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Bad hair stylist and consequences

Long, short , black or blond , nourished hair makes women even more beautiful. Still , many times, it happens that after leaving hair studio we are unsatisfied with hairstyle, color and haircut . Does it really matter who dyes or cuts our hair?

There is a number of damaged hair levels , determined by the kind of treatment has been exposed to, thermal, chemical or by cutting . If you are unsatisfied with blow drying or curling , there’s a few or no consequences. Just change your hair stylist and that’s all . If the hair dries bad can be dry and damaged , but it could be solved. It is significantly that hairdresser doesn’t leaned hair dryer on the hair brush, thus directing heat to hair . Heat protection products are also good for your hair and also treating it regulary with hair care products, such as conditioners and masks , that can contribute to the care of your hair.


Utilization of hair dryer , hair straightener or curling iron can easily lead to thermal damages of your hair. Direct heat, which is hair exposed to, grows to a temperature of 400 degrees. On that basis, it is crucial to utilize heat protection products so your hair wouldn’t suffer from demaging while you use heat hairdressing devices stated earlier. These products can be found as sprays, creams and lotions .

When it comes to this type of damage to the hair , things are more delicate . Chemical hair damages tend to be more permanent than thermal with bigger consequences. Bad hair coloring , and also at the first brightening and bleaching , then dye removal , can cause damages which not so often lead to “chemical hair hair cutting.” It means that the hair is literally severed right in the damage point and nearly falls off almost from the roots. Lighter chemical hair damages could be recognized once the hair after being washed and still wet, stretches out and breaks. The hair isn’t shinny, is hard to comb and shape.

When hair is chemically damaged, you are able to save it. Brazilian keratin therapy is salvation for all those damaged hair. This treatment “fulls” hair with keratin that was spent, the hair becomes stronger, healthier and shiny . There are lots of treatments that could also help you to definitely save your valuable hair. These are generally masks which are activated by heat and thus the ingredients for regeneration go into the hair and regenerate  it.

In relation to haircuts , for women it is maybe the greatest problem. This is because the hair stylists tend to cut your hair a little more compared to the client wants. Also, they give their own touch to the hairstyle which customer isn’t looking for . However, many times, it happens that clients don’t know what they really want exactly or what they plan and have in the end, they don’t like.

Hair grows , which means you don’t have to be concerned too much if your haircut or color weren’t what you really expected. It is very important to look after hair always, cut the ends and pick carefully to whom you’ll “give your head.” What is important is that you don’t change your hairstyle or color because of the current dissatisfaction or indisposition , it is possible you’ll regret . But if you need change, be sure to do so. They are always welcome.


Womens Magazines – Interesting and Inexpensive

Womens Magazines – Interesting and Inexpensive
| By Nathan Oram

One of the best ways to spend lone time is to read. When you read, you are actually spending a lot of time looking deep into yourself. Because we may not realise, but most of us have the habit of automatically identify ourselves with what we are reading. This kind of retrospection is very good, as it helps us to calm down our frayed nerves, get our equations right, and figure out stuff. If you are a very busy woman, it would be understandable that you rarely have the time to spend with yourself.


Advantages of Magazines

You may be having several doubts about your health, or would like to keep in touch with the latest fashion news, but you just can’t get enough time for it. Thus, you must purchase womens magazines. These magazines cover a range of stuff which is meant especially for women. You can find all of your interests here – be it in fashion, dating, health, and so on. You don’t have to waste time on the internet where you can get information only on specific issues.

The advantage of reading a woman’s magazines is that you don’t have to search all over the place to get wholesome information. This is the biggest problem with the internet – you should know exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes, it may so happen that you want to know stuff, but you cannot find the right words for them. Women’s magazines are much better in this regard – they have everything covered, and it’s all available in a single copy. You could go for monthly or weekly to keep yourself updated on the latest news.

Interesting Tips and Articles

These magazines also have some excellent tips for you. There are articles on how to cook quickly when you are not having the energy or the patience, tips for applying makeup and doing your hair fast when you have less than 10 minutes to get ready, some very interesting pieces on how to keep your love life smoking hot, and so on. You would find these pieces very interesting to read, and a fun way of passing time. They can be read when you are travelling, or when you would just like to spend a long lazy afternoon alone. In fact, with these magazines, you will find that the most boring hours of the day start becoming much more fun and interesting.


