Celebrity Gossip and Dirt

Celebrity Gossip and Dirt | By Ian Pennington

Celebrity gossip has become a cottage industry in the media, especially after the advent of internet. There are a number of dedicated websites, which provide content on the love life of celebrities, usually with enthralling text and revealing content. A mere Google search on Paris Hilton or Maria Sharappova would lead you to a galaxy of websites, some of which may contain even porn content. That these websites and tabloids in print media, most of which survive by telling the readers the love affairs and idiosyncrasies of various celebrities, generate a considerable amount of revenue tells us that there are people who crave for this kind of news. “Sex sells” is an old saying; but it seems to be relevant in all ages.

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Generally, people are curious to know more and more details about celebrities. Since they always remain in public glare, it is inevitable that the life of a celebrity is almost like an open book. There is no room for secrecy, and people always read between the lines. As far as media is concerned, it is easier to get news and images about celebrities than getting hard facts. Moreover, one can reasonably assume that the news and image will get noticed. Sometimes the celebrities themselves cleverly plant certain news about themselves in the media, which they think would fetch them some benefits. Some of the people, especially fans, who read this kind of stuff feel somewhat “empowered” after knowing a great deal about the private life of a celebrity. So celebrity gossip is definitely going to continue in the media, despite the criticism from some quarters. One cannot withdraw a selling commodity from the market.

The downsides of this kind of cheap celebrity gossip are many. Most important thing is that it affects the basic right of privacy of a person. Not all celebrities enjoy the kind of public and media attention bestowed on them. Sometimes, the intensity of the media glare breaks down the celebrity.

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Also, there have been rumors published in the media, which caused divorce in many celebrity marriages and resulted in breaking up of many long-lasting relationships. The case of Princes Diana is an example of such harassment by the media. The rigorous pursuit of Paparazzi photographers can be attributed as one of the causes of her death in an accident that occurred while fleeing from Paparazzi. Another more devilish tendency is taking photographs and video of the celebrities without their permission and sometimes without their knowledge. Most of the photographs are taken from cute angles to improve the glamour quotient. A more dangerous trend is digitally morphing the image of the celebrity to some sexually explicit content. Media also turn a blind eye on ethics while publishing unverified reports about a celebrity because they know that most of the readers are interested in celebrity gossip however dirty it is.

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