Do You Have a Firm Grip on Your Putter?

Do You Have a Firm Grip on Your Putter? | By Donald Saunders

One of the first things you learn when you start playing golf is how to grip a golf club and this simple lesson probably leads to more problems for students of golf than anything else when it comes to putting. Why? Simply because you do not want to hold the putter in the same way that you hold the other clubs in your bag. So how should you hold your putter?

Well, one of the most popular grips with both amateur golfers and tour professionals alike is what is known as the ‘reverse overlap grip’ which is specifically designed to keep the face of the putter square on to the arc of your putting stroke. So, let’s break the grip down into just four simple stages.


Stage 1. To understand this grip you need to think outside the box so start by holding the putter not in the traditional manner with the club face on the ground, but with it pointing straight up into the air with both hands on the grip and your hands held out in front of your face. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me

Stage 2. Adjust your hands so that your left hand only is on the putter handle with your thumb pointing down the shaft and all but your index finger wrapped around the handle. It is important that at this stage your index finger is held clear of the putter handle.

Stage 3. Now, take your right hand and once again with the thumb pointing down the shaft wrap the fleshy part of your hand around the closed fingers of your left hand so that you now have both hands on the club handle with your thumbs facing down the shaft of the putter and all of your fingers closed in the grip, except for the index finger of your left hand.

Stage 4. The final stage in the process is to slowly slide your right hand down the handle until it just covers your left thumbnail and leaves the index finger of your left hand overlapping the fingers of your right hand.

It takes a bit of practice to get this particular grip just right but, if you have been gripping your putter in the same way that you grip your other clubs, you will see an immediate improvement in your putting.

Just as a final note, if you are wondering why the otherwise standard grip does not work for putting, it is because the normal grip produces too much rotation on the club face which is the last thing you need when you want to putt in a straight line.

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