Discounts and Offers

These days, these magazines are available at very low rates. The publishers are facing heavy competition from the internet, and so to woo back their readers, are now putting together some amazing packages. They are not only more interesting, colourful and attractive, but are also cheaper. When you take a subscription to, you will find that you are actually able to save a lot of money. The discounts offered on the subscriptions are really good, and on certain rare occasions where there are limited offers, you can save up to 50%. You also get these them delivered at your door step free of cost, and on the right time. In this way, you will never miss an issue, and you can always keep yourself updated.

For more information on womens magazines, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the woman’s magazines!

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Women’s Interests Magazines

Top 8 Women’s Interests Magazines
| By Tanya Michalski

With so many magazines out there, which ones have the best stories? Here are the top eight reader-to-reader story magazines that look into the hearts and homes of women. Some of the stories are romantic, some are inspiring, some are emotionally charged, some are sexy, some are sensual, some are sweet, some are passionate, some are funny and some are erotic. Many of the stories have happy endings and many have sad endings. Every story, however, is a good story.


True Story

True Story magazine is a romance magazine written for women. True Story magazine features romantic and inspiring stories from readers. You can get twelve issues and save 50% off the news stand price.

True Confessions

True Confessions magazine is focused less on romance and more on relationships. True Confessions magazine features the trials and tribulations of people in love through emotionally charged stories of marital problems, tragedy and peril and how couples overcome these obstacles. You can get twelve issues and save 50% off the news stand price.

True Romance

True Romance magazine is focused on contemporary, modern romance with an inspirational tone and a hint of erotica. True Romance magazine features stories that are sexy, sensual and sweet with a little suspense and include both happy and sad endings; real life tear jerkers targeting all ages. You can get twelve issues and save 50% off the news stand price.

Best of Secrets

Best of Secrets magazine is your glimpse into the forbidden, revealing the hidden lives of your friends, neighbors, co-workers and maybe even your family. Best of Secrets magazine is about love, romance, passion, home, danger and inspiration. You can get four issues and save 30% off the news stand price.

True Love

True Love magazine features heroines generally in their 20s and 30s and features stories that range from light romance to more passionate, erotic romances. True Love magazine also ties in current social concerns and stories with a twist. You can get 10 issues and save 50% off the news stand price.

True Experience

True Experience magazine features an honest look at experiences that define modern day life. True Experience magazine writes evocatively on topics that matter most, like romance, career, marriage, family and spirituality. You can get four issues and save 30% off the news stand price.

Best of True Confessions

Best of True Confessions magazines brings readers a selection of emotionally charged, compelling stories from True Confessions magazine. Each issue of Best of True Confessions magazine offers heartbreaking, hilarious and inspiring reader-to-reader stories that look into the hearts and homes of women. You can get four issues and save 30% off the news stand price.

True Story Romance Special

True Story Romance Special magazine provides a doorway for readers to escape from their daily routine and to peek inside the lives of others, sharing their romantic life experience. True Story Romance Special magazine features the best in romantic reading. You can get 4 issues and save 30% off the news stand price.

Tanya Michalski is the owner of Story Lady Publications and a publisher for Magazines and other Publications. Please feel free to use this article in your newsletters, ezines and in print. Just be sure to include the resource box.

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Lingerie Trade Magazines

Publishers of Lingerie Trade Magazines Around the World |
By Jane M Dawson



• Lingerie Mode (lingerie-mode)


• Inner Secrets (innersecrets)

Europe Belgium:

• The Lingerie Post (the-lingerie-post) keeps its browsers up to date with “what’s hot and what’s not” on the lingerie fashion front. Celebrity fashion designers and their brands are showcased on the site. Browsers are well informed of the hottest deals and sales promotions being offered on lingerie and underwear. What’s more, are reviews and videos on the latest products.

Czech Republic: • Mondi Pradlo (modnipradlo)

• blogleaves (blog.figleaves): Here’s a site that focuses on current affairs, men’s underwear, swimwear, sports fashion, press releases in the UK, as well as the US, and the latest in lingerie fashion. Bloggers tell us about their travel plans and what they plan to take with them for the summer vacation.

