currently a professional writer and internet marketer. He has written SEO articles and ghostwritten novels, books, and scholarly articles.

A Canisius College graduate, he went on to the University of Buffalo for his teaching certificate in English writing, earning a 3.934 GPA before going on to teach in Brooklyn, NY.

With a love for writing, and a need for a stressfree life, John Halasz quit teaching to start several successful writing business, which truly represent all marketable genres of writing.

John Halasz’s Writing Services
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Public Relation Mistakes That You Must Prevent

Success of any business is chiefly dependent on how well it’s marketed. No wonder, this realization is dawning upon majority of entrepreneurs and hence they are adopting plethora of marketing tools to make their presence felt to the target audience. One marketing tool of utmost value in this context is public relations. While public relations help bolster your business, it could render the desired outcomes given that you steer clear of the following errors.

One of the most common public relation mistakes that many people make is misleading the target audience. Misleading your audience might help you at first but in the long run it will do more harm than good. If you are lying to your audience, then you are forcing them to never trust you again. And, once you lose the trust of people linked to you, then success seems a faraway goal.


Time is an important aspect when you are using public relations as a marketing tool. Deploying public relations is just the same as planning a wedding, everything needs to be done on time. Since media is always in a rush to meet deadlines, you must meet all your commitments on time. Keep up to all your deadlines and honor your appointments.

Inaccessibility is another mistake that you ought to steer clear of. Even if you’re based in a preferred locale such as the holy city of Wichitas, you should still make your contact information crystal clear. In case the media isn’t able to find your contact information, they won’t be able to contact you. This will sabotage the entire purpose of using public relations.

Following the stereotypical line is yet another mistake that many companies make while using PR. Old might not be good always. If your PR campaign runs along the clichéd lines and is boring, then it is bound to fail. So, try to keep your interviews, message and pitches as lively and interesting as possible. You could think about incorporating some fun activities in your PR campaign to make it more interactive.

Avoid unnecessary interactions and chit chatting with the journalists and the media. There is no point speaking to them about how appropriately Exposed Acne Treatment System worked for you in eliminating your ugly pimples and zits. A journalist has got nothing to do with your personal talks until and unless he suffers from the same trouble. Keep your conversations with media, professional and restricted to work only. This can in turn go at length in building a good reputation for your business.

So, the following time you set up a public relation campaign, ensure that it is free from all the mistakes as stated above.

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Water Conservation

Conserving water is very worthwhile, not only because it saves a natural resource, but will cut your water bill. Significant savings in your water bill will pay for any home improvement costs that you may incur. Here’s some suggestions on saving water.

Necessary items for these simple projects:

You will need one or two gallon jugs, depending on how many bathrooms you have. Also, for the shower there is now new energy saving shower heads so you will need one for each shower in your home. You might need a wrench or pliers to change these.


Conserving toilet water

When you flush a toilet, you use 3-5 gallons of water. In order to lower the water it takes, the gallon jugs will displace the water in the tank reservoir. Fill your plastic jugs with water and put as many as will fit into the tank of your toilet. It’s that easy. It will prevent the tank from filling completely and saves water.

Be sure not to interfere with the flushing mechanism. If you prefer, you can use bricks instead of jugs to displace the tank water. The plastic has to be thick. Thin plastic will dissolve.


You can buy a shower head that conserves water. This shower head will save the water you use when you shower and this will in turn save on your water bill. You will have options on which would be best for your home.

You can remove the old shower head with pliers, usually like a screw. You should turn the new fixture to the right. Be sure that the new fixture’s seal is in place. Leaks will use up water.

Speaking of water leaks:

You would be amazed at the amount of water that is wasted with just a tiny leak in any of your fixtures. If you find a leak, even a slight one, it is imperative that you repair or replace the fixture. It’s often just an old gasket. Leaving leaks unattended will not only be annoying but will use up needless amounts of water and cause havoc with your water bill.

Author bio: Barbara Jackson is a prolific writer and currently explores the truth about acai berry and herbal weight loss patches in her blog.

