Seo with backlinks from youtube and press release

This informative article will likely be about a few easy seo tricks to generate powerful backlinks to improve your seo and also to rank higher in google and a couple of of them: backlinks from You tube along with other video sites and pr announcements….

Since almost all of the video sites have high PR and page authority, google and youtube only will love backlinks which come from there….

So, to acquire these powerful links here’s the following to do and what I usually do.

Best seo tricks for ranking high in search engines like yahoo, bing or google

I start with my keyword. I reflect I do think of 20-30 tips that would really help my prospective clients and they are generally closely in connection with my keywords. Consider them such as this example: “How you can your keyword” or “Reasons to your keyword”. When I write them on a sheet of paper, I start developing power point presentations of these tips.

Than, using Camtasia, I easily create videos with them. It’s my job to ad music so they really are a little better for those watching. Thus We’ve got 30 great short video tips that will help my future clients.

From then on I personally use a youtube video submitter tool that submits my videos to every important video sites. I make sure that I place my url on the description of the new videos. Ensure that you also place your keywords and LSI keywords in tags, titles and description of the new videos.

So, if someone makes a math, if you upload 30 videos, to 30 video sites, you will definately get near to 900 powerful backlinks on your url. And when your tips are a bit of good, people will share them plus your backlinks can get stronger.

The next tactic is via pr releases. Write a press release, make sure it is unique, than spin it, and submit each unique new form to 50 news release sites.

All of them are high PR and you will probably get some powerful backlinks coming from these press releases websites….

The following few tips are better still, so go do these first 2 seo tips and if still you haven’t learned the way to optimize your site and make your on page seo perfect discover the shocking truth below or by clicking this hyperlink to watch it on youtube!


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