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My Adventure which has a Fujufilm X20 Camera inside the Amazon Rainforest


Can photo digital portrait photography resist troubles of extensive wilderness under extremely harsh conditions? If you have talked about that question a couple of years earlier, my answer has to be resounding no. As an adventurer, that has been one of the many main reasons why I still stuck to my film Digital slr. Digital slr camera cameras are bulky, require big batteries and therefore are very responsive to environmental conditions.


However, I decided to improve that stance earlier while i embarked on a forest expedition in to the Amazon rainforest. Outdoor photographers face lots of issues, specially those who intend to shoot digital. I’ll attempt to focus on the various challenges, research and practices that are essential to be considered a successful photographer in the wilderness.


Challenges Faced


One of the main challenges faced by every outdoor shooter is the being unable to access any power grip lines along with the limited weight carrying capacity. Moreover, the tough environment just isn’t electronics-friendly. Here are the three challenges that worried me the most:


1. Power: we planned to remain for the total 21 days within the rainforest, without access to any electricity not less than 14 days straight.


2. Weight: when power is really a restriction, you can salvage by situation by carrying a big battery. However, within an outdoor expedition, even weight carrying capacity is bound. Hence, power is a lot more of a concern if the weight limit is restricted too.


3. Environment: the camera setup are able to withstand harsh weather and potentially rough treatment. Humidity and rains posed gadget biggest potential problems, both for you as well as batteries.


Gear Research


It absolutely was clear in the first place which i needed a compact photography gear solution which should also go far. However, which is quite a hard challenge to beat as battery capacity and weight go hand in hand. With so many hurdles on the way, I knew I had to go with a compromise. However, regardless if making compromises, I usually attempt to go for the absolute best solution.


1. Fujifilm X20 Camera: It becomes an enthusiast grade compact camera with all the amazing features of the SLR camera. It has a 2/3” 12 MP sensor along with Fujifilm’s EXR image processing technology. Additionally, it features a lens modulation optimizer tool you can use to counter the optical effects such as diffraction and interference. Also, it’s manual zoom functionality that is an additional plus in the jungles. Added having its fast AF system, celebrate to get a compelling choice. When I saw the appearance of your camera, I knew it had been the correct one to me.


2. Fuji np-50 battery: My Fujifilm X20 was included with a share battery that takes just a couple of hundred shots with respect to the usage. It was clear in the first place that we were required to get extra batteries to power by camera through the adventure. Rather than purchasing the stock batteries, I chose to select STK’s Fuji np-50 battery, which exceeds the battery specifications in the stock battery and comes loaded with 1,200 mAh of juice. I got myself 3 of those to power my camera during the entire journey.




My replacement for accompany the light source little camera plus a number of standard lithium-ion batteries paid itself off in the long run. It was a straightforward setup, but extremely effective. I was just shy of taking a thousand pictures, but the batteries lasted for additional duration in comparison with were intended. Moreover, their light nature and economical value made handling them very easy much less risky. I’m not sure whether this can be the best answer, nevertheless it helped me. Now, coming back to my first question: can digital photography resist the contests of extensive wilderness under extremely harsh conditions? A resounding yes!