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Sesame Street Character List

Sesame Street Character List | By Kenny Leones

Sesame Street is a children’s show loved by many for ages. It has gained its popularity through the characters that liven up every segment, every part of the show. The reason it remains to be America’s #1 television program for kids can be seen through this Sesame Street character list. Read on for the roundup of the most famous, most loved creatures.

Big Bird – He is yes, the big yellow bird. He’s been on the show since its pilot airing and many kids instantly remember him if they hear Sesame Street.

Elmo – He sure holds the topmost spot in this famous Sesame Street character list. This red, funny Muppet is popular among children and adults alike.

Bert – He was Ernie’s best friend and still is. Aside from Ernie, Bert also loves pigeons and paper clips.

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Ernie – Ernie is to Bert as bread is to butter. They are the well-loved duo. One cannot be around without the other or at least, essence of the other.

Kermit the Frog – This Muppet is one of the pioneers of the show and definitely deserves to be on this Sesame Street character list even when he is long been gone. His last appearance on the show was in 2001, in episode 3976. He was since retired due to technicalities. Good thing for us, Kermit continuously appear in other shows. True enough, no one is able to resist his charm!

Bob “Robert” Johnson – This guy is a regular. He has been onboard since Sesame Street started and until now as it reaches its golden year. At present, Bob is a music teacher. But he is more popularly known as one of the very few humans who were able to invade Oscar’s trash can.

Dr. Gina Jefferson – She is a long time employee at the Hooper’s Store who is now a veterinarian. Gina practically grew up in the show. She was just a teen when she first joined in and now she’s all grown up and mature, handling more complicated matters than before.

Grover – He is a good contradiction to Cookie because he is shy. Uh-oh, don’t get me wrong, Grover is a confident blue monster. He just does not show off as much.

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Cookie Monster – We all know him as the monster who loves cookies. From then and until now, he still is.

Oscar the Grouch – To put it simply, he is a grouch who lives in a trash can that’s located near the Sesame Street apartment building. Very few people were allowed to get into Oscar’s world down there and most of those who were never really liked the experience.

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