• Lingerie Blog (lingerieblog.): This blog invites its browsers to learn about a whole range of accessories and promotions, participate in numerous competitions, and read about celebrities and the latest news of the fashion world. Not just that, celebrated lingerie designers give us their take on lingerie fashion.

• Lingerie Buyer (lingerie-buyer): Besides updating browsers of the latest news, events, trends, and products in the lingerie fashion industry, the site lets them about all of the various training programs that are being offered. It also allows advertisers to showcase their brands and products.

• Simply Gok Wan Lingerie Blog (simplygokwan): The blog, dedicated to Gok Wan for his immense contribution to the lingerie world, allows users to purchase from his collection of “Simply Yours.”


• Creations (creations-lingerie): This site, which informs browsers of the latest news, also offers them to subscribe to the magazine. Browsers are informed of the rates per year, as well as for a two-year subscription.


• Die Linie (linie-international)


• Lingerie (lingerie)

• Margherita (margherita): This site showcases the products of some of the biggest brands of the lingerie fashion world, such as Chantelle, Dolce & Gabbana, Passionata, just to name a few. Not just that, the site invites browsers to keep abreast with the latest in lingerie fashion.

• Network Dessous (networkdessous)



• Bielizna (bielizna): From wedding gowns, furs, leather, shoes to jeans and underwear, this site has it all — especially for the fashion-conscious browsers.

• Kinga Blog (kinga): This blog invites browsers to watch videos of the latest fashion shows, as well as let them read posts from several fashion-centric bloggers.

• Modna Bielizna (bielizna)


• Knickers (knickersblog): This site gives its browsers the latest “bargains,” allowing them to take quizzes and make queries. They will be guided on the best places to shop and given up-to-date fashion information from bloggers. Advertisers get the opportunity to showcase their products and services here as well.


• Blint (blint): Blint International is considered one of the “leading” trade magazines in the country. Browsers of this site can subscribe to the magazine and take a sneak-peek at their magazine archives.

North America


• Bella Bella Boutique Blogspot (bellabellaboutique): From current news and products to lifestyle and relationships, this is one unique site to check out often.

• Contours (contoursmagazine): The magazine, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2009, is one of the oldest trade magazines in the US. From intimate apparel and hosiery to body-wear and swimwear, it allows users to advertise their products and brands, subscribe to the magazine, and read the press releases.

• Eve’s Apples (evesapples.) brings its readers the latest in lingerie fashion as well as ongoing sales promotions.

• Frou Frou Fashionista (froufroufashionista): This site displays some of the most exquisite pieces of lingerie, informs readers of the latest press releases, and invites bloggers to give their insightful thoughts on lingerie fashion.

• I love my bra (ilovemybra): As the name suggests, the site brings to its browsers the latest trends in “inner” wear.

• Intimate Guide (intimateguide): Readers indulge in a plethora of articles on lingerie. What’s unique about this site is its “Giveaways” that should capture readers’ attention.

• Life in Lingerie (lifeinlingerie): From sensuous underwear, hosiery, and sleepwear, to home décor, jewelry, and antiques, this trade magazine has it all. Buyers are invited to shop from some of the most unique collections and designer brands.

• Lingerie Blog (lingerie.haberji): Subscribers of this online lingerie magazine get the latest on fashion shows, events, and news. They can view models showcasing designer lingerie, as well as download fashion-related screensavers.

• Lingerie Diva’s Diary (lingeriediva): Buyers have the opportunity to purchase lingerie from an exquisite line of brands such as Escante, Leg Avenue, Elegant Moments, Dreamgirl, Shirley of Hollywood, and Coquette. This blog also shares current news of the store and gives expert advice on matters related to lingerie.

• Lingerie Ladies (lingerieladies.blogspot): This site brings its readers everything that they need to know about lingerie.

• Lingerie Planet (lingerie-planet): From news to brands, shops, companies, magazines, trade fairs, and books on lingerie, browsers will find it all on this website.

• McPete Sez (mcpetesez) allows advertisers to showcase intimate apparel, sleepwear, club-wear, swimwear, lingerie, dancewear, loungewear and hosiery.

Read esources reviews at wholesale forum. Esources is the largest directory to feature distributors, and suppliers and wholesalers in UK.

