Tips For Deer Hunting

Tips For Deer Hunting – 10 Time Tested Tips For a More Successful Season | By Nick Moran

Getting ready for deer season demands boning up on your deer hunting knowledge. Here are 10 tips for deer hunting to help you have a better season.

1. Start Asking for Permission Early

The time to ask for permission to hunt farmer’s land is as early as December. The earlier you start the better. Its a lot easier to get a “yes” when you arrive early and neatly dressed.

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2. Be Respectful of Landowner’s Property

Let the land owner know that you will respect his property by closing any gates you open and removing any litter; yours or any you find. This is one tip for deer hunting that would benefit all hunters if they actually followed it.

3. Display Your Appreciation

Don’t just show up when deer season rolls around. Offer to share meat with the land owner. Come and visit during the year once or twice. Offer to help during harvest season, or when its time to mend fences. Say thank you.

4. Keep Your Screws Tight

Make sure all the screws on your rifle and scope are tight. Screws sometimes come lose over time with repeated shooting. Loose screws will keep you from shooting accurately.

5. Safety First

Pay attention in hunter education class. Those safety tips are to be followed at all times, they may save your life or the life of another. Look beyond your target, do not take an unsafe shot.

6. Practice Scent Control

Make sure your body odor is not interfering with your hunt. Wash your clothes with odor killing detergent. Keep them in a clean and odorless plastic container. Keep the wind in your face.

7. Be Quiet at All Times

Walk slowly, muffle your coughs, don’t habitually clear your throat. If you have to slap at a bug, slap silently and super slowly.

8. Walk Slowly Through the Woods

Don’t rush around in the forest, if you hope to see any deer. Move slowly, take one step at a time. Do not take a second step until you have fully scanned the area.

9. Practice Shooting Often - Centerfolds without the Staples  

Shoot your bow or rifle as often as you can.Being comfortable with your weapon is supremely important to your success. Practice at the range will pay off huge dividends when you’re on your actual hunt.

10. Have Patience & Have Fun

Hunting isn’t just about the kill, so relax and enjoy yourself. There is a lot to see, feel and experience in the woods. Show patience and nature will reward you with her treasures.

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Nick Moran is an avid sportsman and author writing about hunting and fishing issues in the United States.
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