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Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Two Sides of the Same Coin? | By Martin Fister

Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are two tremendous figures in the civil rights movement. Based on some of their famous sayings, such as Martin’s “Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that,” and Malcolm’s “Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery,” you might believe the two men to be on complete extremes. However, both men actually had very similar policies in the end, as I’d like to show you.


So, Martin Luther King’s an easy one. As the quote says, he believed in peaceful resistance a la Gandhi. He promoted peaceful protests like sit-ins and boycotts and all that hoopla. How can Malcolm X, a man known for promoting violence and separationist ideologies, be considered similar? To get a grasp of Malcolm X’s ties, it’s important to look at both ends of Malcolm X’s political activism.

First, while a member of the Nation of Islam, Malcolm promoted a sense of racial pride in being black. While he promoted nationalism and retaliation against whites (Malcolm once said “Power never takes a back step – only in the face of more power.”), he also instilled a sense of strength in the black race. Along these lines, Malcolm said “A race of people is like an individual man; until it uses its own talent, takes pride in its own history, expresses its own culture, affirms its own selfhood, it can never fulfill itself.”

Thus, while Martin Luther King was working to bring the whites into a place where they could accept blacks and to see them on the same level, Malcolm X was working to bring blacks to a place where they could accept themselves as being on the same level. Martin Luther King told the blacks to stand strong and love thy neighbor, no matter how that neighbor treated them. Malcolm X told the blacks to stand strong and love thyself, no matter how that neighbor treated them. While different, the ideas work hand in hand with one another and greatly benefit one another.

Second, after leaving the Nation of Islam, Malcolm formed his own organization, the Organization of Afro-American Unity. This group moved further from violence and served as a political attempt at unifying the black cause in America and building ties to the African community. Under this wing, Malcolm sought to unite with the civil rights movement and to elevate the cause of blacks in America to an international level. Using the organization as a jumping point, Malcolm sought to bring the blacks case to the United Nations and to file a human rights violation case against the United States. Unfortunately, Malcolm X was murdered shortly thereafter in February of 1965 so this part of his legacy often doesn’t receive much attention.

To keep it simple, the two men were both strong members of the civil rights movement and despite all the differences between the men, I believe it’s an easy task to respect everything they both did. To take some kind of message from all this though, I think it’s good to use the teachings of Malcolm X to grasp this idea.

Before you can love someone else, you must first learn to love yourself.

Martin Fister is an active product blogger, writing for web sites including Linksys Wireless Routers and Trolley Suitcase. In his spare time, Martin also pursues his interests in the music industry as a journalist.

Article Source:,-Two-Sides-of-the-Same-Coin?&id=3217509

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What is Communism?

What is Communism? | By Julie Behling

There are few political ideologies that have simultaneously aroused such indignation and fervor as Communism. Communism has been touted with promising “Peace, Bread, & Land” to the underprivileged, bringing all of humanity into a place of equality, prosperity, and Utopian bliss.

Others have viewed Communism as the ultimate evil ideology to enslave and oppress the masses while a tiny elite enjoy unchecked power and an almost god-like status.

Last week, Glenn Beck of Fox News fame did an expose in which he showed that some of President Obama’s picks for advisers are Communist. Van Jones, the “Green Czar” charged with creating “green jobs” in our country has admitted to his enthusiasm for Communism. At least four other advisers to the President openly promote agendas that smack of Communism. (For a link to Glenn Beck’s reporting, look at the end of this article.)

Understanding what Communism is, how it comes about, how citizens living in Communism are impacted, and what influence Communist leaders and policies have in our nation today is a MUST for every American citizen.


Let’s start at the beginning. So what is Communism, really? What are its tenets?

Communism can be defined as “a family of economic and political ideas and social movements related to the establishment of an egalitarian, classless, or stateless society based on common ownership and control of the means of production and property in general, as well.” (Wikipedia — Communism) This sounds innocuous enough, but let’s try to break this down into plain English.

