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Determining the Best Bass Fishing Lures

Determining the Best Bass Fishing Lures | By Jon Arnold

Every bass angler has an arsenal of bass fishing lures in his/her tackle box. All different shapes, sizes, colors and types can make the selection a difficult one for the novice. Heck, picking the right lure can be a challenge for a pro at times, too. Here is a guide to some of the lures available at sporting goods stores everywhere.

Keep in mind that just going to a tackle shop and asking the clerk is not the best way to choose a lure. You need to assess the spot you are fishing and know the water type, temperature, weed beds, native aquatic life and such. Using a plastic leech where leeches are not native is not going to produce.

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Top water “surface” lures

These are the ones that stay on top of the water and you can actually see a strike. Some look like minnows or baitfish while others may resemble insects or bugs. Some may make noise or just mimic a swimming prey.

Spinner baits

These lures are designed to be cast and retrieved at a moderate speed. Metal blades attached to it spin and attract the bass on a visual level.

Soft plastics

This is probably the widest category of bass fishing lure anywhere. These can be made to look like worms, lizards, snakes or even small bait fish. The vast color selection is unbelievable. Soft plastics can be bought Texas rigged (with hooks already in them) or plain (no hooks).

Swim baits

Swim baits are soft plastic bass fishing lures that are designed to look like small prey fish. Most have tails that “wave” as they are retrieved. Usually, swimmers are retrieved like plugs; either at a steady pace or brought to a full stop, then retrieved again at a high speed.


Spoon lures look like the inside of a spoon, hence the name. They are metal, have a color side and a plain, shiny side. As a spoon is retrieved, it spins and attracts the bass visually.


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This is a simple one, folks. Jigs are weighted hooks that are normally combined with a soft plastic worm. The weight causes the hook to fall to the bottom, so the angler needs to jerk, or jig, the rod tip to make it move. Done properly, it will resemble an injured prey fish. Most of the time, bass hit these on the fall. This is a particularly deadly bass fishing lure choice.


Plugs are also known as crankbaits. Typically made of either wood or hard plastic, they are designed to move in a specific way. Some will resemble small fish or other prey attractive to bass. These are classified as floaters, shallow divers or deep divers. I think you can figure out what those terms mean without too much discussion, right?

In theory, any lure can produce fish, given the proper conditions and lure selection. Bass are especially territorial and aggressive, so will attack just about any thing that moves through the water near them. This is especially true of things that look like a meal to them. The best advice is to make your bass fishing lure look like a tasty treat and you will eat fish for dinner that evening!

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