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Valentine Arts and Crafts For Kids

Valentine Arts and Crafts For Kids | By Dee Power

Valentine Day is for kids as well as adults. It’s the first major fun holiday since Christmas. Below are several ideas for Valentine arts and crafts that children can make, give and receive. Adult supervision is required when using scissors, hot glue gun or the oven, such as the crayon hearts.


Crayon hearts

These are fun to make and only require an adult to place the muffin tins in the oven and remove them when melted.

You will need: Crayon pieces
Heart shaped metal muffin tin
Cellophane bags
Colored Card Stock
If you don’t have cellophane bags you can use squares of cellophane. You can also use a zip lock bag.

Heat oven to 245 degrees Fill each heart mold muffin tin with chunks of crayon. Bigger chunks are better than smaller chunks. Keep colors complimentary such as white, pinks, reds or opposites like blues and yellows. Bake until melted 10-15 min. Catch any overflow by using a flat cookie sheet underneath the muffin tin. Be careful not to move muffin tin around too much after the crayons have melted. You want nice bright color chunks not mixed together brown.

While crayons are melting, and it doesn’t take very long, let the children color on heart shaped paper.

Let cool, they’ll cool faster in the fridge but remember the more you move the muffin tins the more the colors will mix. Remove hearts from mold.

Cut heart out of card stock write message on back, write “to” and “from.” Place crayon in cellophane bag and tie bag with ribbon hole punch paper heart. Slip onto ribbon and tie a knot.

Suggested messages:
You make my hear melt
You color my world
Color me happy

These make great Valentine gifts for children because they can actually color using the hearts.

Monkey Around
Children love monkeys.

You will need: plastic monkeys. Try the dollar store or online party stores. If you can’t find monkeys you can always buy the game monkeys in a barrel.

Hole Punch
Cellophane or clear gift bag
Card stock

Put one or more monkeys in cellophane bag, tie with ribbon.

Cut a heart out of card stock. (Write message. On back write “to:” and “from:”

Hole punch heart, slip onto ribbon and tie a knot to keep it on.

Suggested Message:
Lets Monkey Around
I’m going Ape over you
Come hang around with me.

Plant One On Me

Children are fascinated by seeds and plants. If possible see if your plant nursery or florist, has a few of the kinds of flowers the children will be planting so they can see what they look like.

You will need: packet of seeds any kind. Big seeds like nasturtiums, sunflowers, or zinnias are easy for children to handle and plant. They also sprout rather easily and quickly.

Colored markers
Terracotta pots, size depends on you
Potting soil enough to fill pots
Card stock
Hole punch
Cellophane bags

Have child paint, or marker terracotta pot. Let dry. Put potting soil in pot. Plant seeds. Water. Let drain for 15 minutes or so. Serve refreshments or play a game while the pots are draining.


Place pot in cellophane bag and tie tightly right above the pot so the soil can’t come out. Cut out heart from card stock. Write message “to:” and “from:” on back.

Hole punch heart run through hole and tie tightly around the bag.

Suggested messages:
Plant one on me
Watch our friendship grow
Watch our love grow
Our friendship will flower
Love will blossom

Hope you and your child enjoyed these Valentine day arts and crafts for kids.

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Valentine’s Day Arts And Crafts Projects

Valentine’s Day Arts And Crafts Projects – “Heart-y Animals,” “Mouse Kiss,” and more! | By Anne Clarke

For this fun and easy Valentine’s Day art project, all that you need is some different colors of construction paper, safety-scissors, glue, and maybe some googly eyes.

First of all, teach your students how to cut out a heart. The best method is to fold a piece of paper in half, and then cut out a slanted “J” shape on the fold. Unfold the paper, and you have a heart! Of course, this is only the beginning of the craft. Have your students cut out as many hearts, of different sizes and colors as they can (to their heart’s desire, so to speak).


Now, have your students take those hearts and see what sorts of animals they can make out of them. For instance, students can take lots of small hearts and glue them all together, one on top of the other, in a line (wiggly or straight), and they have a worm. Take two giant hearts (with smaller hearts glued to them for added decoration) and glue the points of the hearts to either side of the “worm,” add some antennae, and they have a caterpillar who has just turned into beautiful butterfly.

A heart folded in half makes a great body for a mouse. Two sideways hearts of different sizes, points together make a great body and tail of a fish. Two upside down hearts, one stacked over the point of the other, make a great head and body of a cat, dog, or another animal. Spice up your Valentine’s Day crafts with a pair of googly eyes. See what your students can come up with. It is amazing how creative they can be!

Valentine’s Day art projects and crafts – VALENTINE’S DAY CARD BOXES

· Friendly box Valentine card holder

o To make this Valentine’s Day art project, you need a box (preferably a shoe box or a box of that size), some colored construction paper, cardboard, scissors, and some glue.

o Have an adult cut a clot in the box lid for the Valentine’s Day cards to be inserted through, and then wrap up the box in colored paper.

o Cut out an animal’s head and shoulders from the construction paper and glue it to the piece of cardboard. Add a fun face to the animal. Now glue the animal to the back of the box, with the face facing towards the front.

o Gut out some arms for your animal and have them wrap around the box, so it looks like your animal is holding or hugging the box.

· Paper plate Valentine card holder

o You need: two paper plates, a hole punch, yarn, and markers.

o To make this Valentine’s Day craft, first decorate the bottoms of your paper plates how ever you want.

o Next, put your two paper plates together (tops facing in).

o Take your hole punch and punch holes every inch or so along the edges of the paper plates for ¾ the circumference of the paper plates.

o Take the yarn and weave it in and out of the holes, “sewing” the two plates together.

o The slot left at the top is where the Valentines can be inserted.

Valentine’s Day art projects and crafts – POEM PUZZLE

Have your students cut out a large heart from a piece of heavy paper. Next, have them write a fun Valentine’s Day poem on the heart for one of their classmates. Have them decorate the heart however they want. Then, have them cut up their hearts into 10 or so puzzle pieces and give the heart to a classmate and have them put it together. This is a fun idea for a Valentine’s Day card, as well.

Valentine’s Day art projects and crafts – MOUSE KISS


This is a fun, cute, and sweet Valentine’s Day craft. Have your students cut out a small pink heart, then glue 2 Hershey kisses to the heart, one on each side. The top of the heart makes the mouse’s hears. Leave in the Hershey kiss paper in the back heart to act as the tail. Take it out of the front Hershey kiss. Use a very small pom pom to glue on as the nose, with thread whiskers beneath it. Glue googly eyes on either side of the nose. Voila! You have a mouse kiss. Just be careful with the glue – do not use much and make sure that glue touches only the tin foil and not the chocolate. Messy mice should only be looked at and not eaten.

Anne Clarke writes numerous articles for websites on gardening, parenting, fashion, and home decor. Her background includes teaching and gardening. For more of her articles on holiday arts and crafts, please visit Homeroom Teacher.
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