Celebrity Gossip and Why We Love It

Celebrity Gossip and Why We Love It | By Paul Steinberg

People love to find out about their favorite celebrities. After all, even if they don’t buy the magazines, lots of people read the headlines on the gossip magazines in line at the grocery store, and when bits of news make it to the news stations or into their email, most people absorb the information and spend the rest of the day wondering more about what they just found out. Even news sites often have a place to get information about celebrity gossip, and these are often the stories that are most often emailed or read by internet users.

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Celebrity gossip is the way people learn more about their favorite celebs. Reading websites about the them gives people some information, but usually it has to do with their professional lives, which leaves people feeling the celebrities are a little two-dimensional.

Celebrity gossip usually consists of tidbits of information about peoples’ personal lives, such as who they’re dating, who they’re not speaking to, and why they look like they’ve gained or lost ten pounds. Many people also like to see candid photos of people living their lives. Many photos are accompanied by an explanation of what they’re doing, and it gives people a chance to see what they look like without make-up, designer evening wear, and the magic of Photoshop. So why do people find gossip so enticing when they don’t know the celebrities personally?

For many, they like knowing more about their favorite stars because it makes them more “real.” With personal information about actors, for example, they go from being characters on a screen or stage to being real people with families and friends and mortgages. This makes them feel three-dimensional to people.

For others, celebrity gossip may be interesting because it makes them seem “more human.” People tend to put stars up on a pedestal, and when they know more about their personal lives, it gives them information they may be able to relate to, which gives them a connection to a celebrity. It allows people to take them off a pedestal and put them on an equal level.

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Lots of people love to read gossip. Even if all they do is read the headlines of gossip magazines in line at the grocery store, people love to get as much personal information about their favorite celebrities as they can so they can feel connected to the celebrities, as well as see them as more of an equal. Fortunately, as long as there are people who want celebrity gossip, there will be journalists tracking down the information to print it!

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