Why All the Rage With Model Train Layouts?

Why All the Rage With Model Train Layouts? | By Stuart Benjamin

Model train layouts are very important to many people. Most grew up in a home that had a layout and they created fun and a great hobby. Parents want their children to enjoy the trains as they did and grandparents want the same for their grandchildren. This is a safe and educational hobby for all.

The layouts from years ago that are still set up generally have the original trains. They are uniquely valuable and if lubricated perhaps can still run as they did years ago. The hobby today is as big as it was years ago and is as much fun. Trains are treasures to have, to touch, to dream and to enjoy.

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Many of the strong and most creative manufacturers from years ago are still around. Lionel is the most famous. They were the biggest and the best. You can mention Lionel and they know the name. Others are Atlas, MTH, Bachmann, Plasticville, Model Power, Athearn, Woodland Scenics, LifeLike and Rivarossi. These companies all made a real FUN hobby.

Digital controls are the modern way to go with trains. The controllers can control speed, switches and accessories of all kinds. You can control these and many other operations with a simple wireless handheld devise. The train engines from years ago can possibly be converted to digital controls also. There are hobbyists who can place a circuit board inside the engines for you and it is a procedure that you can learn and do in the future for yourself. The benefits from learning this technique will be worth the expense.

All you need is a simple oval loop with a train, a transformer and electricity. Over the years The simple oval grew into a much larger and more complicated, yet more realistic layout. You could and still can add model trees, grass, homes, businesses, lights, cars, trucks, parks, backdrops and people. Most anything you might want can be bought or even made. The creative opportunity is enormous for all. The trains of today are very easy to operate and yet are much more sophisticated than they were years ago…..We are in the computer and computer chip age….


Model train magazines are in all the hobby stores and most book and magazine stores. They show and can teach everyone how to build the layout, the mountains, the buildings, roadways, waterways etc. They teach and show “HOW TO” for everything involved in Model Train Layout Building. The hobby is stimulating, creative, imaginative and once again, good Fun for all.

This is a hobby is a creative opportunity to do your “own thing”. You need to find the books, magazines and catalogues so you can learn and find how operate all functions of a custom model train layout, for you and your children and grandchildren… You can start dreaming and creating the layout you want, plan it and enjoy it, all the dreams and searching are The FUN.

Founded in 2002, Custom Train Layouts offers designs for those looking for a little extra. From Model Train Layouts with any scene you can imagine to designer landscapes like Disney Land Train Layouts you will love the finished product.
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