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Delicious Barbecue Recipes For Weber Grills

Delicious Barbecue Recipes For Weber Grills | By Kenny Leones

Grilling delicious foods from Weber bbq recipes is certainly one of the best things you can do with your Weber grills. There are several tasty Weber bbq recipes you can easily follow as long as you have all the necessary ingredients.

1. The recipe for apricot ginger pork tenderloin is one of the delicious Weber bbq recipes you can make. This is particularly good for people with a garden full of herbs. Using fresh herbs is one of the best ways to make the food more flavorful. You can combine fresh herbs with some dried ones.

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1. one half teaspoon of dried oregano
2. one half teaspoon of salt
3. one teaspoon of thyme
4. one fourth teaspoon of black pepper
5. one fourth teaspoon of red pepper
6. two pieces of tenderloins from pork, the fat should have been trimmed.
7. one half cup of preserved apricots
8. one tablespoon of chopped ginger
9. one tablespoon of sherry vinegar
10. one fourth teaspoon of thyme (dried kind)

The first step in mixing the thyme, oregano, salt and peppers altogether. Then start rubbing the mixture on the pork. Make sure you press it on the tenderloins’ surface. Then place the pork in the grate. Start grilling it for thirty minutes on medium heat. Then watch out for the middle area of the tenderloin when it starts becoming pink because this is the time you have to turn it on the other side. In another smaller pan put the apricots, vinegar, ginger and thyme altogether. Cook it for two minutes over medium heat. Make sure the apricots have melted a bit. Carving the meat is the last step and pouring the sauce over it.

2. The recipe for brined rosemary pork chops is also one of the flavorful Weber bbq recipes you can make. You start by soaking the pork chops in delicious brine. The pork chops will absorb the flavors. The ingredients for this recipe are the following:

1. three tablespoons of Kosher salt
2. three tablespoons of brown sugar
3. two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
4. two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar
5. one teaspoon of pepper
6. three branches of rosemary
7. four pieces of pork chops with the bones

Put the salt, sugar, oil, pepper, rosemary and vinegar together in one bowl and then put one cup of boiling water into the bowl. Use your whisk to make sure all the ingredients dissolve. Pour two cups of water from the fridge on it. Put the pork chops in a plastic bag then pour the mixture as well. Make sure the bag won’t have air in it so seal it properly. Put the bag inside the ref for at least six hours. After six hours take it out and remove the brine from the pork chops. Brush the pork chops with olive oil. Let it stand in the room for twenty minutes. The next step is searing the chops on very high heat for at least six minutes. Always turn the chops while you grill. Then after the six minutes lower the heat and grill it for eight more minutes.

3. The recipe for hoisin-glazed baby back ribs is one of the popular Weber bbq recipes. The reason for this is because the baby back ribs have lesser content of fat. It even cooks faster than the spare ribs.

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Ingredients for glaze:

1. one cup of hoisin sauce
2. one fourth cup of honey
3. one f ourth cup of vinegar (red wine preferably)
4. two tablespoons of ginger that has been chopped or grated
5. one tablespoon of chopped garlic
6. one tablespoon of sesame oil
7. two teaspoons of powder for curry
8. four pound of baby back ribs
9. kosher salt
10. pepper
11. one tablespoon of sesame seeds

The first step is making the glaze. In a smaller pan put the hoisin, honey, ginger, vinegar, garlic, curry powder and sesame oil. Simmer it and stir it as well for at least three minutes. The next step is seasoning the ribs with pepper and salt. The third step is grilling it on medium heat for one hour. Baste it every fifteen minutes using the glaze. Then check if the ribs are already tender. Then two minutes before you end the cooking process, add the seeds.

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