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Popular Dutch Cheese Types

Cheese is 1 of the most widely used food ingredients in the world and is an integral component of countless recipes. Between the several varieties of cheese from countries around the globe, the Dutch cheese is universally considered as one of the best. Here is a quick glance at some of the most famous Dutch forms.

Gouda is one of the first names that come to the mind when speaking of cheese. Gouda cheese makes up more than 50% of all the cheese produced by Holland. This semi hard variety contains about 48% milk content and the older it becomes, the better it tastes. The ageing process intensifies the flavors of the Gouda. However, certain people are allergic to it and simply smelling it may trigger a headache for them.

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Edam cheese is another well known variety of cheese. This cheese type satiates flavor buds of one and all, even those who are not very fond of eating cheese. The salty flavor and mellow flavor can comfortably please taste buds of young and old alike. It’s a round shaped and hard textured cheese. However, when this cheese variety is produced for the purpose of export, it is covered with an additional red paraffin coating.

Goat’s cheese also makes it to the list of famous Dutch cheeses. It is prepared from goat’s milk. Goat’s milk helps treat acne and is even regarded healthier than cow’s milk. The very best aspect about this one is that it needs a smaller maturation period. Even though it has a slightly piquant taste, it has an amazing melt-in-the-mouth texture.

An additional well-known Dutch cheese alternative is Frisian clove cheese. This one is made using cloves, cumin and low fat milk. This cheese variety is very hard and dry, with a different tart and sour flavor. Eating this cheese may trigger an allergic reaction such as pimples in many owing to its a lot of strong ingredients. If you too are battling acne, you could set the problem straight with the help of successful product like Clearpores Skin Cleansing System.

If you do not like the taste of normal cheese, then herb cheese is a great choice. This class includes all different cheese that have been flavored with some or the other herbs. Ideally, parsley and chives are used to add flavor. However, if you’re searching for an different flavor, then you may go for the ones that use flavours such as nettles, onion, pepper or mustard.

Each one of these Dutch cheese varieties is easily discernable by their texture and flavor. And, you merely must give them a try, even if you are not particularly fond of cheese. They might convert you into a cheese lover!


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