Have A Neat and Clutter-Free Desk With These 7 Top Tips

Nobody wants to come into work to find it a mess. It’s impossible to work in an environment that’s cluttered, its simply too overwhelming.

In a fast paced office environment nonetheless, it can be hard having a regular cleaning routine. From scattered piles of paper to dirty bathroom and kitchen areas – these are the types of problems that result from an untidy workplace.

Whilst a professional cleaning company (see – office cleaning services London) can help you maintain clean and tidy offices, all employees should begin to implement these 7 tips, to keep your offices presentable and well organised.

1.Maintain a filing system. Arguably the biggest obstacle in any office is paperwork. Without the necessary organisation, loose papers and unfilled documents can grow to become a problem. So, to prevent this from happening, why not purchase a sizeable filing cabinet?

2.Regularly clear your desk. A tidy space results in a tidy mind, so when it comes to your desk you need to get organised. Keep pens and stationary in its own holder and try to keep clutter to a minimum. By ensuring that your desk is cleared after each day, you’ll help to keep your desk cleaner in the long run. Wiping your desk down with a damp cloth or cleaning spray may also be beneficial.

3.Keep a bin nearby. Keeping a small bin near your desk will remind you to regularly throw away any food wrappers, scrap paper or general rubbish from your desk. Encourage everyone in the office to make use of a shared recycling bin. If you have hired help from a professional cleaning company (see – domestic cleaning in Stratford ) they will be able to take care of your rubbish removal.

4.Label things! You know that you need to be filing things away properly, but what about labelling them? Shelves and folders ideally should be labeled, to help guarantee that everything is kept in its rightful place. This will assist to remove the risk of losing any important documents.

5.Ban food or drink from your desk. Eating and drinking at your desk can get untidy. If you’re planning to eat and drink, try keeping a bottle of water with you and sticking to one mug at a time – making sure it’s removed and washed up at the end of each day.

6.Keep electronic copies. To cut down on the amount of loose paper at your desk, you can scan some of your documents onto your PC. Keeping electronic copies of your paperwork will help to free up some much-needed space.

7.Schedule in your cleaning. It can be easy to lose track of time and slip back into old habits. To avoid this, schedule in a weekly or two-weekly reminder to yourself to give your desk area a good clear out. Write it on your calendar, set a reminder on your phone – just don’t forget!
Remember these 7 top tips and your desk will be the envy of the office in no time. For more tips on how to keep your offices clean or information on professional cleaning companies, see – www.mandkcleaning.com or click here.

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