Need an Interest? Try Collecting!

Need an Interest? Try Collecting! | By Vickie Merriott

I began collecting perfume bottles about ten years ago after stumbling upon a cute perfume bottle at a yard sale that brought me nearly $800! Yes, it’s true! I was yard saling at a house about 3 blocks away. There was this little crystal bottle on a table. It had a label that looked old and interesting. I bought it for $1.00…seriously! Only $1.00!! I took the bottle home and noticed all the interesting marks and the nice crystal stopper. Then i turned my attention to the label.

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I knew nothing about perfumes so went to Google and started searching “Guerlain”…(which I had no clue how to pronounce!). Turns out this was a mint condition Guerlain Jicky crystal perfume bottle. I did more research and found that it was valuable and I later sold it on eBay for over $700.00!! My interests peaked so much after that that I spent hours going to sales, researching, networking with other perfume collectors and looking, looking, looking. Over the years I have gained more knowledge of the perfume bottle collecting world, thanks to many kind experts, and now have my own web business…which does pretty well I might add.

I learned there are different areas of perfume bottle collecting; commercials, atomizers, mini’s and others. At first I got really interested in commercial perfumes…these are perfume bottles designed and sold under known commercial names such as Coty, Matchibelli, Guerlain, Nina Ricci, and of course anything by Lalique! Later I became more interested in the lovely, tall, art deco style of DeVilbiss and Pryamid. I then discovered a wonderful woman named Christy Meyer Lefkowith who hosts some of the most exclusive perfume bottle auctions in the world and also publishes fantastic books on perfume bottles. She has help me greatly over the years with research and information.


I recently joined the International Perfume Bottle Association and continue exploring yard and estate sales as well as antique stores in my search for perfume bottles. It is a hobby that has brought me pleasure, knowledge and the occasional dollar. Remember, you’re never too old to learn something new! So the next time your out enjoying a summer sale and see an interesting vase, jar, or bottle, go ahead and buy it! Take it home. Study it; research it. You may find that you’ve stumbled upon a real treasure!

I encourage you to stop by my website, take my survey and let me know what you think. Be sure you visit my “about me” page. Happy Hunting!!
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