What’s Podcasting?

What’s Podcasting? | By Hasan Shirazi

Pod casts are also known as audio blogging. Meng (2005) defined pod casting as “the process of capturing an audio event, song, speech, or mix of sounds and then posting that digital sound object to a Web site or “blog” in a data structure called an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) envelope (or feed)”.

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Many of the marketers, trainers and consultants are now a days using podcast for providing tutorials to their subscribers clients and students. There are four good reasons why companies should podcast:

– To gain first mover advantage,

–  To develop customer loyalty,

–  To give the company a more human voice,

–  To exploit the PR value of a new technology.

These audio files automatically gets downloaded onto the users’ computers, who are subscribed with the feeds of the service provider, which directly goes into the management programs onto the users’ computer such as Music Match, iTunes or Windows Media Player. These programs further transfer these audio files to the subscribers audio devices as they are synchronized with the computers and could be listened anywhere anytime as desired.

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After uploading the content, it requires to be tagged via XML in a format known as RSS 2.0 so that it could be delivered to the people subscribed to editor’s RSS newsreader. As the content is delivered to the subscribed people it automatically, download to their portable audio devices as they synchronize it and will be able to listen it anywhere any time they intend to.

Curious about creating a Podcast of yours, just follow the steps given in the image below: http://stepstothetop.blogspot.com/2009/05/podcast-or-audio-blogging.html.
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