You know you are living in a Communist society when:

– Your government abolishes the ownership of private property, including land, homes, businesses, and etc. (and seizes the property by force if need be) in the name of uplifting the poor.

– Similarly, your government seizes control of industry and agriculture stating it is in the best interest of the people, the poor in particular.

– Your government establishes and runs a central banking system, taking this duty away from privately-owned banks, for the good of the people.

– Your government takes control of transportation and communication

– Your government controls labor, or is in the business of creating jobs.

– Your government engages in centralized regional planning

– Ideals of equality among the classes, races, and genders are heavily promoted, with measures taken to institutionalize equality through:


– A graduated income tax to redistribute wealth – taking from the rich and giving to the poor.
– Government-controlled, free public education (with a government-approved curriculum).
– Abolition of inheritance

– Your government implements policies that are hostile to a belief in God and religion

Here’s how I see it:

Communism preaches power to the people while bestowing absolute power on the governing elite. This elite is charged with taking care of the people. Whether they do a good job of that or not is the next question to ponder.

(Stay tuned for my next article where I discuss how well the Communist Nations’ elite make good on their promises to the masses.)

Let’s now take a look at the Pro’s and Cons’ of Communism for the average citizen:


– Guaranteed a place to live (though in the initial stages, if your home is too uppity it might be confiscated by the State)
– Food to eat (unless you happened to get caught in one of those nasty government-made famines. No food for you!)
– Lots of jobs available
– Free education
– Free health care
– Free abortions
– Relatively low crime rate on the streets,
– As long as you follow the status-quo, don’t rock the boat, and don’t mind the CONS listed below, you can have a quite pleasant existence.


– Much lower standard of living than Capitalist nations,
– Grossly curtailed freedoms and civil rights for the masses (ie. Free health care, but no free speech),
– If you disagree with your government and you say or do anything about it, then you may not like the consequences. Tens of millions of people with dissident beliefs (ie. against Communism) have perished (and are still perishing) under Communist regimes at the hands of their government through executions and arrests with atrocious living conditions in concentration camps housing the arrested.


Is Communism to be feared? Should we be alarmed if our current president takes advice from an avowed Communist or two, or is there a place in our government today for people of all political persuasions?

I’ll let the facts I just outlined, and those that I will share in subsequent articles, speak for themselves, and you can be the judge!


Check out Glenn Beck’s reporting on Communist-leaning advisers to the President here:

Article Source:

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Hang On To Top Workers

One of the simplest ways to keep your prime employees is to know them higher than they know themselves.  Use this information to create the profession of their goals, and so they’ll persist with your company like glue.  The brand new “biz-speak” for this is known as Job Sculpting.

The idea of Job Sculpting as outlined by career specialists, Timothy Butler and James Waldroop, in the Harvard Business Assessment, is that good individuals will stay only in jobs that “fit their deeply embedded life interests—that’s their lengthy-held emotionally driven passions.”

To adopt this strategy, spend a lot of effort listening to your company stars.  For each one of them, attempt to identify what life pursuits are dominant with them, and then supply them the assignments that satisfy this interest.  It might imply simply including another assignment to the existing responsibilities, or it may mean switching one set of duties to a different employee.  It might even require moving your “star” employee to a different place altogether.


To study what sort of pursuits you’re looking and listening for, use these eight identifiable areas:
1.    Application of technology.
2.    Quantitative evaluation ability.
3.    Theory development and conceptual thinking.
4.    Artistic production.
5.    Counseling and mentoring.
6.    Managing people and relationships.
7.    Enterprise control.
8.    Influence through language and ideas.

When you’ve got a high employee who has been working within the space of customer service, however currently seems dissatisfied, after speaking with him/her you would possibly be taught they’d relatively be coping with the vendors.  Your star could be just the reply you’re searching for to seek out that newest innovative product that might be added to your stock (conceptual pondering), and employee B would quite work together with the customers.  By a simple switch of tasks, you’ve two joyful workers that feel they’re now contributing to your corporation and never just putting in time for a paycheck.

