How to Make Beats

How to Make Beats – Tips For Producing Your Own Beats! | By Richard Taylor

Learning how to make beats is so addictive, nothing tops taking a tune that you have in your head and turning it in to a real recording. Once you know how to do it, you’ll be obsessed with making the perfect beats.

To get started you can experiment with online beat making software, but I recommend you spend a few dollars on a decent music sequencer. You can pick up a decent package for well under $50.

Once you have your own sequencer software, you’ll have access to thousands of sounds that you can use to make your beats. Most sequencer packages come with tutorials that show you quickly and easily how to make beats.

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When you get started making your first beat, have a style in mind that you want to create, such as hip hop or rap. Choose a song from your favourite artist and listen to how they’ve formatted it so you can use their format as a basis for your own track. For example, how have they formatted the intro, the verses, the chorus and the bridge? Think about what bar you want to use through the different sections of the song.

Once you have the format worked out, you need to start laying down the beat. With a decent sequencer package, all of these stages are pretty simple do to. When it comes to laying the beat, it’s simplest to start with the drums. When you record your drum pattern, you have to get it right, as the drums are the heart of your beat.

Once you are happy with your drum pattern you can layer it with other instruments and sounds. Start adding keyboard and guitar sounds to produce the melody, again with a quality music sequencing software package, adding sounds is made easy, and you can keep mixing with ease until you are happy. Layering is really about making you beat sound bigger by adding different instruments.

Finallly mix your beat, this is the crucial stage. Before you start mixing, make sure each track you’ve produced sounds great on its own. If your individual tracks sound good, the whole mixed beat will sound much better.

Once you’re done, your sequencer should be able to produce your new beat in mp3 format for you to upload and distribute on the internet, or simply download it to your ipod. Decent software will make this, and the rest of the production process simple to do, so if you’re serious about making your own beats, spend some dollars and get the most from your efforts. - Centerfolds without the Staples  

There are a number of decent packages available online that will allow you to make your own music from scratch, but the range of prices is huge. A good package will have a good sequencer, come with thousands of built in sounds and easy to follow tutorials that show you how to make beats quickly.

To learn more about making your own beats, and to read about the best value for money music sequencer on sale today, Visit Hip Hop Software now! Once you know how to make beats of your own, you’ll be producing new tunes 24 hours a day!

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