How Do I Care For the Exterior Surfaces of My Car?

When cleaning your car’s exterior surfaces (see corrosion remover), it is often tough to know what to do and what to avoid doing, which is the reason we have developed a simple guide to cleaning your car. The following points will show you exactly what to do and what NOT to do when cleaning your beloved car. 

1) Water is the most pure solution that you can possibly use on your car, so when scrubbing your car with a cloth or sponge, ensure that there is always water on the surface of your car; or else you run the risk of scratching the exterior paintwork of your vehicle.

2) When choosing to clean your car on a hot sunny day, avoid washing your car in direct sunlight. Aim to wash your car in the evening if possible as this will avoid unnecessary smears on the bodywork when the water dries. For the ultimate sheen on your car, making use of a high pressure hose will benefit your cleaning technique greatly.

3) Use good quality products (see the best car polish) to create a lasting finish that will dazzle all drivers (in a good way). Whatever you do, avoid using household products that are not meant for cars, such as washing up liquids, as these will only cause damage to your paint work.

4) When lathering up your car with soap, aim to work from the roof downwards. Aim to clean the sills and bumpers last due to these areas usually being the dirtiest.

5) Nothing dries your car more effectively then a short and sweet drive around the block. Upon your return, your car should be left dazzling dry. 

6) When dusting and buffing your car, stick to using a micro fibre cloth, as this material works far more effectively.

7) When it comes to cleaning your wheels – this is something you either love or hate doing. Break dust is a tricky thing to remove and in order to do a good job, you will require to use a specialised cleaner, such as an alloy wheel cleaner (see carwaxes). It is best to apply the cleaner with a brush, before rinsing off, but this can differ from product to product. 

We hope our seven top tips come in handy when your car is next due a clean. Remember, with the right products and a little elbow grease, your car could be looking as good as new. 

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