It’s at all times less expensive for the business, and better for worker morale to maintain your current employees pleased with their careers.  It takes a toll on your online business when you must fill an empty worker spot with a newcomer who has to be educated in the way your company functions.

Time is money, and time used to coach a model new employee is the very best price of doing business.  Nevertheless, the time spent by you to seek out out what is going to hold your top producers happy to be working for you – is the best investment you can make in your business.

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A One Word Experiment – Peace? | By Marc Mckinlay

Peace? Where do you start on that subject?

I guess the only question that can be asked is whether we will ever see any?

Unfortunately I doubt very much whether we will ever experience worldwide peace. It is not part of human nature to exist in a peaceful society.

There are doubtless inexplicable reasons for explaining this hypothesis but the main one must always be the human desire for greed and power. Many of us are capable of existing peacefully within a state where greed is alien and power undesired but more importantly, many of us are not.

I would like to think that modern day society is slightly more advanced than our descendants but this is simply not the case. Our ability to wage war against our supposed enemies has improved significantly when these technological efforts could have advanced our existence in many other ways.

There are numerous war hungry dictators in our world all of whom willing to shed the blood of their countrymen in order to improve the number of zeros on their bank accounts. Usually those able to mount such actions are well educated, well connected but ill advised.


Our basic instinct is for survival. This overrides all of our other inherent aptitudes but survival and aggression are inexplicably linked. We cannot survive without feeling aggression towards those standing in the way of our survival. This aggression can all too easily actuate feelings of excitement and so a vicious circle exists.

I have no doubt that we could implement a trialled society where existence is the main priority but we just know that even within those specially chosen few there would break out an element of pack behaviour. There always needs to be a hierarchy of responsibility and decision making or the society would disintegrate into chaos. This is simply the human way. Even the most pliable of personalities would be tested if tasked with being in charge of a group.

So if that is the case then where do we stand as a society? It is possible that future generations could become so advanced in thought and acceptance to enable humanity to move on and become an all encompassing species. It may happen but those days must surely be many generations in the future.

I am of the opinion that humanity is nothing more than a parasitical existence upon the face of the earth. I have a very young family and still I am of the opinion that it would be best for our planet if something should happen to extinguish the human race from the earth once and for all.

We have done little to co-exist within our fragile planets eco system and feel obliged to rape and pillage all of our natural resources until we warm the planet sufficiently to change it forever. Or at least for the next few thousand years. Animals do not do this. They exist to survive and nothing more.

It is humanities way to push against nature to investigate all forms of advancement whether they be right or wrong. We cannot seem to exist without ruining one element or another.

So are we capable of attaining peace in our society? I would need to say no! As long as we have financial incentive to drive us then nothing will ever change. We need a common goal to unite and drive humanity through these difficult days of war and struggle. Until we have that common drive we will continue to fight petty battles over religion, land and energy resources.


Can we give peace a chance? Not until all of us agree it can be successful and there is not much hope of that now or in any future I will be part of. I hope that future generations realize the folly that manifests as financial gain. We come in with nothing and leave with nothing so what point is there in spending all of our lives working to try and build vast sums of money that will only be passed on to others and then to others.

Existing to experience happiness is surely more interesting and fulfilling? I almost sound religious but I assure you I am not. I do believe they have some preferable philosophies to those that exist elsewhere so who is to say they are wrong?
Peace would be nice on many levels but I fear we are on the bottom floor with many elevator stops above us until we reach the summit. One day maybe we will see the penthouse suite but for now it remains closed for business.

I invite you to visit my sites to view and comment upon my writing, articles and blogs. I have only recently started to take my writing seriously and I hope to take my hobby to another level.
Lets see how far I can go!

Thank you and enjoy.
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How to Create Political Slogans That Win!