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How do I Save My Relationship? A Easy But Effective Approach to Saving Your Relationship

How do I Conserve My Relationship? A Straightforward But Effective Method to Saving Your Marriage

How do I conserve my relationship is often a query asked thousands of occasions daily. Luckily How to Get Her Back for Good, if you happen to be genuine as part of your desire to repair your marriage, there exists a fundamental method that has proved to become quite successful.

The initial phase is usually to determine what would be the major problems that have brought your partnership towards the point of achievable break up. Getting carried out so, you’ll want to determine that happen to be the primary troubles, so that you can deal with these very first. There is each possibility that getting sorted out these principal trouble areas, another difficulties will merely fade away.
It is the root leads to of your respective marriage problems that you need to discover and when you’ve completed this you are able to then shift on to the job of dealing with them.

It can be difficult to offer with them on your personal. It took the two of you to have into the mess your in and it’ll certainly need equally of you to have away from it, so personal interaction and communication is essential. If your circumstance has deteriorated towards the stage that lack of connection is one of one’s principal problems, then you definitely may possibly have to take into account counselling to permit you to re-establish meaningful dialogue. This can be basic to making any improvement.

When that you are ready to communicate and talk about matters amicably you can then proceed on addressing people specific issues which are in the heart of your respective predicament.

If you’ll be able to, arranged a particular time aside Ex Girlfriend Guru, each and every day time, to function on these difficulties. Try and arrange this when you’re alone jointly and possibly aside through the domestic surroundings. Take a walk or maybe a possess a drink or a meal inside a place that lends by itself to social interaction. Whichever, it can be crucial that this time with each other is top quality time. This will allow it to be a lot easier to discuss those difficulties without the need of becoming burdened with all the hang-ups which have created in between you.

In time you must discover it a lot easier to explore each and every with the major troubles with no automatically resorting to blaming another person. It’s vital that each and every of you retains an open mind on what is becoming mentioned and accepting that it may just be “you” who’s at fault.

Unless you definitely listen to what your spouse is saying and vice versa, you’ll not be capable to generate those people adjustments which will be crucial if you’re to conserve your relationship.

Be prepared to provide your better half the gain on the question and most importantly be prepared to forgive (even if you ever can’t neglect). Everybody can make errors, even you, and if you possibly can genuinely forgive your better half you may have made considerable progress.

Lastly you have to have faith, each in each other and inside your marriage Ex Boyfriend Guru. Without the need of it there exists no probability of saving the marriage. With it and also you should be capable to re-discover the particular person that you just fell in really like with inside the first place. The hard perform will are actually accomplished and also the issue of “how do I conserve my marriage” will have been answered.


Beauty Basics For Women

Women at present lead active lives, and hardly ever have time for extended facials or trips to the hair salon.  Keeping up with the beauty basics will aid maintain you at your very best, whether you are off to an early morning meeting, or bringing the youngsters to soccer practice.

Clean skin, hair and nails are the first step to keeping beautiful.  Prevent making use of very hot water as this will dry out your skin.  A quick bathe in warm water will refresh you and get your morning started.  Use an exfoliating body wash or a loofah to remove dead skin cells while within the bathroom.  When you’re out of the shower, remember to apply moisturizer right away.  Applying your chosen lotion to hydrate skin will aid seal in the moisture from your bathe.

Bring an emery board and nail file with you regularly.  Broken or cracked nails are visible and detract from your appearance.  Keep your nails free of dirt, and evenly filed to be at your very best.

Bedtime is a superb time to add some beauty basics.  Wash your face and put on moisturizer prior to turning in.  Do not forget to hydrate your hands and nails.  Should you shower or bathe in the evening, make sure your hair is dry before you settle into bed.  Nothing gives you bedhead more rapidly than sleeping on wet hair.

Waterproof make up can go a long way if you are out in the sluggish humidity.  You can likewise try utilizing a light mineral powder foundation to maintain the moisture off your face.   Sunscreen is a key ingredient to defend your skin from the aging and freckling effects of the sun.
Keep a small bottle of your chosen perfume or body spray with you to freshen up through the day.  Scent is one of the most appealing senses, and instantly increases the visual perception.

