The Top Five Plastic Surgeons in Houston

Houston, Texas houses among the largest various board certified surgeons, physicians, and medical specialists. Cosmetic surgery in Houston features a sophisticated network of body reconstructive specialists, who’re prominent physicians. They include:

While Using The Body for Healing
Dr. Morgan E. Norris, is a well known, Houston, Texas, board certified plastic surgeon, whose credentials have awarded him many prestigious accolades within the medical field. Norris Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Center uses advanced technology, including with all the fat from your patient to reconstruct damaged tissues. Patients of Dr. Norris with his fantastic accomplished staff, experience minimally invasive lifts, breast augmentations, rhinoplasty, reconstructive bone structuring and implants. Dr. Norris believes in having knowledgeable patients, because they prepare for facial corrections, breast surgery or body improvements. Dr. Norris believes in his patient&rsquos to be the best they may be.

Rappaport is the Definition of Bed Side Manners
Norman Rappaport, MD, FAC, is just one of Houston&rsquo’s leading cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons. He’s a board certified physician, whose specialties include facial surgeries, surgical breast procedures and the body sculpting. Actually is well liked performs non-surgical procedures, such as botox and other facial filler injections. This gives his patients, an extremely natural look. Dr. Rappaport and his awesome expert surgical staff trust educating his patients about their treatments and may devise an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

Having the design of a New Man
Dr. Christopher K. Patronella is part of The American Board of Plastic Surgery. His renowned work, together with his colleagues on the plastic surgery Houston, Texas Aesthetic Center, has invented the Delay Fill Technique. This method reduces healing time, for breast enlargement and breast lifts. Dr. Patronella performs facial refinement procedures and the entire body contouring. He provides special spa treatments, such as massages, skin peels, permanent makeup techniques and various skin laser treatments. Dr. Patronella along with the Aesthetic Center, offers surgical options for men, including abdominal sculpting, hair replacement techniques and gynecomastia reduction surgery.

Look like a Hollywood Star
Houston&rsquos renowned Vitenas Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center began by Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD, FACS. Dr. Vitenas believes in the skill of achieving a natural appearance for his patients. Dr. Vitenas is an award winning leader in cosmetic surgery procedures, with more than 20 experience. Hollywood stars, are touted as clients of Dr. Vitenas, who have achieved such a natural look, that no-one can tell that they have had facial or breast surgery performed. Every patient of Dr. Vitenas along with the Vitenas Plastic Surgery Center, receive caring attention for all those their surgical needs, along with attentive post-op follow ups.

A Fighting Outlook To deal with
James F. Boynton, MD, FACS has one of many largest plastic surgery Houston private practices, which concentrates on aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Boynton focuses primarily on recontouring one’s body, augmenting and lifting the breast and in facial lifts. Dr. Boynton is a leader in the research into a silicone scar cream to erase traumatic injury scars in children. Men’re given new confidence within the plastic cosmetic surgery procedures, performed to provide an even more natural run through sculpted abs, liposuction chest reduction and replacing of lost hair.

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