Top 3 Ways to Create Political Slogans That Win! | By Joe Garecht

Political slogans can be an integral part of your campaign’s communications effort. Slogans present an easy-to-remember way to present your candidate’s name and message to the electorate. Ideal political taglines should be pithy and memorable, utilize the candidate’s name, and tie directly to the campaign’s message:

1. Make it Memorable

If your political slogans aren’t memorable, then… well, then no one will remember them. That goes without saying, right? Make your slogans memorable by making them short and pithy. Try using alliteration (starting several words with the same letter) or the “rule of three.” This rule says that things are more easily remembered when they are presented in threes. (For example: Arlen Specter for District Attorney: He’s Smart, He’s Tough, and Nobody Owns Him…) Using three short, punchy phrases is a way to make your slogan very memorable.


2. Utilize the Candidate’s Name

Every slogan should use the candidate’s name as a central part of the tagline. What good is a political slogan if it doesn’t help the voters remember the candidate’s name? For example:

John Smith for Alderman. No One Cares More about Our Schools.

Clean Streets, Safe Neighborhoods. Ralph Major for Mayor.

Too many campaigns have really catchy slogans that don’t use the candidate’s name. Don’t make this mistake. Always put the candidate’s name front and center in your political slogan.

3. Tie Your Slogan to the Campaign Message

How should you decide what your campaign slogan should be? The first step is to review your campaign message – what is it that you most want the voters to remember about your campaign? What sets your candidate apart from “the other guy?” Take that issue (the “message” of your campaign) and use it to craft your slogan.

For example, if your message revolves around lower taxes, then so should your tagline. If your message centers on building new schools in your town, then your tagline should focus on education.

When building your political slogans , remember to make them memorable, use the candidate’s name, and tie your tagline as closely as possible to your campaign’s message. Then, test your slogan by running it by as many voters as possible (both supportive and non-supportive) as possible to see what they think. Make some revisions, and then go with it.


Well crafted, well thought out political slogans can and should form an integral part of your overall campaign communications strategy.

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Michelle Obama – What is She Doing?

Michelle Obama – What is She Doing? | By Barry Lycka

Michelle Obama, or more formally known as Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is the much loved wife and first lady of the current president of the United States, Barack Obama. She has been known only by this address to most people; though the woman behind the name is one who has been strong, loving and determined throughout her life. She has attended Princeton University where she majored in Sociology and has minored in African American studies and has graduated cum laude. She then moved forward to Harvard Law School where she obtained her J.D or Juris Doctor Degree. Ever since, this woman has always been an advocate for equality and for humanitarian projects. She has served mainly around the Chicago area where she took on positions to serve students and the community as she has eventually boarded the train for the administration of the University of Chicago Hospitals.


Since the presidential election, Michelle Obama has still been able to keep her thoughts and priorities straight. Her children, Malia and Sasha are still her priorities; she was raised in a loving household which is the same practice she is abiding to have her children be raised in the same fashion. Although being the first lady of the most powerful nation in the planet is no easy task, she is still able to stand up to the role and hold her head high. The first lady has been most recently more stipulated by the petty things over the matters of which she has been able to stand up to. The most common concern among the ogling eyes of the public is the way she dresses. This is such a cliché when it comes to the public that each piece of clothing becomes a national issue. This is probably why she does not fret the notion of stipulations or whatsoever articles come out from it. Recently, she has become rather busy with the constant travels and guestings of which she has been attending; all these is part of the nature of her role in the White House.

She still serves as the honorary chair of the President’s committee on the Arts and Humanities. In her personal choice of activities, she has been known to be an advocate of the organic movement; this is the same reason she immediately drew attention when she decided to start an organic garden as well as beehives to be able to harvest all organic food items. She has also been busy advocating on behalf of military families and even those of some Republicans. She has been rather busy with her humanitarian causes these days and her increasing popularity and acceptance from the nation has helped support her causes. She is being seen as a role model which is a great thing especially for the most part that she does try her best to be able to preach by practice. And much like all the other first ladies in the past, she is also faced with the usual intrigues and other petty concerns the public has yet to pin. Despite all these, she remains strong and determined to be able to achieve her goals for the benefit of the public.


