Learning to Fly – Introduction to Radio Controlled Aeroplanes

Learning to Fly – Introduction to Radio Controlled Aeroplanes | By Antti M. Kokkonen

Radio controlled aeroplanes are model aeroplanes that are controlled remotely, usually with a hand-held radio transmitter and a receiver within the radio controlled aeroplane. Unlike RC cars, boats and such, radio controlled aeroplanes bring the third dimension to the controls, making the radio controls and flying the plane more challenging, but much more fulfilling and entertaining at the same time.

Many begin their RC hobby with land-based vehicles, but there is no reason why one couldn’t “jump” straight into the aeroplanes. Yes, flying is more complicated than controlling a RC car for example, but it’s not too complicated when you get the hang of it. However, because flying radio controlled aeroplanes takes a bit of coordination and patience, it is not suitable for everyone.


The most important thing is to get the correct RC plane for your skills, if you’re complete beginner, you should look for the beginner models and build up your skills before moving on to the more advanced, more complex models.

With more beginner-friendly models being available, flying radio controlled aeroplanes is a popular hobby that has been growing rapidly worldwide. During the last couple of years RC technology has improved rabidly, bringing more efficient motors, lighter batteries and improved radio control systems to the market. At the same time, new features and models have been created especially for beginners, anti-crash systems have made flying easier, safer and more fun, while the ready-to-fly RC aeroplanes have brought those the hobby that are not so much into model building.

This evolution in the RC gear has made the starting a radio controlled aeroplanes hobby less expensive than it was, say three-four years ago. Today, you can start a new hobby with RC aeroplanes with a fraction of the cost, get a lot more value for your money and get started a lot faster and easier.

There are great sources of information about radio controlled aeroplanes on the Internet and many RC clubs, shops and manufacturers are sharing their knowledge for free, making all the information available new and more advanced RC hobbyists alike. With all the information online, loads of articles, guides and videos about RC planes being available, learning to fly RC planes is also a lot simpler than it was before.

This doesn’t mean one shouldn’t look for help and friends from local RC clubs or hobby shops. However, the possibilities to self-study all the needed information about radio controlled aeroplanes online has removed all the barriers, giving thousands of new RC enthusiasts a great chance to start a new entertaining and fun hobby.


Antti M. Kokkonen is an IT Specialist and a technology enthusiast who balances his life around computers with entertaining hobbies that take him outside. Antti welcomes you to the wonderful world of RC aviation and invites you to find all the best RC model planes, RC aeroplanes, RC airplane kits and more from his Radio Controlled Aeroplanes Blog. Visit The Radio Controlled Aeroplanes Blog now and discover all the information you need to get started with radio controlled aeroplanes.

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