Memorable Wedding Ideas

Weddings involve a lot of planning, don’t they? You make the decision to get married and are promptly confronted with seemingly never-ending administrative tasks. In order to help you make sure your wedding is as memorable as possible, we’ve put together this guide to give you a few ideas. One really popular idea is to write your own wedding vows. Don’t just stop at ‘I do’; tell your better half exactly what they mean to you on your special day.

You can also make your day more memorable for both you and your guests by having a creative wedding menu. Most weddings feature food that’s safe and occasionally a little dull. Make yours stand out with something different – if you have a favorite type of food (Italian, Chinese, French and so on), then create a menu based on that. You could have a buffet instead of a sit-down meal with a variety of food on offer to make sure you cater to all tastes while still being innovative.

Having a theme is another way of making your wedding stand out in people’s memories. You can do pretty much whatever you want – after all, it’s your special day. Fairy tales, Disney and Mardi Gras are all popular themes or you could maybe go for something a bit wackier such as a hippy-themed or Western wedding. Using the seasons as themes is another popular idea. For example, for spring weddings, people often have lots of flowers and pastel colors everywhere to help bring everything to life.

Having a special event at your reception is another fantastic way of making your wedding day more memorable. This could be something such as a live band to get everybody dancing, or perhaps a string quartet playing some of your favorite music. You could also do something bigger and have a big attraction such as horse-riding, fairground rides for the children or perhaps even party games to get all your guests involved. If you have any favorite home videos, you could also show them to the guests.

Our final suggestion is to make your first dance as husband and wife really special by having dancing lessons prior to the big day. This is an increasingly popular way to make your wedding go off with a bang, and is especially great if you have a favorite song you want to dance to or really want to show off to your guests on the dance floor. Everyone is sure to love it. Quite possibly the only thing they’ll love more is if you lay on an open bar!

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