If you do not have time for elaborate hairstyles, adding some highlights or lowlights can alter your look and add some depth and texture, even to flat hair.  A quick approach to add body is brushing your hair upside down and giving it a little blast of hair spray to hold the appearance.

Maintaining with the essentials will preserve you at your greatest all through the day.  Do not be frightened to have a little fun with your look.  If your hair is often a clutter on breezy autumn days, fluff it up and go with the messy look.

Of course, looking good indicates feeling excellent, inside and out.  Remember to drink plenty of fluids and refrain from missing meals.  A wholesome, balanced diet plan and a full night of sleep usually help you seem your very best.

Discover more about <a href=””>beauty competitions</a> plus many other <a href=””>beauty tips</a>.


Ladies, Take Control Over Your Life!

Ladies, Take Control Over Your Life!
| By Nina Bagnall

Ladies there has never been a better time to take control over this chapter of your lives. Yes, I’m talking to you, the mature lady 50 and over! personally, I think it’s important to have routine, something that makes us feel comfortable on a daily basis, in the knowledge, that what we are doing, is beneficial to us(as individuals) When you become happy and contented with “YOU” the process of starting to love yourself again will begin! It will radiate to others, your family and friends. It s not rocket science at all, but basic common sense, nourish your body and in return it will pay you back in a way you never thought would happen.


During its life the body is abused in a variety of ways, from the inside as well as the outside. The foods we eat, the drinks we choose all take their toll! Take stock, ask questions, write it down in your diary, but make sure you give yourself honest answers about what you want to change. For example: – Do you need to lose weight? Do you want to eat more healthy food? Do you want to put exercise into your daily schedule? What about relaxation? Do you drink enough water? Maybe you are a person who has yo-yo dieted for most of their life, but, found you got nowhere! It really doesn’t have to be that way, all that is necessary, is for you to be redirected and it will work out!

Have you been feeling depressed, are you feeling lethargic, maybe you are bloated or simply over weight, whatever glove that fits, help is at hand. Our bodies get out of sync and it’s not easy to find the right path to travel, especially if you don’t talk about how you feel. Don’t suffer in silence. Everything is achievable if you really want it to be! So do you? Until we reach our forties, we seem to be immune to any drastic changes to our physical appearance, but as soon as we reach a certain age our bodies begin to change whether we like it or not! The change is natural, it’s a bit like a wake up call, for you, to respect your body and listen to its needs.

Look towards natural products in everything you do. That means on your skin, what you put inside your body, all are of paramount importance to you when reaching your goal Its no use being apathetic, this is the last chance you have of making a come back and it could be done in the most fabulous of ways. You will need only to possess three things. Patience. A Zest for Life. Will Power. Today, the populous eat too much, take little or no exercise. Certainly cannot find the time to relax. Stop! For the sake of you health and your precious body and its organs My new book entitled Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 and over will be a must for your library.


It is packed full of suggestions and options to enable you to get back on track. Our bodies are a miracle of which we should all be very proud. It’s not just for the young to be thinking of their hair and figure, but for everyone, no matter what age we have reached. Of course it will not be easy, but then what is? It’s your choice. How you feel now -v- How you want to feel everyday for the rest of your life. Have you got what it takes? Stop lamenting, everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose, take a trip to my website, register, linger for a time, whilst you read the blogs and reviews, and maybe listen to the internet blog radio interview, before leaving make sure you have ordered the book. Believe me, it will act as your reference bible, you will wonder how you got along without it!

I’m Nina Bagnall, it’s taken some time to get around to writing this book but now its finished I know that it will be of benefit to all the women who read It.! Every one wants to look good and feel great no matter what age they are but when we reach our fifties and beyond it becomes ever more important, for several reasons. Finding naturally remedies over the years has been fascinating and so very interesting, experimenting with different ones until I found the ones that suited me as an individual. Cooking is a passion and therefore eating healthily has also been a benefit. Now at 58 years old following a daily regime, I feel great, look good my mind is active and alert and every day is a good day.

All my research gathered over the years has been compiled for you in my book to enable you to follow suggestions and options

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Kryptonite is Killing Superwoman

Kryptonite is Killing Superwoman | By Rebekah Pierce

Many women today tout being a modern day superwoman. They cook, clean, raise the kids, work and volunteer in their churches and/or communities. This is the 21st Century feminist.

