A One Word Experiment – Peace? | By Marc Mckinlay

Peace? Where do you start on that subject?

I guess the only question that can be asked is whether we will ever see any?

Unfortunately I doubt very much whether we will ever experience worldwide peace. It is not part of human nature to exist in a peaceful society.

There are doubtless inexplicable reasons for explaining this hypothesis but the main one must always be the human desire for greed and power. Many of us are capable of existing peacefully within a state where greed is alien and power undesired but more importantly, many of us are not.

I would like to think that modern day society is slightly more advanced than our descendants but this is simply not the case. Our ability to wage war against our supposed enemies has improved significantly when these technological efforts could have advanced our existence in many other ways.

There are numerous war hungry dictators in our world all of whom willing to shed the blood of their countrymen in order to improve the number of zeros on their bank accounts. Usually those able to mount such actions are well educated, well connected but ill advised.

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Our basic instinct is for survival. This overrides all of our other inherent aptitudes but survival and aggression are inexplicably linked. We cannot survive without feeling aggression towards those standing in the way of our survival. This aggression can all too easily actuate feelings of excitement and so a vicious circle exists.

I have no doubt that we could implement a trialled society where existence is the main priority but we just know that even within those specially chosen few there would break out an element of pack behaviour. There always needs to be a hierarchy of responsibility and decision making or the society would disintegrate into chaos. This is simply the human way. Even the most pliable of personalities would be tested if tasked with being in charge of a group.

So if that is the case then where do we stand as a society? It is possible that future generations could become so advanced in thought and acceptance to enable humanity to move on and become an all encompassing species. It may happen but those days must surely be many generations in the future.

I am of the opinion that humanity is nothing more than a parasitical existence upon the face of the earth. I have a very young family and still I am of the opinion that it would be best for our planet if something should happen to extinguish the human race from the earth once and for all.

We have done little to co-exist within our fragile planets eco system and feel obliged to rape and pillage all of our natural resources until we warm the planet sufficiently to change it forever. Or at least for the next few thousand years. Animals do not do this. They exist to survive and nothing more.

It is humanities way to push against nature to investigate all forms of advancement whether they be right or wrong. We cannot seem to exist without ruining one element or another.

So are we capable of attaining peace in our society? I would need to say no! As long as we have financial incentive to drive us then nothing will ever change. We need a common goal to unite and drive humanity through these difficult days of war and struggle. Until we have that common drive we will continue to fight petty battles over religion, land and energy resources.

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Can we give peace a chance? Not until all of us agree it can be successful and there is not much hope of that now or in any future I will be part of. I hope that future generations realize the folly that manifests as financial gain. We come in with nothing and leave with nothing so what point is there in spending all of our lives working to try and build vast sums of money that will only be passed on to others and then to others.

Existing to experience happiness is surely more interesting and fulfilling? I almost sound religious but I assure you I am not. I do believe they have some preferable philosophies to those that exist elsewhere so who is to say they are wrong?
Peace would be nice on many levels but I fear we are on the bottom floor with many elevator stops above us until we reach the summit. One day maybe we will see the penthouse suite but for now it remains closed for business.

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Lets see how far I can go!

Thank you and enjoy.
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