Celebrities Get The Needle

Botox Body Beautiful – Celebrities Get The Needle
| By Victoria Cochrane

Botox is now a relatively well known form of treatment for facial wrinkles, and celebrities have been among the first to champion its use.

At first glance, it may seem a little odd that people are willing to undergo a treatment that involves injecting a neurotoxin (which just happens to be one of the most lethal, naturally occurring toxins in the world!) into their faces. But although botox, which is actually the brand name for botulinim toxin, is highly toxic it is only used in harmless, minute quantities for medical practices.

The main effect of this toxin is to cause flaccid paralysis of the muscles, which prevents a muscle from being able to contract for about 3-4 months. Wrinkles are caused by the contraction of facial muscles, so using botox paralyses the muscle in the relaxed position, thereby reducing the appearance of lines, or creases in the forehead, brow or around the eyes.

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One of the most attractive aspects of botox treatment is that it’s a fairly simple and non surgical procedure which involves only a series of short injections. Other benefits are that it’s relatively inexpensive, quick and easy to have, and the positive results can be observed after just three days following treatment. Unlike invasive surgery, there is no recovery period, and very few side effects. Some patients sometimes report redness and swelling around the treatment site, but this usually last for less an hour.

The list of celebrities who have reportedly undergone botox skin rejuvenation include: Cher, Elizabeth Hurley, Geri Hallowell, Kylie and Madonna. But it’s not just the ladies who are taking advantage of this wonder skin treatment, and even the ‘Peter Pan of pop’, Cliff Richard, has admitted to using botox; while Sylvester Stallone is also rumoured to have undergone the needle.

The media has of course played up botox’ use in celebrity circles and tabloids are constantly running “exposes” attempting to “out” celebrities that have used it. But the truth is that the treatment is very popular, and in the world of cosmetic treatments is considered fairly innocuous (especially compared to breast enhancements, nose-jobs and face lifts) and many celebrities, such as Joan Rivers and Sharon Osbourne freely admit that they use botox injections to improve their appearance.

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Aside from its use in cosmetic treatment (which didn’t begin until 1987), Botox has several other medical applications and has been used in the treatment of migraines, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and blepharospasm (involuntary blinking).

The medical profession’s general opinion of botox is that as long as it’s not overdone it can be a very effective, quick and pain free method of reducing facial lines; and it’s likely to get more popular with those who want wrinkle-free skin.

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