Feminism of the early 19th and 20th centuries espoused the rights of women to have a voice and thus to choose what they wanted to do with their lives: work or get married and have children. Women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman weren’t necessarily fighting for equality of the sexes, but rather the right of a woman to create her own destiny in a time that determined it for her: the silent, reproductive woman.


The feminism of the mid 20th Century saw a major shift in ideology with the advent of technology. They wanted equality across the board. That meant access to jobs traditionally belonging to men, equal pay for equal work and being sexually free and choosing to not have a family. This Helen Gurley Brown generation supposedly burned their bras as a testament to how strongly they believed the Declaration of Independence was also talking about them when it said all “men” are created equal: men meaning humankind.

It’s 2009. Where is feminism now? Did women get their equal rights? According to a 2005 research report by the American Academy of University Women, “women working full time earn about 75 percent of what men working full time earn.” Health wise, women still live longer than men, but “Each year about 55,000 more women than men have strokes, and about 60 percent of total stroke deaths occur in women.” With regards to corporate America, they say the glass ceiling has finally been broken, yet “Currently, 12 FORTUNE 500 companies are run by women, and a total of 24 FORTUNE 1000 companies have women in the top job.” Teen pregnancy rates have been fluctuating over the last 10 years, but the STD rates are higher than ever it seems. In fact, 1 in 4 teen girls has an STD, according to the Center for Disease Control. Finally, the national divorce rate is still at 50% and the number one reason for divorce is…finances. Yet, the dating services industry is a multi-million industry.


Is this the end result of the equality so hard fought over the last 200 plus years? Today, if a woman decides to leave her career and be a stay at home mom, women in her own circle call her “nuts.” If she decides to put the kids in daycare and go back to work, many in her circle say she must not love her children, or she’s touted as a superwoman…a role model even…until she dies of a stroke.

This seems to be the feminism of the 21st Century: the Superwoman. But in an effort to be the superwoman who has it all and can do it all, women are dying physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially by the minute. Kryptonite – the career, volunteer work, the family – the feminism of today – is killing superwoman. What are we going to do about it? What can we do about it?

~Rebekah L. Pierce is the founder of The Girlfriend Connection, a non-profit organization, formerly Average Girl Magazine LLC, whose mission is to educate and empower women in Central Virginia on their finances, health, career and education.


An avid writer, veteran and prevailing entrepreneur, Mrs. Pierce knows her purpose is to give a voice to women from all walks of life through her company and literary publications. She can be reached via email at

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Do Blonds Really Have More Fun?

Do Blonds Really Have More Fun?
| By Barry Lycka

Do blonds really have more fun? Blond is one of the top choices for women who want to dye their hair, not only in the US but also in other parts of the world. In salons and hair boutiques, blond is the perfect choice even if it’s just hair streaks or the coloring the whole hair.

While there is no proof that blonds really have more fun, this is the common misconception and belief of others. It has always been believed that blond girls get all the attention, perks and have better opportunities. This is untrue because these three factors are determined by the personality.


There are also a lot of movies “Legally Blonde” that imply that blonds have more fun and get through life easier. If you think about it, hair color doesn’t affect life situations in whatever way. Other fallacy about being blond is that most of them are dumb and are only beautiful on the outside. These are extremely untrue because the color of one’s hair is in no way connected to one’s intelligence.

The only valid explanation that could at least explain this is that people who dye their hair blond “have more fun” is because they feel a lot confident. Confidence is a big factor in one’s personality, and this will surely motivate you to feel good about yourself. If there are positive connotations about being blond, there are also a lot of jokes (both offensive and non-offensive) that have been said about the issue.

Famous blonds are Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Shakira. In fact, hairdressers have looked up to them and used them to get clients to color their hair blond. Blond hair does stand out, especially in a sea of brunettes or black hair. Pretty blond girls can also get freebies from coffee shops and malls because people just adore them.

If you take the matter seriously, there is no concrete evidence or studies that prove that blonds always get their way. If a person’s hair is colored blond and something good happens to them, the hair color might just be an added benefit. But the way to deal with situation and how a person’s outlook is are the most crucial factors we all have to learn.

The best advice that dealt with hair color is to be yourself. It would be useless if people like you for your fake attitude and not for who you are. The false point of view regarding blonds is just a stereotype that shouldn’t exist or believed.


