Vinyl Records Cleaning

When you have vinyl records in your own home, they will be old classics which are probably dear to you. A lot of the music on vinyl records is currently accessible of CDs but for a lot of people, there’s nothing to beat the charm of listening to great old music in its original form. However, vinyl records are much more fragile that CDs and need to be carefully looked after and cleaned regularly to help keep them in good condition. Playing a dirty record can both damage the record as well as the stylus of your record player.

* Dust off the records before and after every use. Be sure you use a soft cloth to gently wipe the surface area. If you have a big collection to maintain its worthwhile buying a carbon fiber record cleaning brush available from music stores or shops that sell old records. Always wipe the document in a circular motion along the grooves. Don’t rub too hard – you could harm or even break the record. Don’t blow on the record – the moisture in your breath might get trapped in the grooves and gather dirt.

* To clean really dirty records, the best option would be to use a specialty record domestic cleaning spray or solution. However, even these may affect the record if used too frequently so clean only whenever you must. Individual manufacturers have their own usage directions that ought to be followed meticulously.

* If record cleansing solutions and sprays aren’t available, you may make the solution yourself. Using a clean plastic or glass bowl create a solution of 80% distilled water and 20% isopropyl alcohol. Use only distilled water because tap water consists of minerals that can affect the record surface. And use only isopropyl alcohol as any other form of alcohol will be too strong and could ruin the record.

* First wipe the dirt off the surface area as talked about over.

* Dip a bit of clear soft lint free cloth within the solution to ensure that it turns into damp although not dripping wet. Use this cloth to wipe the record surface area in a circular motion along the grooves. Rub any stained areas gently to loosen the dirt.

* Make certain no moisture comes into contact with the labels. This might loosen the glue and cause the label to fall off.

* Once both sides of the record are clean, wipe them dry with a clean soft cloth and then place it on a soft cloth to air dry completely.Keep in mind to always handle a record only through the edges and under no circumstances touch the record surface area.

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