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Why Do We Say Insects Are Everywhere?

Why Do We Say Insects Are Everywhere? | By Debashishk Sah

Insects live everywhere.

You will find them on the highest mountains, in the deepest caves, on the coldest snow-fields and in the hottest places on earth. Why, there is an insect that lives right at the edge of the roaring, tumbling Niagara Falls! Some insects live in the still waters of ponds, others in the stems of leaves. The only place where you will not find insects is under the ocean.


Insects are uninvited guests in your home too. You will find them under the rugs, in your cupboards, even / in your rice, sometimes! You just can’t escape them! Did you know that scientists who study Insects estimate that the average number of insects for each square mile of land equals the total number of people on the earth.


Why are there no insects in the ocean?

Though insects are found everywhere on land and water, the one place where there are no insects is the ocean. Do you know why? It is because their bodies cannot survive in salt water. Though a few varieties are found near the sea, they stay near the shore, and take care not to go into the water at all.

Why are some insects able to live in the water?

Thousands of insects live beneath the calm still waters of lakes and ponds. Their rough, water-repellent coats trap a thin layer of air on their bodies. These bubbles of air store oxygen for them to breathe. Thanks to those air bubbles, insects can stay below the surface indefinitely, and dive as deep as about thirty meters!


Insects that live under water have adapted themselves to their surroundings. The water boatman uses its hind legs like oars. It swims upside down, and pops up to the surface to breathe. The fringes on the diving its legs help to push it through the water, while the air that it stores under its wings helps it to stay under water.

Mosquitoes lay eggs in water and the tiny worm like larvae move through the water by wriggling. The young ones of the dragonfly will also stay under water, before they are developed enough to live on land. The brown china mark caterpillar builds its home with the leaves of the water lily and after it is fully developed, it will eat its home, for the leaves provide it with food too! Isn’t that clever?

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