Bottom line is different strokes for different folks. There are brunettes that still have outstanding personalities and enjoy life to the fullest. Blonds are not exempted from problems, or everyone would’ve colored their hair right this minute. To answer the question: do blonds really have more fun? Blond, brunette or red-head, it’s always up to the person to achieve happiness. Happiness and success comes from a good mindset and hard work, and not through the color of one’s hair.

On the internet, you drown in information but starve for knowledge. That’s why I created, the number #1 source of Daily Life Advice. Hi, I’m Dr. Barry Lycka the founder of – and I encourage you to come enjoy my site. Let us help you live your life to the fullest. Feel free to use this article (but please give us credit. It’s copyright protected.) And visit our Modern Living section.

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Ladies Bags

Ladies Bags | By Francisca Balogun

Handbags have been essential to our daily life especially the ladies who always have something precious to carry around with them. The very first mention of bag in written literature comes from the 14th century but as since become a household name.

Every woman has something on her shoulder or between her hands at all times. These are called bags. Bags are used for fashion and for carrying items. However more ladies use bags for fashion. Bags are made from different materials ranging from cloth to straw to leather. They are also named according to their size, shape or material. One of the things that shows a woman of class is the type of bag she carries. It also helps with the first impression you make on people. Bags are designed by so many designers that a lady can pick either to faithfully follow a designer or flirt around. Designers are always ready to create unique styles with the current trend.


There are a number of classic shapes and styles of bag that remain even when trends change. This is why most ladies tend to have one of each shape or style for regular use. They go for trendy ones that may go out of fashion anytime when the money is available to them or even rent them for particular occasions. The following bags may vary in pattern, colour, fabrics, designer e.t.c but they follow a particular concept and are essential to giving your outfit a stunning finishing touch.

The shoulder handbag is perhaps the most common type of ladies handbag because they are comfortable to wear; a lot of designers craft this kind of handbag. They can be any bag that’s large enough to be worn over the shoulder, round the waist or across the chest. The shoulder straps can either be long or short depending on the lady prefers. Many however have adjustable straps. They are usually big and allow you the use of your hand.

This simple style is what I call the classic mini-all purpose handbag. It can be your companion right from work, to a corporate meeting and of to lunch without you feeling under or over dressed. These purses are usually medium-sized and can conveniently hold your wallet, phones, mini notepad for writers, pen and just a little make up to touch up in between events. Its gives a ladylike looks and is a perfect match with your slim skirt, dress or nice pants. The straps are usually at a length to be carried by hand as opposed to swung over the shoulder. You usually have to carry then by hand because of the length of their straps although some in addition to the hand strap comes with a long shoulder strap.

Totes are rather popular used as everyday bags though they are also good for those one night or weekend travel. Totes can be found in all types of fabrics but most designers make them, often in soft and cushy leather. This may be because it is used to carry a lot of load and has to be very durable. Most ladies go for regular shapes and neutral colours like black, silver, brown, grey, blue-black. These colours are can be easily marched to a ladies outfit.

Clutches are also called envelop bag. They made a big wave in the past and have made frequent comebacks in the few past seasons. They usually come with no strap and have to be held in the hand all through. Designers have made clutch bags everything from fancy, bejeweled styles to casual everyday looks so you have your pick. They are however perfect for dinners and are a great compliment to those feminine and cute dinner wears. They are usually small and are better for ladies that don’t carry too much. It might only take a phone and you wallet.


Wristlets are like small purses but most have a keychain strap that can be connected to a larger bag. You can use them to keep important items, such as keys or money, letters, separate from the rest of the contents of a larger bag. Many designers currently have wristlets as part of their purse inventory, including Marc Jacobs. They come in very bright or colorful patterns because they are cute and attractive on the wrist. They are not particularly considered to be a type of bag but a usually classified with purses.

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Ideas To Be A Great Host

The atmosphere of a special event is directly affected on the actions and attitude of the host.  If you aree hosting a gathering when you aree very stressed out, many of your guests may feel as thought they aree being a burden and might even feel a bit unwelcome.  This might seem like a lot to figure out, but it is much simpler then you might think.  If you can delegate, it will help everything go a lot more smoothly.


