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can you market yourself as a photographer?

Fashion photographers and agents


There are some ways to  acquire assignments as a fashion photographer.

The easiest way (however the hardest to get your foot into the door) can be a photo agent. They are going to do all the work in your case, but they will take a nice slice of change as commission. And also the hard part is because won&rsquot touch you if you don&rsquot have your own clients if you want to join up! They ask you to have clients simply because they want commission from those clients too and so they would like you to have experience. Agents replenish to a quarter of your rate and you will have to cover advertising and materials as well as other expenses. Looking over this you might think that that’s crazy, but look at the old saying: it&rsquos easier to share a loaf of bread then having one slice all to yourself.  Photography agents also have better entry to bigger clients because advertising agencies rather work with agents then directly with the photographer.

In the event you don&rsquot need to or can&rsquot use an agent the 2 mainnd choice is an in-house rep. You hire the representative and pay them back a base salary and commission on booked jobs. Yes this might become very expensive especially if you don&rsquot have that many clients. If however you hired a skilled rep with clients you could be within the money! It will take time however and you need to be able to produce a enough income to bridge this era.

An in-property is great as you have someone working limited to you together with looking to get the finest deal. You are able to decide the marketing budget and have the final say in how you need to be lawyer for also to which clients. Negative thing is you need to be on your employees and still have to ensure that you have not been made good use off by lazy unmotivated those who are costing you some time to more essential your cash!

As there are option 3. This is the most difficult and time-consuming option. You’re doing so all yourself! Kind of like a 1-man band. You will need to advertise, call prospects, email, follow-up the emails you signal etc etc. This has to be done consistently and continuously.

Do not forget that should you stop marketing your income will dry up.

From the very start of the photography career option 3 will be the only option accessible to you for the time being!