Choosing Between a DSLR and a Compact Digital Camera

Digital Photography – Choosing Between a DSLR and a Compact Digital Camera – A Practical Guide | By Clive Anderson

Technology has moved on in recent years and cameras are no exception, in fact they have embraced the technology and moved forward with it. In fact it would probably be safe to say that unless you have been involved or followed this progress by being actively involved with cameras and photography you would probably be quite impressed at how much things have really moved forward. It is important to remember this when it comes to deciding on a obtaining a digital camera for your own use. When it comes to deciding on a suitable digital camera there are a number of factors that we should certainly be taking into consideration…

The main factor is how extensive you intend to be with a camera. In other words what kind of pictures you intend to take. If you intend only to use a camera on occasion for general and maybe even a few holiday snaps then the best bet is going to be a compact digital camera. Most of these work mainly on an automatic basis and for point and shoot they are simply ideal.

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On top of that they now come with a pretty high mega pixel capability and will provide adequate quality for ad-hock basis photography. High quality images with a useful small size for carrying and storing.

A couple of tips when choosing a compact camera, be sure and choose one that can be charged as opposed to using disposable batteries. If you do get one that uses batteries try not to use the live-view screen on the rear of the camera too often as this is a main battery and power drain.

If on the other hand you are looking for something that can offer your picture taking capabilities a lot more all round flexibility and quality then the DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera will be a more practical candidate. The DSLR is much more versatile and practical when it comes to spending more time and effort, setting up, and looking for your pictures.

In many cases these modern day wonders seem to defy logic, especially when it comes to capabilities. No film or heavy cumbersome camera bodies to drag around these days, most DSLR cameras tend to be made of light alloys and jam packed with sophistication. Replacing the film is a memory card that plugs straight into the camera itself, these offer picture capabilities from a few hundred right up to a few thousand (all on one card).

Taking pictures is as simple as 1, 2, 3, with fully automatic settings as well as the manual adjustments for the more accomplished photographers, but anyone using any of these DSLR camera range on a regular basis will soon be using all the facilities that each camera has to offer and producing some absolutely astounding results.

Once settled on which type of digital camera will suit your requirements the best between Compact and DSLR it is simply a question of choosing one that you (A) Feel comfortable handling and using and (B) Will provide you with the quality and end results that you are looking for.

This in itself may take a while, but it is well worth taking time looking at all options and alternatives before making a decision. Even then it will more than likely be a case of buying a camera that you can handle and use comfortably now and upgrading later on. Most photography shops these days tend to offer a part exchange basis so it is well worth looking after your camera as best as possible after your initial purchase. - Centerfolds without the Staples  

You could even get a better quality digital camera than you initially thought for your budget if you become one of the people prepared to buy a used camera, most appear totally brand new and more often than not come with a six month guarantee.

There are so many great things about modern day digital cameras that choosing one is only half the fun, they will provide you with so much fun and pleasure. One thing to think about when you are buying your new camera is the fact that you will not have to pay any picture development fees as was the case with the older style cameras. You will be downloading your images straight onto your computer where you can print them off yourself or send them to relatives around the world via email.

This means that you will over time be making a vast saving, so why not add a little more to your projected camera budget and get the next model up from the one you initially thought. The more you use your new camera the more you will enjoy using it.

Photography is not just a great hobby and interest that people can enjoy and share with each other, it can be seriously relaxing and in some cases therapeutic. Expressing the many aspects of some great photography is

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Clive Anderson

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