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Collectable Gold Coins | By Jack Wogan

Gold is a precious commodity much revered by males and females alike. Males prefer having gold coins as assets, and women of course enjoy gold jewellery. The best way to make a sound investment is to buy some gold; collectible gold coins are the way to go. This way whether you want to sell the coin for a much higher price at later stage, or melt it down for the precious metal to be reset in a jewellery article, you have made a solid investment.


For centuries, gold has held an intrinsic fascination for mankind. Its splendour, scarcity, and resilience attribute it a unique value both monetary, and aesthetic. Coin collectors appreciate these characteristics even more than other people, because they know the magnificent history of the coins,- which have survived the ravages of time, and weather, made out of this much sought after yellow metal.

These coins can act as a window to peep into the past. They are better than almost all other kinds of coins, silver, copper, etc. Owning a collectible gold coin is like holding a part of history in all its glory in your hands.

European collectable gold are in a variety like the British Gold Sovereign, French 20 Franc, and the Austrian Gold Ducat etc. All European gold coins offer a good value for investors wanting to build their solid asset portfolios at reasonable prices. Along with a better value for money, they have provided the following benefits to the owner of a collectable gold coin:

Due to the international recognition of these coins, they make a good easily tradable asset. Since these coins were once used as actual money, they were ¼ ounce or smaller. This is good news for our investors, because the small size means that it will be much easier to sell, or liquidate the coins.

In 1933, United States government last confiscated gold from its citizens through a presidential decree, however, this decree did not encompass European gold coins, as they were recognised as having rare collectable value. Therefore, all things withstanding these coins will be exempted again if such a situation arises.

Modern bullion coins can be supplied in large quantities unlike the European gold coins, as these are limited to what was made eons ago. In addition, since European gold coins were used as actual currency, very few survived to the present time. Their rarity makes them a much sought after item, increasing demand, and keeping supply short.

There is a large variety of gold bullion coins from Europe available. If you look, you will find coinage from Austria, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. Gold coin collection is not only a hobby, but it has become an obsession for some collectors, who travel everywhere to look for a chance to get their hands on a rare piece. These coins go for very large sums in auctions, and some are rare enough to grace the admirers only with a glimpse from behind a glass case in museums.

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