Any host would feel guilty about putting people to work during a gathering.  But put simply, guests do not mind helping this will grant you an extra time to enjoy many of the guests you have invited.

On the list of jobs that you can delegate is to have you husband, kids, or even a guest that arrives early to take coats or purses and out them away.  By doing this it allows you to great guests when they arrive or gives you time to finish up in the kitchen.  It gives you opportunity to put out appetizers, mix drinks, or make sure everything is decorated properly.


If you need to manage the bar all night it will end up being a tedious task.  The host should serve the first drink of choice, then let your guest know where the bare is if they need a refill.  If you happen to not have a bar, set a table aside with everything that would be needed to mix drinks.  Don’t forget to add extra glasses and napkins.

Do not go into the kitchen after dinner to do a complete clean up.  Do only a quick clean up with a friend or family member that doesn’t mind helping out.  Only a quick rinse of the dinnerware is necessary for now, get the rest later.

Keep in mind that the next time you are a host to delegate.  It helps you love your party at the same time.

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Discover How To Have A Healthy Smile

One part of the dental field dedicated towards giving people more beautiful smiles is that of cosmetic dentistry. Among the various things that this area covers, come teeth straightening, teeth whitening and making them healthier to certain extent. Even if you have lost some teeth, they can be replaced and your smile can always be retained. After reading this write up, you will have a fair knowledge about cosmetic dentistry as well as the fundamental procedures involved in it. To get a closer look on braces sydney visit this site.


The general condition of teeth must be good for cosmetic dentistry to begin. One cannot expect to get his current gum and teeth problems cured here. These problems are usually fixed prior to advising any kind of cosmetic procedures. It usually happens that cosmetic dentistry works as add on to normal dental practice and helps the person gets a more natural and attractive smile even after all the problems he might have had.

One of the most common processes carried out at the dentist?s office or at home is the whitening of the teeth. One reason why this process is used is for eradicating the yellowness and stains of teeth caused due to smoking and some varieties of eatables and drinks. Over the counter teeth whiteners involve the use of strips that are coated with the bleaching agent and affixed to the teeth for a period of time every day. In office procedures also involve a bleaching agent in a more concentrated form that is usually combined with a special light treatment for best results.


Another name that comes in the list of general cosmetic dental processes is that of bonding. This procedure is very useful in creating smooth and more uniform look from the fragmented, cracked or broken teeth. Color of the material used to repair tooth imperfection in bonding is the same as that of the tooth. The ability to attach with the tooth is very good for this material and it also blends so nicely without leaving any marks that the smile is almost completely flawless. If enamel shaping is also combined with the process, the end result in the shape and look of the tooth would be more natural. You will find that further information on teeth braces sydney is on that site.

One more part of cosmetic dentistry is the veneers which are used for renewing old and damaged teeth. Some cracks cannot be repaired by bonding and such cracks are then covered up by veneers which are also used on spaces between teeth. They are also very useful in the cases of stained and fragmented teeth. Various kinds of imperfections are concealed by veneers which are shells and fixed over top and front of teeth. A good medium-term solution is that of fixing porcelain or composite material veneers directly to the teeth.

There are times when teeth need to be replaced as they have either become loose or are lost. Past two decades have been a great time period for cosmetic dentistry and this procedure also comes in the same class. Earlier people with lost teeth used dentures and bridges in order to cover gaps and get a steadier smile. All these solutions had a limited life and there were very high chances that they would create some or the other problems in the future. Because they look and feel real dental implants have become popular as a permanent solution to tooth loss.


Cosmetic dentistry also includes orthodontic treatments. Straightening of twisted and curved teeth is only one of the many areas that orthodontic in involved in. They help a patient get rid of lifelong problems like jaw and bite misalignments by treating them. Growth for orthodontics has been huge in the last some years and the success rate of its so many processes has also increased along with decrease in the time spent in completing a process. Grown-ups and teens can make required modification with braces that are not noticeable even though people always think of braces to be metal when they think about them.

If you have decided to make your smile prettier and whiter, the ways to do that now are numerous. Cosmetic dentistry is a field that is growing rapidly in terms of its procedures as well as people who are trying it. Whiter, more attractive and straight teeth can now be possible with the help of cosmetic dentistry.