What Kind of Tattoos Do Celebrities Get?

Celebrity Tattoos – What Kind of Tattoos Do Celebrities Get? | By Chess McDoogle

Many people wonder what kind of tattoos celebrities get. You may be surprised that most of the time celebrities actually get fairly simple designs. They go to the same local tattoo parlor that everyone else goes to. And they get designs that anyone can get. Here are some facts about celebrity tattoos:

1. Simple Tattoo Designs.

Many celebrities have very simple designs. Britney Spears for example has a pretty straight forward butterfly tattoo. Johnny Depp is tatted up with some pretty basic designs. Celebrities tend not to be hardcore tattoo enthusiasts who seek out the ultimate, elaborate designs. They also can’t afford to get full sleeves or large elaborate designs due to the hassle of having to cover them all up with creams while playing a certain character. The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, is one exception though, as he has fairly elaborate tribal work done on his shoulder/chest area.

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2. Personal Tattoo Designs.

Many celebrities will go with personal designs to symbolize someone in their family or other events in their life. Johnny Depp for example has a tattoo for his mother, and one on his forearm for his son Jack. Peter Fonda sports a few small stars on his arm which represent his children. Brad Pitt has various ink designs symbolizing certain aspects of his wife, Angeline Jolie. One of his tattoos is basically a freehand doodle that she penned on his back, and he rushed to the parlor to get it permanently inked on.

3. Celebrity Tattoos and Cover Up’s/Removal.

There is a large amount of cover up or removal work done when it comes to celebrity tattoos. Since celebrities are notorious for failed relationships, they often have ink representing their former celebrity lover, which of course, does not last. Johnny Depp for instance had “Winona Forever” tatted on his arm representing Winona Ryder. That relationship bombed, so he had removed part of her name so it now reads “Wino Forever”. Angeline Jolie has had a few tattoos removed from her body which represented her old flame, Billy Bob Thornton.

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