Michelle Obama – What is She Doing?

Michelle Obama – What is She Doing? | By Barry Lycka

Michelle Obama, or more formally known as Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is the much loved wife and first lady of the current president of the United States, Barack Obama. She has been known only by this address to most people; though the woman behind the name is one who has been strong, loving and determined throughout her life. She has attended Princeton University where she majored in Sociology and has minored in African American studies and has graduated cum laude. She then moved forward to Harvard Law School where she obtained her J.D or Juris Doctor Degree. Ever since, this woman has always been an advocate for equality and for humanitarian projects. She has served mainly around the Chicago area where she took on positions to serve students and the community as she has eventually boarded the train for the administration of the University of Chicago Hospitals.

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Since the presidential election, Michelle Obama has still been able to keep her thoughts and priorities straight. Her children, Malia and Sasha are still her priorities; she was raised in a loving household which is the same practice she is abiding to have her children be raised in the same fashion. Although being the first lady of the most powerful nation in the planet is no easy task, she is still able to stand up to the role and hold her head high. The first lady has been most recently more stipulated by the petty things over the matters of which she has been able to stand up to. The most common concern among the ogling eyes of the public is the way she dresses. This is such a cliché when it comes to the public that each piece of clothing becomes a national issue. This is probably why she does not fret the notion of stipulations or whatsoever articles come out from it. Recently, she has become rather busy with the constant travels and guestings of which she has been attending; all these is part of the nature of her role in the White House.

She still serves as the honorary chair of the President’s committee on the Arts and Humanities. In her personal choice of activities, she has been known to be an advocate of the organic movement; this is the same reason she immediately drew attention when she decided to start an organic garden as well as beehives to be able to harvest all organic food items. She has also been busy advocating on behalf of military families and even those of some Republicans. She has been rather busy with her humanitarian causes these days and her increasing popularity and acceptance from the nation has helped support her causes. She is being seen as a role model which is a great thing especially for the most part that she does try her best to be able to preach by practice. And much like all the other first ladies in the past, she is also faced with the usual intrigues and other petty concerns the public has yet to pin. Despite all these, she remains strong and determined to be able to achieve her goals for the benefit of the public.

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