Is A DIY Chicken Coop A Sensible Possibility?

Can you construct a chicken coop even if you’re not an specialist carpenter or DIY aficionado? The basic answer to that query is a resounding yes.

You are surely going to have to program properly and have access to a excellent design with the welfare of the chickens of paramount significance.

The wonderful thing is that the common supplies for developing a chicken coop are pretty basic and inexpensive – the principal ones being wood, straw and chicken wire.

You’ll be able to track down lots of actually very good chicken coop styles by undertaking a search on the Net.

When building a chicken coop you have to make positive that it will defend the chickens from the weather and also be a secure haven from natural predators.

You must make positive that your chicken coop is situated correctly, ideally on a higher and nicely-drained location facing the sun.

The chicken coop also wants to be properly-ventilated but make sure that all windows and doors can be properly-secured.

To make certain that your chicken coop remains predator-proof you must take into account installing chicken wire about the perimeter.

It is also a great concept to lay down a cement floor to avert ingress by burrowing predators. The floor ought to also be sloped slightly towards the primary door as this will permit water to drain away naturally.

One more issue that you require to preserve in the forefront of your mind when organizing to build a chicken coop is ease of cleaning. You will want to clean your chicken coop often due to the fact a dirty chicken coop will be a breeding ground for illnesses.

One more essential consideration should be wall insulation since you need to make sure that your chickens are kept warm and cosy at night and in the winter.

Keeping with the theme of keeping your chickens warm you may well also consider an electric lighting method that’s designed for providing heat as nicely as light.

You must invest a affordable quantity of time in organizing your ideal chicken coop maintaining all of the above in mind because it really is significantly less complicated to get it proper initial time than it is to have to change designs mid-stream due to the fact you discover that you have got a essential element wrong.

You genuinely won’t forgive yourself if you lose one particular of your hens or chicks because you didn’t spend adequate time preparing your chicken coop and got one thing majorly wrong in the design as a outcome.


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