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Veterans Day

Veterans Day is an annual American holiday honoring military veterans. Both a federal holiday and a state holiday in all states, it is usually observed on November 11. However, if it occurs on a Sunday then the following Monday is designated for holiday leave, and if it occurs Saturday then either Saturday or Friday may be so designated.
It is also celebrated as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other parts of the world, falling on November 11, the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. (Major hostilities of World War I were formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 with the German signing of the Armistice.)


The holiday is commonly printed as Veteran’s Day or Veterans’ Day in calendars and advertisements. While these spellings are grammatically acceptable, the United States government has declared that the attributive (no apostrophe) rather than the possessive case is the official spelling.

U.S. President Woodrow Wilson first proclaimed an Armistice Day for November 12, 1919. The United States Congress passed a concurrent resolution seven years later on June 4, 1926, requesting the President issue another proclamation to observe November 11 with appropriate ceremonies. An Act (52 Stat. 351; 5 U. S. Code, Sec. 87a) approved May 13, 1938, made the 11th of November in each year a legal holiday; “a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be thereafter celebrated and known as ‘Armistice Day’.”


In 1953, an Emporia, Kansas shoe store owner named Al King had the idea to expand Armistice Day to celebrate all veterans, not just those who served in World War I. King had been actively involved with the American War Dads during World War II. He began a campaign to turn Armistice Day into “All” Veterans Day. The Emporia Chamber of Commerce took up the cause after determining that 90% of Emporia merchants as well as the Board of Education supported closing their doors on November 11, 1953, to honor veterans. With the help of then-U.S. Rep. Ed Rees, also from Emporia, a bill for the holiday was pushed through Congress. President Dwight Eisenhower signed it into law on May 26, 1954.[3]

Congress amended this act on November 8, 1954, replacing “Armistice” with Veterans, and it has been known as Veterans Day since.

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Understanding Socialism

Understanding Socialism | By Chelsea Hoffman

Socialism is a political ideal that embraces equality for all individuals, as well as varied ideas on economical issues. There are several variations of Socialism, which many people are not educated on, so this contributes to confusion as to what Socialism really is. Conservative news networks and representatives paint a picture of doom, describing worst case scenarios while spreading confusion about this political thought by highlighting only the most extreme points, and labeling it Communism to cause fear and intolerance to suit their own agendas.

In recent times, the Republican party has really increased their use of the words Socialism and Communism, referring to President Obama as an advocate of these ideals, and certain so-called “fair and balanced” news networks continue to deny the American people of factual information regarding these issues.


1. Economy : Most Socialists advocate an egalitarian type of financial compensation. Egalitarianism is a doctrine that declares that all people under law are to be treated as equals and be entitled to the same rights whether it be politically, economically, socially and even civilly. Equal pay in the workplace is promoted, to eliminate feelings of discrimination, and other economical and workplace issues. Confusion with this doctrine is caused by calling it a Communist ideal, and although it is true that Communism incorporates an egalitarian thought, doesn’t make egalitarianism a communist practice. Saying that it is, is comparable to saying all Christian denominations view their sabbath on Sundays. It simply is not true. Even Democracy realizes a type of political egalitarianism, even tho it isn’t quite as equal as some may want.

Statistics show that U.S. states that hold an egalitarian standpoint rank higher in strength for environmental policies, and rank lower in premature death rates. Minnesota is the most egalitarian state in the US, whereas Mississippi is the least. Research has shown that states that are more egalitarian than others correlate with better environments and a higher quality of life.

2. Civil Rights : Socialism adheres to the theory that all people should truly be equal in every way. This means that no person, or groups of people will be allowed civil rights that are otherwise not allowed to other people or groups of people. This could pertain to equal rights for women, minorities, gays, and everyone else. Considering that the United States of America is fondly quoted,”The land of the free”, one could appreciate the socialist view on equal rights, and equal opportunities.

3. Benefits of the People : Essentially, Socialism is considered the “Working Man’s Party”, because it is a belief(and a valid one at that), that the middle class, or working class are truly the backbone of the U.S. and of basically any society. Socialist ideals are meant to strengthen the quality of life in a society by eliminating monetary or social class. When everyone is equal, unemployment virtually doesn’t exist, and with careful planning such benefits like universal health care can be available in a socially evolving environment.


