Hobbies – Pastimes Or Addictions!

Hobbies – Pastimes Or Addictions! | By Tushar Mangl

Hobbies are considered to be the pastimes in which a person feels satisfaction and enjoyment. It can even turn into a habit if prolonged. Some hobbies are also transformed into business ventures and professions. Here we take a look at some of the most common hobbies:

Reading books

People with intellectual and educational mindset will always be found to answer this when asked about their hobby. They find pleasure in reading books and the books may vary from story to poetry, from novel to magazine and from Hindi to English. In fact, there are some bookworms who spend their complete pocket money in buying books.



Some people are music lovers and find solace in listening to music in their leisure time. Their music love can range from jazz to bass to rock to contemporary to classical and even to fusion. You should not be amazed if you find a room full of CDs and music DVDs in the houses of these music addicts.


Collection is a hobby which requires a lot of patience. Some people collect coins of different nations while some gather stamps. Some are interested in collecting specific items of their interest like kites, sports cars, bikes and even some weird articles also. This hobby generally results in an exhibition where the general public gets an opportunity to see the wonders at one place.


Games consist of a whole gamut of hobbies comprising of video games or indoor games or outdoor games. Some people are so addicted to games that they are in constant search of games that have recently entered the market. It may include video games, indoor games and even puzzle games.

Outdoor recreation

It may sound unusual but some people like kite watching and bird watching in their spare time. They observe each and every minute action carefully and are amazed by this.


Creative hobbies

Hobbies like craftwork, painting, gardening, photography and artistry come in the category of creative hobbies which require creativity and imagination and result in some finished product. They have the potential to be transformed into a small venture.


It is more of an addiction than a hobby. It contains nicotine which makes the person addicted to smoke and eventually it turns into a habit.

Whatever be the hobby, it should be a good and healthy one. Moreover, it would be better if it can be converted into profession or business.

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