What women want

We can&rsquot think of the winter without holidays and holidays without presents. However, not every within an attractive wrapping is constantly on the bring joy after taking it off.

Huge plush toys of indefinite colors and symbols of the season painted in bronze, ski sweaters for dandies and fusionists, the violins for the sportsmen and teams of pans for businesswomen – unsuccessful, absurd and disappointing Gifts have grown to be a byword.

Some of them are hidden within the attic, the rest represented to the other lucky, and some are even disposed of hastily … As well as in some countries where it is allowed with the consumer’s right, traditionally you will find huge queues in stores of those which return the unwanted gifts right after the holiday season.

Oh, please, no!

And the grantors really need to please us, but throughout the pre-New Year rush they could&rsquot often simply concentrate. All the more the policy of a store won’t bring about this: sellers recycle for cash the stale, which is unnecessary or unduly expensive goods, laying these questions prominent place. In choosing a gift, keep to the simple rules. It should not be:

&bull too original

The Exception is when you know without a doubt the reaction from the recipientThat has similar spontaneity. Sometimes, coughing ashtrays, Cossack swords, dolls available as politicians as well as the bronze life-sized horses are unlikely to come to court.

NB. If you want to make a silly and memorable gift for your close and beloved person, settled to jewelry such as chains or bracelets. The ideal gift of the series will be a bracelet Vision QuadrActiv, which join therapeutic properties of germanium with magneto therapy. Medical care and stylish design is the foremost combination for your most intimate gift.

&bull too universal

Gift is an item of your warmth, your care, it shouldn&rsquot be impersonal. Naturally, if we are not talking about corporate souvenirs. Chocolates and champagne, calendars, candles by means of Santa Claus – it’s all regulated forgotten immediately and leaves no impression.

NB. If you might be not connected with the receiver by deep friendships otherwise you know his or her tastes badly, you ought to choose a neutral, but marked by warmth and care gift. For instance, an ingenious little box of food D4X My UnitDose or exclusive set of tea Vision. Pearl of Nature is a triple of pearl teas, that contain natural, beneficial to our environment ingredients. Mind you, teas are considered as among the most enjoyable Christmas “edible” gifts – it warms the cold night, mood and creates an exceptional atmosphere of warmth and friendliness.

&bull entirely applicative

A universal mop, a couple of screwdrivers, a mixer or possibly a drill &ndash them all are rather practical, but completely avoid the Christmas romance, which happen to be disappointing as a present.

NB. Does the person you will congratulate comprehend the usefulness of the gift especially? Permit this to do great for his health. Classic Hit Series products for adults and Direct Hit for kids will be a good start for the following year, 4 seasons of health, alongside the Vision.

&bull making hints about imperfections



Cream for wrinkles, shampoo against baldness, scales and weight belt loss – as polls show, those are the gifts, openly hinting on the flaws and shortcomings and often hurt and upset.

NB. Make up can be quite a wonderful present, whether it is presented significantly less a “cure” of defects, but because one of many means that gives beauty and youth. It is best to never give preference to a decorative means (each possesses its own preferences on this area), and caregivers.


A unique, memorable gift of beauty is going to be a cutting-edge system of comprehensive care for the skin of lips according to hyaluronic micro-spheres with all the additional effect of aromatherapy Healthy Kiss Day & Night.

Means Healthy Kiss – it’s not only beauty and health of the lips, and mental harmony, along with elegant and festive packaging design.


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