4. By the People, For the People : Contrary to what some people may believe, the United States could in fact become a Social-Democratic nation without losing any of the traditional values that make this nation great. Socialism doesn’t entail the complete control of the people by the government, as Socialism does not advocate inequality and control. Extreme forms of Communist ideals, however, do not value freedom and equality. This is the difference between the two. Communism and Socialism shouldn’t be compared together, and that is why the American people need to educate their selves on these political ideas, so to form their own educated opinions, instead of allowing their selves to be led down a path of confusion and falsities by the ultra conservative right and other biased sources.

Many who oppose the Social evolution of this nation are also people who oppose the equal rights and civil liberties of many different groups of people. The republican party, and other conservative leaning individuals protest social growth, calling it Communism. These are the same groups of people who oppose a woman’s (or family’s) right to abortion and family planning services. These are also the same people who oppose gay rights and equality among diverse cultures. Naturally, a group who opposes the freedom and rights of their fellow men and women will not agree with living in a society that condones freedom, and encourages equality and civility.

Now, picture this : A society that doesn’t measure a person’s worth by how much money they have made in their lifetime, and a government that enforces equal rights without having monetary agendas by enforcing equal opportunity laws in the workplace for men, women, minorities, gays, straights, and other walks of life. Imagine living in a society that doesn’t define a person by their sexual orientation, and instead of punishing them by disallowing them civil rights that all people should be entitled to, they treat them like the human beings they are. This could be achievable, in time, as long as people arm their selves with the information they are entitled to about our government, and political issues that matter.

Though Socialism adheres to the idea that all people are to be completely equal, there are some discrepancies with this ideal. For instance, it is common fact that you cannot make everyone happy, meaning with equality, some people will feel as if their private rights are effected. An example of this problem can be observed via the heated gun control issue in the U.S. Many people who share socialist views feel that guns should be completely outlawed for use in private homes. The issue with this is the Second Amendment in the Constitution that gives every American the right to “Bare Arms”. Naturally, the equality in this situation would be that nobody has a gun. Obviously this would lower the crime rate, and the rate of accidental deaths due to guns in the home, which will, in turn strengthen the overall environment and quality of life in our nation.

However, many people do not want the 2nd Amendment to be dissolved, and feel that their rights are being stifled in the name of Socialist opinion and views. Regardless of this, we can still become a socially leaning nation without completely giving up our freedom to bare arms. This isn’t to say it is necessary for a person to own a complete arsenal of weapons unless they are a military official, or a super hero!

Taxation is another downfall in Socialism and it’s practice. Part of having complete equality in every sense of the word is paying for it, which is to be expected. You can compare this idea to the preferences of private schools as opposed to public schools, as many people gladly pay the extra price to receive higher quality in education. With that said, socially influenced taxation is beneficial for the maintenance of the entire country because the extra dollars and cents go to public health care, schooling, beautification, and other extremely rewarding outlets. Let’s face it. Nobody likes to pay taxes, but we just have to.


It’s our duties as American’s to put back a little of what we are given, and eliminate tension and boundaries because of money and status. It’s the duty of every American citizen who cares about our home, to put back twenty percent of their income, because if we didn’t, this nation would crumble under the weight of financial insecurity.

In all honesty, people who protest paying taxes must not really value this country as much of those who haven’t any issues in paying an extra twelve or fifteen percent. You can’t expect your government to give you all of the perks you ask for, without giving something in return. If you want better curriculum in schools, you have to pay for it. If you want better availability of vaccines and medications in your local hospitals, you have to pay for it.

It doesn’t magically appear. There is no education and vaccine fairy to sprinkle tax free benefits about the land for our frivolous enjoyment. We all have to unite as Americans, and realize that you get what you give, and in the condition this country is in right now, we all need to do a little more giving, and a little less copping out on our national duties as citizens of the free world.

Chelsea Hoffman

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