Choosing Between HDTV Plasma TV and LCD Televisions

Choosing Between HDTV Plasma TV and LCD Televisions | By Fatima Edris

High definition television gets a lot of buzz today, everyone seems to be promoting a HDTV plasma TV. There are other technologies out there too, like LCD televisions, so which one should you buy when you are looking at a new television? Some of it might come down to personal preferences while technological factors will also play a part in deciding if a plasma HDTV is better than an LDC television.

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The Differences

When you look at various plasma HDTVs such as Pioneer Plasma HDTV you will notice that it looks the same as an LCD television. Plasma and LCD TVs are both flat screen TVs and both types of televisions look similar but there are big differences in how the different technologies work.

It seems like a given that when you are talking about a plasma HDTV that you want to go big. Not everyone has the space for a really big television. Some people might not even want a huge flat screen television.

If you do want a big television then a plasma television is the way to go. They tend to be bigger, with the biggest models around 50 inches wide. Probably the best way to get the home theatre experience that you are after.

An important part of choosing between a HDTV plasma TV and a LCD TV would be the picture quality. After all it’s no good having a fancy TV if it won’t give you amazing picture quality. A TV HDTV plasma has a definite advantage over an LCD television in this respect. A plasma HDTV gives you better color contrast.

The difference in picture quality becomes apparent when you are watching anything with night settings. The technology of plasma TV’s allow for better color definition when it comes to dark colors such as black, dark blues, and shadows. LCD TV’s allow light to leak in so the darks in a movie are not truly dark. - Centerfolds without the Staples  

Older LCD televisions really had a problem when it came to viewing angles. Meaning that someone who was sitting way to the side of the television would not get as much picture quality as someone sitting right in front of the screen. Improvements in newer models means that this is not so much a problem.

The great thing about HDTV plasma TV is that you don’t have this problem, or it is not noticeable. You can get good views and picture quality no matter the angle that you are sitting away from the TV.

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