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How Long Does an iPod Touch Battery Last?

How Long Does an iPod Touch Battery Last? | By Joe Sikes

The wonders of the future never cease to amaze us as time goes on. Now a common household product name, Apple has a revolutionary new product in the iPod Touch with the ability to play TV and video, support thousands of games and almost every audio format out there – but how long will the fun last before the battery is depleted?

The Apple website has the iTouch’s battery life rated at 36 hours, which means that if the iPod is on shuffle and the screen is dark, music will play until then. They also have the video playback time listed at 6 hours, which is when the iTouch is nonstop playing movies or video. However, there is a darker side to this story.

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Many users report the iTouch out of the case having a consistent battery expectency of 16-22 hours for music, and 3-4 hours of video and game usage, which are the most extreme users of battery life games being even moreso due to the fact that games are highly interactive, colorful, and some can even use the WiFi connection in addition to draining the battery as extensively as a movie. The reasons for the spectrum being so broad can be for any number of reasons, though. There are many background processes that all use up a portion of the total battery life for the iTouch. If one were to turn off the WiFi, battery life can be improved. Screen brightness is also a huge portion of determining how much battery life can be drained. If operating the iTouch in a dark room or during the evening, the brightness can be turned down anywhere from 10-25% and still be easily viewable for the average user. It has also been reported that the Auto Brightness feature, though designed to be a courtesy option, can also drain the battery life rather than preserve it.

All sorts of things can determine what exactly will alter the life of the iTouch battery. There are even applications available on the Apple Application Store that can show exactly how much battery life remains for specific actions, easily searchable and free to download that work for both the iTouch and the iPhone. Regardless of all the specific details, there are numerous ways to change and preserve the battery life of an iTouch. Be it 4 hours of video or 22 hours of music, a conscientious consumer can get the most out of their iPod’s with ease.

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