How Can You Stay Passionate in Business?

How Can You Stay Passionate in Business? | By Simon Johnnson

When it comes to building yourself a new business empire, one of the key things that must walk hand in hand with you is passion. Passion is an intense desire, a conviction that sets in your heart as a rock to overpower all challenges, and to never sway from the path to the goal. In the beginning, when your eyes are still glazed from the big dreams, you start off with a fresh burst of energy that takes you ahead in leaps and bounds. But eventually, when hard work starts to rub off on you, the passion in your eyes seems to dim a little, and you soon begin to lose your touch. This is a de-motivating phase, and to get over it, you must take positive steps:

– Always surround yourself with people who say “can do” instead of people who always suspect the good outcome of anything. Your friends and family must support you through thick and thin; your business partners, employees and customers must interact with you closely to remind you why you are in this business, and what your capabilities are. Learn about the market from them, and try to identify the different industrial trends that can lead to a profitable result.

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– As you start off with your new business, there will be many doors opened to different worlds of new opportunities. Some of them will excitingly be perfect, bringing more advanced solutions and synergies, while some of them will be nothing more than distractions. They will set you farther away from your goal, and at these times you have to be careful to see that you always stay firmly in the path, and do not get sidetracked.

– You should be working on your business with a strategic formula that is bound to be a success, instead of simply working in your business with a monotonous plan that never changes every day. Working through day to day activities can be such a hard work that you may lose your passion very soon. You must learn how to automate all your resources and outsource certain jobs so that you can spend your time with projects that catch your interest. This will keep the passion going.

– There are many people who are not good in running their own business even though they have brilliant technical skills. If you are one of them, you can work under a good business coach who can give you the sight for long term business goals and strategies so that it is possible to develop an independent objective for your success.

– You have to realize that there are many dimensions to your business that you should not forget to consider. Try to place yourself in the shoes of your customers to see what problems they could face: perhaps they have to wait a long time in order to speak to a service person, or they are treated rudely during transactions. Maybe they were sent faulty products. To gain and keep faithful customers, you need to personally attend to their needs at times.

– In these cases, you need to see whether you need additional help or you can do with a consultant who will notice how effectively the business is progressing. You can even conduct customer surveys.

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But remember, none of these would work until and unless you decide to act on the results that you obtain. You must listen to the feedbacks, and see how you can improve. This is the only way how your business can survive.

Simon Johnnson is the director of content for Executive Gift Shoppe. They specialize in business card holders and mens wallets.

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