Christmas Party Games

If you are planning to have any type of a holiday gathering, then you may want to consider incorporating some fun Christmas games as well. Party games can even be the focal point of your party if you wish, as you could tie them into your party theme. There are many different types of games available, whether for children, adults or both, which will add that something extra to your festivities.

For an older group, some games that you may want to try include Christmas movie trivia. Depending upon the number of guests, divide them up into one, two or several teams. Give each group several index cards and have them write down several questions relating to a particular Christmas movie with the answer on the back. Once the teams all have several cards, everyone can take turns reading their cards and having the other teams try to guess the movie. You can hand out prizes to the team that answers the most correctly.


If you need another idea for adult party games, then consider one called “ice breakers.” You can write down a bunch of generic Christmas related questions or statements such as, (blank) has gone Christmas caroling, or (blank) has made Snow Angels, or something along those lines. The guests take the list around to other guests and try to get someone’s name next to each statement. This is a great game for a group of people who really do not know each other that well. Check the Internet for other adult related holiday party game ideas, as there are many sites that have this information.

For teenager’s, one Christmas party game idea that can be a lot of fun is “pass the bow.” This is done much like the Halloween game where an apple or orange is passed down the line of a team without using their hands. You can use a large Christmas bow, tucked under the chin of the first person and have them give it to the next person in line without using their hands. If the bow is dropped, then it goes back to the first person and the merriment starts all over again. You can hand out prizes for the winning team.

Another idea for a Christmas kid party is to have a jar filled with candy that you have already counted. Have each child write down their guess as to how many pieces are in the jar, and the child whose guess is closest to the correct amount gets the jar of candy. Other party games may include the “penguin race,” where the kids form two teams and the players put a ball between their knees and waddles to the finish line or to a team member standing across the room. They then have to place it between another player’s knees and the game continues until all the team members have had a turn. If the ball is dropped, then whoever dropped it must start over at the line. You can give presents to the winning team.

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